Saturday, 15 March 2014

Haul: Collective Threadless T-shirts and dog snacks!

Threadless T-shirt haul! I only knew of after a discussion of t-shirt buying online with my boyfriend. I'd never heard of the site before but since he's a complete geek (being a part time hacker and programmer) it only made sense that he was draw into sites like Threadless for just normal daily wear (or garb!).

I'd given the site a browse once or twice and already eyed up designs I liked and also pieces for him but given the shipping cost, I found it too pricey to order right away. It wasn't very long until there was a big sale on all of their t-shirts and hoodies and I seized the chance!

Continue below for my threadless haul!
Collective haul of T-shirts from and dog snacks!

The City That Never Sleeps: I absolutely love this shirt, colorful scribbles like the shadow of the child watching who drew the seen. The city non stop, not caring and yet so fun looking.

Burning in the Skies: The color contrast drew me in, I love the fiery red and orange against the mushroom taupe color, I saw this on my boyfriend immediately (although he's yet to wear this one)

  The City That Never Sleeps U.P. $19.50 USD
Burning in the Skies U.P. $19.50 USD

A Pixel of My Childhood: I knew I had to get this one for my boyfriend. Being a fan of old school games like Pokemon and appreciating 8 bit and 6 bit games I had no doubt this one would be worn again and again!

Watering (A Life Into Itself: I found this piece beautiful, so artistic and the colors just jumped at me, so clean and crisp (I'm guilty of not wearing this one yet)
A Pixel of My Childhood U.P. $19.50 USD
Watering (A Life Into Itself) U.P. $19.50 USD
Straight up me, I love the colors and the detail of the tree's leaves and roots. I've worn this so many times already!
It Grows on Trees U.P. $19.50 USD
Total of my order! There was a big discount going on when I decided to order this bunch!
A giant bunch of dog treats and chewies my dad bought home for our two dogs!
I stopped breathing for a second when I saw the number on the bill, then realized it was Thai Baht and it totals only $40 SGD! You'd never get so much with this cost here, each pack would cost at least $8-12 here but only $2-4 in Thailand!
Our stupid and very cute husky just sitting next to the pile, waiting for me to rip a pack open!
The old one looking back doing look out on deck!
Second order from Threadless!

Omnomnomnivore: Have you seen this up close? I just couldn't resist, it's so adorable, dinos, food, it!

The Horde: I had to get this for my boyfriend, he's a zombie show fan and I was so undecided between this and another zombie design from the same designer but am glad I chose this one as he loves wearing it!

Omnomnomnivore U.P. $15 USD
The Horde U.P. $15 USD
A bean bag penguin plushie! Part of the christmas goodies I gave him!
We're too old for toys but we knew exactly what type each other would love any day and for him it's penguins. Here is he cuddling his new baby!
My christmas goodies for my dearest! Shirts from threadless, a pengiun plushie and a metal pen from Smiggle!
Sitting on the steps with our husky Mr. Sirius! We are both make up free! Haha!
For funky, unique T-shirts, hoodies, cups and children's pieces, visit!

Which t-shirt is your favorite from my haul?
Let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Great haul, love the T-shirts, you have picked..casual but comfy and great! You look so pretty with your dog honey <3 Have a nice weekend!! Kisses <3

  2. Adorable!
    You know what, Sharlynn? I love love your clean face with minimal (or no) makeup on. So fresh and beautiful.
    I want that penguin, too! ;p

  3. Your husky is adorable... that burger squeaky toy looks so cute xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Your dogs are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! omg. Those shirts are so nice! I love how they have that "life" feeling to them. The message is also great =D

  5. Your dog is just too adorable and I think I love all of the t-shirts :D

  6. DOGGIES. :D
    Oh man, they're both probably thinking "HURRY UP HUMAN, I WANT TO FOOD OK"

  7. Aw, I love your Husky dog, he's too cute!




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