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Rave Review: Coastal Scents Smokey Palette! (looks included)

Colorful Smokey Palette! I do not own anything from Coastal Scents except this beautiful colorful smokey palette! I wanted this two years ago when I first found it online browsing and finally picked it up at the start of this year at a booth beauty sale that sold NYX, Coastal Scents and ELF make up. These products are not found in Singapore but is being imported by a lady running a blog, wholesale, online make up store 'Smoochiezz'. 

For the price I pay in Singapore, although it's a lot more than what you'd pay in the US this is so worth it! Most eyeshadow quads from Revlon, Maybelline and L'oreal cost at least $20 singapore dollars and I got this for around $50! 

Continue below for the review!
Coastal Scents Smokey Palette


This palette like many other brands who make lots of affordable palettes comes in a very simple black plastic casing. It's decently sturdy and clips shut very well. I keep this in a basket which ensure the palette would not slip out or fall so there's been no accidents with this palette.

I really don't have any major cons about the packaging because there is so much that you get! For 36 shadows, you get also 36 grams so 1 gram per shadow which is really good at about $50 SGD! I like how the shadows are set up in sets of 6 shadows that are meant to work together! When you look down at the palette there are 6 sets of 6 shades that are meant to be used together or they are organized together in the palette!

A warm dusky terracotta, shimmery taupe, pale stone, cranberry, dark red purple, shimmer orange!
Here I used the taupe and orange shades! (Check out the full look here!)
Pinks! A shimmery baby pink, pale cream pink, light pink, hot pink, purple mauve, black with pink shimmers!
My hot pink pop look! (check out the full look here!)
Greys! A pale white grey, a shimmery silver, a deep silver toned taupe, a mid tone grey, a deep gunmetal, a matte black!
A dramatic smokey gray, pale silver, midtone grey, deep gunmetal and taupe (check the look here!)

Purples! A light cool purple, a pale shimmery purple, a lilac, a matte warm purple, an indigo purple, a shimmery eggplant!
A purple gradient look using the purple section! (my full look here!)

Let's jump straight into these beautiful 36 shadows! I won't be too specific and talk about each one as these in general performed very well. All the matte shades in the palette, especially the matte pink, purple blue and greens are so pigmented and smooth. The shimmery shades, blues, green, purples and pinks are of good pigmentation but may need a bit more application than one sweep for full on shimmer and color. I'm very impressed that all these shadows work very well together, blend together and out quite easily and come in such a wearable range of fun and wearable shades.

However do keep in mind that I always use an eye base beneath my colorful shadow looks. I either have a cream shadow on, a pencil shadow or some kind of base, usually with color or a neutral shade which really helps pigmentation to be solid and the shadows to adhere very well. Overall I've had very little fall out with these shadows.

My only shadows which I had issues with were the shimmery orange and hot pink which did not layer on itself very well and hence was not as pigmented. I think my layering of shadows may have effected the eyeshadows too.

To apply these colorful shades, I usually use a flat shade packing brush either natural or synthetic but for crease color and above crease and outer corner I always use a small flat or pointed brush that's always very dense to place color. I always blend out with a natural fiber or dense fluffy synthetic brush.

Remember not to pick up too much shadow at once before application too! I've really had great experiences with these and the looks you see here lasted up to even 10 hours out! The shadows did not crease or fade at all!

Blues! A light shimmery blue, a baby blue, a gray dark blue, a golden chrome light blue, a vivid warm blue, a mid tone shimmery blue
A Maybelline Seashore frost inspired look! (My full look here!)
A seashore frost dupe shade with the medium shimmer blue for the crease! (My full look here!)
Greens! A bold matte yellow, a light shimmery lime, a matte pine green, a mid tone golden sage, a matte dark green, a black with green shimmers
Tropical yellow and green eye look! (my full look here!)
Royal blue eye candy look! (Check out my full look here!)
Paid: About $50 SGD or about $35 USD

Recommend:YES! For the price of this palette, if you are ready or want to explore lots of bright fun colors this Smokey Palette is amazing and very compact. The range of 36 shades is enough to keep you busy for a while, use the shadows by themselves, two at a time, one with a neutral base or more than a few, this palette is awesome!

Repurchase:Yes! If I were buying this as a gift this quality is definitely something I'd be happy to give away! However for myself, not likely, this will be lasting me a long time!

Bottom line: Hopefully just from the photos, you can see how much fun I've had with it for the last 6 months! Use a base, colored preferably and small brushes for precise positioning, this palette can be amazing for playing with colors!

Do you have a colorful shadow palette you reach for? 
Which of my looks do you like best?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you so much!


  1. OMG, such an amazing palette! All shades are so pigmented and beautiful! I love all your eye makeups especially the first and sec! You have got so flawless skin that I love <3 Great post girl :)

  2. Wow this is such a versatile palette esp for you who like to create colorful eye looks!! coastal scent is famous for their eyeshadow palettes, so it must be good :) the pigmentation looks amazing though.

  3. The colours look great in this palette and the pigmentation and quality of the eyeshadows look amazing as well! I love the looks you have created with this palette! :)

  4. Haven't try Coastal Scents and this palette looks so damn good! Great pigmentation and photos dear! <3

  5. This looks like a fun palette to have ! And your looks with it are fun too ;-)

  6. The first two looks are my favourite! Love the endless variety of looks you can get with this palette, plus, it's a pretty good deal price wise! :D

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  7. I had no idea all these bright colors can do smokey too, but I can see it though. Coastal Scents sounds like an amazing product. We don't have it in Seattle, but we do have ELF.

  8. Wow great colours, I am really tempted to pick this one up!

  9. I love the pigmentation. I have a ridiculous amount of eyeshadows and palettes that I often have to remind myself that I don't need anymore. This would make a nice gift though.

  10. Wow I missed out this one. Don't know it exists until now. Haha. Looks great, with cool and warm colours, and a fair selection of each colour.




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