Saturday, 2 November 2013

FOTD: Purple passion and home made meatballs!

Purple Passion eye look! Being someone who's actively trying to go through all the colors with my eye looks, I finally touched on purple in a much greater way! I love smoking one color out but here I went in and really pulled out all my purple shadows from my most loved colorful shadow palette!

On the same day, my boyfriend and I made home made bread crumb meatballs, oven baked with spicy tomato pasta!

Continue below for the full look and products!
A gradient purple eye look!

A gradient purple eye look!
A bronze base visible in the inner corner and a golden highlight!
Lots of mascara on the bottom lashes for balance!
Products Used: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, Catrice blush (my review here), Revlon matte (eyebrows), Maybelline color tatooo (my review here), ZA powder (my HG for setting), theBalm highlighter (my review), NYX slide on eyeliner (my review here), Heroine make up eyeliner (my review here), Heroine make up mascara (my review here)
For this look I used the purple shades from the Coastal Scents Smokey palette!                        Review coming in a few days from this post!

Totally love doing looks around one color, it so fun trying gradient make up looks with brighter colors! I really wanted to do purple as I've used it a bit here and there but not so strong before!

Above here I used a lip balm tint from an online store by this awesome geeky inspired beauty line called "Shirocosmetics". It looks dark purple but is fuchsia!

Breadcrumb baked meat balls! Mix of pork and beef as traditionally done!
Here's our dinner! He made the tomato sauce a bit spicy and I had to tone mine down with some cream! I'm a huge fan of tomato sauce but I didn't like it spicy!
My cat that night...playing around on my bed! Some tickling time!
"No, just because I like being cuddled doesn't make me a baby..." Haha, kitty!
The completed look. A purple gradient, a dusty rosy cheek! Great for day out!

Hope October ended well for everyone! I've been thrown into a new work schedule, crazy, hungry, some slip ups, busy, not enough sleep but not out of the loop! I'm not burnt out either, I'm working it and will keep on improving!

I didn't get around to do any halloween looks this year but I have many other looks and posts coming up! Do look up for lots of reviews of awesome products and outings!

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  1. The purple looks awesome on you! Looks very well put-together :)

  2. Purple shadow looks really good!! I liked the eye makeup!
    Kitty is too cute.

  3. Ughhhh I have no idea how you do eyeshadow work so well because most of my looks come out a hot mess most of the time @_@
    Another great look, as usual!
    KITTY! :D
    I didn't think you could tone down the spiciness of tomato sauce with cream! But then again, I've never had spicy tomato sauce, but something to take note of c:

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  4. wondereful Look <3 I love purple

  5. So freakin pretty, I love the use of different tones of purples!! Omg those meatballs look delicious & your cat is way too cute!! xx

  6. Yeah this one rocks lady ;)




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