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Rave Review: Sleek i-Divine Snapshots palette!

Come on, check out my Snapshots! Yes, that's right! Almost 4 months after buying this baby I'm finally reviewing her! All of my Sleek products for those who ask are from their website Secondly for all those who can't even be bothered to google their site, there is no shipping cost world wide, although some palettes cannot be shipped to the US due to colorings the FDA don't approve of.

I've been wanting more eyeshadow palettes from them for ages! From the beginning I wanted the Original, Acid, limited edition, sunset and all their palettes but slowy I realized I should only buy palettes with shades I don't have or ones that I will get lots and lots of use of!

Continue below for the rave review and looks!

Sleek i-Divine Snapshots palette 732!

Sleek i-Divine Snapshots palette 732!


Sleek, matte, black and very clearly labelled and sturdy in weight this palette is very very much 'Sleek'. I have never had problems with any of their palettes that I own and I absolutely am a fan of the simplicity.

All sleek palettes are the same in terms of packaging, even the limited editions ones don't have anything special on them. This comes with a cheap double ended sponge tip applicator inside which I don't use and an amazing full sized mirror which is extremely useful.

My only big downside to this palette is the labelling of shadows, you get a clear plastic film over the shadows with the names but that's it. I wish the back of the palette had the corresponding names!

Sleek i-Divine Snapshots palette 732!
Top row: Summer Breeze, Martini, Kiwi Flower, Lotus Flower, Humming Bird, Tequila Sunrise   Bottom row: Sand Walker, Washed Shore, Sunset, Green Iguana, Purple Haze, Magenta Madness
 Note: All swatches are done on bare skin. No primer.

Swatches of Sleek Snapshots Palette top row: Summer Breeze (powder turquoise), Martini (frost white), Kiwi Flower (shimmery lime green), Lotus Flower (shimmery lilac), Humming Bird (shimmery aqua blue, Tequila Sunrise (shimmery bold orange)

Colorful, bold, shimmery and just wow! When browsing and researching as I normally do before purchasing something I can't see in person I knew this was a palette I HAD TO HAVE from Sleek! The greens, blue, pink, purple, orange...I was just blown away by color selection. This palette is very obviously a palette for those who are looking for bold looks or just bold colors to pick from!

Impressed like I usually am by Sleek products, this palette has been one of the best in terms of every shade being very pigmented, smooth, consistent and non-chalky at all. Some of the lighter, paler shades in Sleek shadow palettes are not pigmented and very chalky but this one boasts 12 superior shades with amazing finishes.

You get a huge variety of fun bold shades, nothing dark or grungy but shades that make me think ladies nights, amusement parks, beaches, spring and summer! Out of 12 shades, 8 are shimmery with 4 matte so this is better for shimmer and metallic lovers!

Although I have swatched these with no primer, I wear all my shadows with some kind of primer. These colors work so well with each other and also blend out very well with a good crease or fluffy brush. In terms of lasting qualities, they last and last all day and night.

Swatches of Sleek Snapshots Palette bottom row: Sand Walker (matte beige skin tone), Washed Ashore (matte muted orange), Sunset (shimmery bold brown cranberry), Green Iguana (shimmery teal), Purple Haze (matte bold purple), Magenta madness (matte bold pink)
Sleek snapshots palette: My first look with this palette! (Check out the full look here)
Sleek snapshots palette: My bold valentine's lolita look! (check out the full look here)

Paid: $11.99 USD or about ($15.20 SGD)

This is amazing considering drugstore duos and quads are $15-25 SGD)

Recommend: Yes! To all of the ladies who dabble in colorful, bold looks or just want a super fun bright palette of shimmery shades do check this out! Shipping is free world wide and sleek is very fast at shipping!

Repurchase: Yes! Another palette from them would always be tempting me! Most recently I was going to order the limited edition Garden of Eden palette but realized I may not be wearing all of the shades as only some of the greens appealed to me. Otherwise I still want the original and storm palette but know I don't need them!

Bottom line: An all over stunner, the most consistent in quality of the three Sleek palettes I own, the two other being the Oh so Special and the Vintage Romance. I'm a huge fan of all the bright shimmers and have found them so fun and easy to use! 

Do you fancy the bright shimmery shades?
What sleek palettes do you have?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you!


  1. OMG WOW!!
    they are soooooooo pigmented and sparkly!! ^^
    sleek eye shadows are amazing, right?

  2. ohmygawd!!! the swatches were so amazing!!!!! and thats without a primer!!! omg!!! the pigmentation was like so perfect!!! love the colorful swatches ;)

  3. Your reviews on sleek products makes me twitching to get them. The fact that it is also free shipping world wide makes it more irresistable. I guess it's time for me to get that dangerous credit card and get hooked to online shopping which will probably be quite deadly to me lol. These colours for Sleek have amazing pigmentation but I'm not sure if I'd go for such bold colours in which I normally shy away from (not to mention I don't always wear eyeshadow on a daily basis). I think I'll most likely get the original Storm palette or anything in the neutrals :P

  4. This palette *0*
    The colours are very lovely and charming, I love the purple and pink eye make up you did too!!
    And yup I love shimmery shades, they're so pretty and makes the yes lit up.

    恵美より ♥

  5. Sleek are my favourite brand :) I'm such a massive fan of their makeup. I love how everything is so affordable yet good quality too. Their shadows are amazing xx

  6. The color pay off is quite impressive without primer. I am totally in love with that vibrant orange shade. I should place and order with them already!

  7. The finish on these shades is GORGEOUS 0_0!! The looks you created are amazing. You are so so creative . *_*

  8. I love Sleek palettes, they are incredible and the looks you've created are gorgeous! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  9. Wow, the swatches are amazing - such vibrant shades! As much as I want to rock these shades, I might be too old for them.. well, at least I feel like I am. Thanks for the swatches and review. The only Sleek palette I have is Storm.


  10. Oh dear lord this is eyeshadow porn *-*
    I haven't tried their eyeshadow palettes yet, but I have some of their blushes, and UGH THIS BRAND IS AMAZING. This isn't really my type of palette, but man, you're really making me want to try out bolder and more vibrant eyeshadow shades!

  11. I love love love my Sleek blushes! I havn't tried their eyeshadows but I really should. They're really an awesome brand with great value. Anyway, so glad I stumbled upon your blog :) Fellow Singaporean but living in Australia at the moment xx Following you on bloglovin and looking forward to more posts xx Make Me Up Mandy

  12. Oh My God! When I saw the swatches, I thought that I had died and gone to eye shadow heaven. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Adore the dolly look you did with them too.

  13. WOW, these are amazing. As someone commented, it's eye shadow porn! Or as another commented, eye shadow heaven... I have way too much makeup but I just want to make an order from Sleek ASAP!

  14. Gorgeous swatches! I must get this palette, thanks for posting it.




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