Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lingerie: La Senza Annual Sale!

Lingerie from La Senza! I believe that all ladies should own some sexy, girly, feminine pieces of lingerie or pretty bras and panty sets just for the sake of it! It makes you feel great and it can make you look and feel great for your partner too! 

I had walked past the La Senza outlet in Orchard Ion shopping center a few months back and they were having one of their Annual sales where panties, bras, sleeping wear and all were on great deals or up to 50% off!

My boyfriend was with me and I didn't want to spend too much time or make him wait. I have more than enough underwear and was not in the mood to dig and sort through the bins of mixed up panties to find my size so I went straight to the racks of sleepwear and lingerie!

Continue below for the lingerie!
La Senza Annual haul purchases! Sexy black baby doll camisole and sleeping top!

I picked up this lovely soft, long sleeved top for sleeping in, it was 50% off! Next up I bought a black silky piece,  The bust has under wire for shape and support and the cups are lace!

Delicate lace cups!
Adjustable back with an opening in the back and below the cleavage in the front!
My second, favorite beautiful black baby doll! Studded cups, the cups can open in the front with a clip, I love how the cloth is so flowy and feminine!
Up close, the cups are lace with studs, I like the ribbon touch in the middle of the cups!
The back strap is very easy to adjust and the faux crystal back straps are very sturdy and such a lovely touch!
Fun, shiny and sexy, I love the crystal straps!
The matching panties for the crystal strap soft black baby doll! I think this is absolutely delicate, sexy and girly! I love the floral lace, sheer back and studs!
I paid 50% off for the soft long sleeved top and paid only $50 for both sets of black babydoll tops with the pair of panties. Regular priced, each set of babydoll were $55-75 so although there wasn't much of a choice I loved my picks and have worn them a couple times already!

Do you like/ buy black lingerie like these?
Do you purchase from La Senza?
Let me know!

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  1. omgosh so sexy!! i love it!! the lace and the jewels so oh la la!! :p

  2. oh wow so sexy and pretty lingerie!! love the one with the crystal detailing on the back very much!!!I used to have a lot of underwear from La senza but now not anymore because we don't have la senza here T.T

  3. La Senza! The black baby doll is my favourite out of the haul! Simple but sexy at the same time!

  4. Gorgeous & sexy picks honey!! Love the one with crystal straps!!

  5. I wish there were more La Senzas around here! Sounds like a faaabulous sale. :D I honestly need cuter lingerie myself

  6. I love that black baby doll set. So sexy and feminine :)

  7. OOO! I love all the things you got!! So cute!

  8. Hm...I found your blog via Vulcan Butterfly's, it's really lovely. I read some of your posts, but this one caught my eye not only because of the fabulous lingerie you featured, but because so few bloggers - dare to - talk about things like feminine, alluring lingerie and other things you would consider 'private'...anyway, sorry for the rant! :))

  9. Ooh lala.. Love, love, love the black baby doll. Great picks Sharlynn. I wish we have La Senza here..




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