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Review: 4U2 Symphony Natural Look Oil Control Powder!

Symphony Powder! Being a person who used to suffer from much oilier skin, my habit of always touching up my face with pressed powder whether or not I actually need to has been a continuing habit of mine! I love powders, I usually finish one whole pressed powder every month to month and a half. 

When I was on holiday in Bangkok last year I bought a whole bunch of pressed powders, both for setting my make up with and for quick coverage! Check out my Bangkok make up haul here!

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4U2 Symphony Natural Look Oil Control Powder
4U2 Symphony Natural Look Oil Control Powder
This brand is from Bel Air cosmetics from the States! They were other brands there selling from Bel Air too! In terms of the packaging I'll be honest, I was totally attracted by the color!

4U2 Symphony Natural Look Oil Control Powder
Packaging & Product!

Let me be very honest! I was very attracted to the baby blue packaging! It's totally okay with me that it's a lightweight and not very sturdy compact as it was very cheap. Although it was cheap, the compact has a lovely little mirror and even a sponge inside. There's nothing too outstanding about the packaging and no downsides I find either.

Immediately when you open up the powder you see this lovely embossing of the music notes on the front of the box on the powder! Totally not expecting that as the tester was flattened out! My favorite things about this powder was how silky soft it felt and how this shade seemed really quite pigmented when swatched. When applied with a dense buffing brush, this light coverage powder goes up to medium coverage.

Wearing time on this powder is not very long, as it's very silky and light and does come off easily with any sweating. However it doesn't transfer unless you get oily! I really like how natural it looks even though I apply several layered buffed on or with a powder puff! The SPF of 25 also is a huge benefit, getting sunblock in your face products is very important to me!

4U2 Symphony Natural Look Oil Control Powder (Check out that cute embossing!)
This shade is unlabelled and I can't remember if there was a shade range at all but I'm sure there were at least three shades (like many brands in asia). This shade is perfect buffed on my bare skin although it's more beige than my skin color it blends out perfectly. I'd say it would match best a mac NC 20-25.

I've used this powder mostly alone as a powder foundation for day where I want very light make up and some days to set my foundation with. However because it's quite beige toned, it tended to make my foundation oxidize a little bit so my face seems quite a bit tanner than it actually is hence I wouldn't set foundation with this unless your bare skin is a more beige tone.

My bare face!
Wearing 4U2 Symphony Natural Look Oil Control Powder buffed into my skin!
Wearing 4U2 Symphony Natural Look Oil Control Powder buffed into my skin! (holding the compact next to my face makes my skin seem tanner!)
Wearing 4U2 Symphony Natural Look Oil Control Powder buffed into my skin! It's a super natural and silky finish!
Paid: 200 THB (thai baht) or about $8 SGD or $6.30 USD

Pressed powder foundations averaged 200 baht across all brands when on sale in Boots or Beautrium in Thailand! That's more than half the price in Singapore!

Recommend: Yes, being a pressed powder freak, any powder that matches well, is silky smooth, easy to apply and keeps me matte is worth a buy! I would recommend this brand of powder!

Repurchase: No, it's a great product but I'm only repurchasing very very amazing powder as I use up an average of one pan of pressed powder every month or so. I like buying powders from lots of brands to try!

Bottom line: An all rounder powder, small shade selection but great for light make up days or for setting your base with. I don't think this brand is easily found but it's definitely been another good mattifying powder for me!

What's your go-to face powder?
Can you live without one?
Let me know!

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  1. I love the silky finish and the cute symphony pattern, I have to try this one, thanks for the amazing review dear!! :)

  2. Too bad this is not widely available anywhere else! The powder looks like it gives really nice coverage on those lazy days. Not to mention, the cute symphony patter in the powder is a plus on the packaging! :)

  3. I've never heard of this product before, but OMG the packaging is so adorable!!!!!

  4. oh the embossing is so cute!!
    I have never heard of this brand before but the design is cute! and it gives good coverage as well!
    1 pan a month is much! lol It takes me like 6 months to finish my MAC blotting powder even though I use it every day.. :-D

  5. How cute is the packaging? Glad it works and thanks for being honest that it is not something you'd repurchase.





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