Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review: Sasatinnie HD Hydro Matte 2 way cake SPF 25 in 03 Honey!

Powder me in 03 Honey! Being a major user of pressed powders on a daily basis, I decided to pick this up at Sasa two months ago. It's from their own range of make up called "Sasatinnie" which has a really great variety of make up products.

This powder came in 3 shades but I picked up the third, most yellow one which I find matched my neck the best.

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Sasatinnie HD Hydro Matte 2 way cake SPF 25 in 03 Honey
Sasatinnie HD Hydro Matte 2 way cake SPF 25 in 03 Honey

On the outside, this pressed powder by Sasa really is quite cute, not childish cute but adult asian cutsey (ie etude house, skin food) the cute factor draw which is quite enticing for some people, because who doesn't want to pull out something cute? It's a slightly thicker than normal compact with two compartments. One with the powder, the other with a round thick sponge.

I really like the plastic box packaging, I'm just assuming its more recyclable than plastic coated cardboard like most boxes. The compact itself although slightly bulkier than what I'm used to is definitely a winner. It has a clear plastic shell on the white top part and underneath it has pink flower motifs which are a real neat touch.

I see no qualms or real issues with this compact except that sometimes it's a bit difficult to open up the lower compartment because I'm not used to having another one!

Really love the flower motif, it adds just the right amount of decor to the product!
You get a very good 12 grams which let me justify the price of the powder and it's made in korea!

Sasatinnie HD Hydro Matte 2 way cake SPF 25 in 03 Honey


I'm a pressed powder person, no doubt about that. Easily going through one full 7-10 gram powder every month is my rate of usage. So here goes, in terms of color matching, this shade Honey is perfect. Applied with a dense powder or kabuki brush it buffs and gives medium coverage with a very silky feeling. The powder itself is very finely milled and hence blends and works into the skin flawelessly.

Although my face is fair enough that I could easily wear the first and second shades, I don't want my face to be very much lighter than my neck and the rest of my visible body. I usually go an actual shade or two darker or warmer to blend and match out. Even after the powder wears off it's not visible that it's darker than my actual skin.

I've had no irritation with this powder like I've had with others in the past when I'm sweaty so overall this powder was really good and I've reach for it very often. Add on the 25 SPF ++ and that it's a 2 way cake, this is a great product, affordable by singapore standards I'd recommend it if you're my skintone, lighter or a bit tanner.

Sasatinnie HD Hydro Matte 2 way cake SPF 25 in 03 Honey
Sasatinnie HD Hydro Matte 2 way cake SPF 25 in 03 Honey
A relatively normal size, a bit bulky but worth the money.
Paid: $22.90 or about $18.40 USD (Normal price for compact powders here)

Recommend: Yes! If you can find a match amongst the unfortunately only 3 shades, this one being the warmest and tannest do try it! Great setting and foundation product.

Repurchase: Yes! In terms of being a quality product I'd buy again but since I'm always trying new powder and have plenty at the moment this will not be bought again so soon.

Bottom line: Super soft, finely milled, easy to blend and medium coverage, a great powder overall from Sasa. The only downside is slightly bulky packaging and only 3 shades to choose from!

As of publishing this post, I have completely finished up this powder very happily! 

Are you a pressed powder user like me?
Can you live without one?
let me know!

Fee free to comment! Thank you!


  1. It looks like a nice powder! I can't believe how often you go through powders hehe. I only very lightly use mine & I have a few on the go at the moment. xx

  2. Those pretty flower details. :) I thought it was a Japanese brand when I saw Sasa in the brand name. I still have 3 pressed powders and have just hit pan on one.

  3. oh the packaging is so pretty!! i have never heard of the brand before though..great that you are happy with it! my favorite face powder so far is MAC blotting powder and one mattifying powder from the brand called manhattan. They both work wonder for my skin.. :-D

  4. I really need to get into pressed powders myself! This sounds really good!




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