Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day to the Beach: To the beach with a new bikini!

Brief break at the beach! For those of you who aren't aware...I LOVE the beach. Just being there for an hour is good enough. Unfortunately when my boyfriend and I got the chance to visit a while ago, it started getting cloudy and dark just about less than a hour of arriving!

We did have a fun time in the shallow water and had burgers for lunch! I love the beach, no matter where in the world. Can't wait to head back after they reopen the renovated food court!

Continue below for more photos!
A quick beach break with my boyfriend!
Wearing my HG mascara from Heroine make up (my review here) and some powder!
The wind was so breezy, my hair was flying everywhere!
Making his silly face! My bikini top was only $7 SGD ($5.60 USD)! Crazy! Considering they usually cost $30-70 here! I got it at Plaza Singapura at a brand called George! Love their things but wish they had a wider spread!
Loving the new top piece so much, surprisingly great support although with soft cups! I need to buy a size 14 UK to fit my 36D chest comfortably. My bikini bottom is from Seafolly, very pricey (about $70 SGD) but amazing cut and feel! It slims the bulge in your lower belly (if you have one) and have ample coverage without riding too high up the thigh!
And you usually think girls are the ones who make the funny faces!
Had to snap one of his bum! Hidden beneath those baggy board shorts!
Who can leave Mc Donald's without a soft cone ice cream? I know I can't!
Just a short visit to the beach is better than none! Hope you all took short breaks this month if you've been busy like me!
I can't wait to start the month of November with plenty of reviews! Of palettes and other awesome items I've been buying or either received in a swap I did with Pam from 

Hope you all stay tuned~!

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  1. your skin looks absolutely flawless even with only a little bit of powder! What a bargain buy with that bikini top :P

  2. Very cute! You have amazing skin

  3. Hi Sharlynn, I'm so glad to see this post and I can just say that you look fabulous darling! Love the bikini top, you have got beautiful skin and hair <3

  4. Awww. I envy you... you got to go to the beach with your bf. :) It's so cold here in the US to go to the beach.

  5. oh lovely pictures!!! I am not really a beach person as I don't really like sunbathing or swimming ( I can't swim to be honest. lol! ) but I always love beach resort where I can only relax, lie down and having hot stoned massage or hot jacuzzi :-D
    I am also excited about our upcoming swap!! have been collecting the stuffs :D

  6. You two are too cute together :) I enjoy the beach but I rarely go - though Australia definitely has some stunning beaches! It is super windy all the time though, haha :p I don't even think I have any swimwear lying around ... then again, I can't swim anyway. The bikini top is a really fun pattern and colour and good quality/flattering bottoms that fit well are worth the more expensive price tag :)

  7. I love the beach too. The pictures are too cute <3

  8. wah wah..U look sexy babe..loved the pics..
    my recent one :

  9. You guys are such a cute couple :)




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