Friday, 15 November 2013

FOTD: Signature Navy liner, rosy cheek and German Dinner!

My Signature look! If there's such a thing as a look you tend to do when you want to be flawless or something you just love doing when you're not doing something out of the routine, I'd like to call that a 'signature look'. My signature is usually a shimmery neutral eye with winged eyeliner and a rosy cheek!

I have so many blushes of a 'rosy' shade but this one which was gifted to me in a swap with Pam from JadeinthePalace beauty blog is by far my holy grail of rosy blushes!

Continue below for the look and dinner!
Metallic navy lined eyes and a flawless rosy cheek using Kiko's Limited Edition Sun Bronzing Blush in Crystal Rose!

My lids are tiny, only a few millimeters visible when open! I lined my lower water line with the navy Clio liner this is my holy grail eyeliner! (my review here!)
Here I did my navy eyeliner over the black quite thickly! I love winging my eyeliner! Do it almost every time! On the lids I used a Kiko colorshock cream shadow which looks exactly the same shade as the Clio eyeliner!
Products Used: Lioele Tripe the Solution BB cream, Kiko Sun Bronzing blush, theBalm Mary-lou Manizer highlighter (my review here), Revlon matte (for eyebrows), Kiss me Heroine mascara (my review here), Clio gelpresso eyeliner (my review here), ZA pressed 2 way powder (my holy grail, almost always use this), Kiko Color Shock eyeshadow in Lagoon Blue and Sunset Coral, Wet n Wild Fergie gel eyeliner

Using Sunset Coral lightly all over the lid and theBalm highlighter as my underbrow highlight.
Used the shade Blue Lagoon on top of my black liner, it's such a vivid type of blue which is almost a dupe shade of the Clio liner which I love! The lid shade looks more rose gold in person!
Tip: If your inner eye area is like mine and the upper lid pinches down, don't line the lower waterline all the way in, this prevents the gathering of product and then smudging!

German dinner at Broitzeit at East Coast! My boyfriend and I shared a sausage platter! I ate up all the salad and sauerkraut!

Red pickled cabbage!
Chunky potato salad! This was really good!
I used the rose and bronze shade on my cheeks and then the lightest pink to highlight my cheekbones! Absolutely love this blush, new Holy Grail status!
The food at Broitzeit overall is good and authentic, however I really love and agree with my boyfriend that this smaller stand alone german restaurant along East Coast Road has more authentic and more refined style of German cuisine! I also really want to go eat at the Paulaner beer house and restaurant down town!

Have you recently put any new items on your 'holy grail' list?
What do you think of this blush?
let me know!

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  1. Gorgeous look! Your skin looks gorgeous, and that blush really is pretty and soft!

    1. Thank you dear! Evening the skin tone and adding a rosy blush always helps looking glowy!

  2. Pretty look! I love that Balm high lighter! That blush looks right up my alley! :)

  3. Love your blog! so quirky- following you now.I've just started out, please can you please follow and visit my blog ...I will appreciate your advice, your a pro :)

  4. I love how perfect your skin looks. My signature look is very simple: even skintone, natural looking brows, medium thin winged black liner on the upper lash line, a light touch of rose blush, and a pinkish nude lip color. Most of the time I don't even wear eyeshadows cause I'm always in a rush, lol, but when I have time, I usually keep it simple.

  5. Love the look! Your cheeks are positively glowing!

    xo, alison*elle

  6. Amazing look, you are so pretty! :)

  7. Ah so gorgeous! Typisch Deutsch, the Wurst lol!

  8. The blush looks great on you! I also love the navy liner.




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