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Bangkok holiday haul: Dresses, tops, bags sandals and heels!

Bangkok holiday clothes haul! For those of you who have followed and read the last month, I was in Bangkok for a week in October on my school break! I ate, walked and shopped a ton with my mother and it was a well deserved break! I took lots of photos of our meals so if you missed out, check out my (Bangkok Holiday post here!)

If you are a lover of make up hauls and interested in seeing what I got at Boots, Beautrium, Karmart and Beauty Buffet in Bangkok, (check out my post here!) I really didn't get much clothes because although things are cheap, I much rather buy smaller things than a whole load of cheap clothes that I mostly can't try on!

Continue below for the haul!
I didn't buy many items of clothes but I did get some great bargains in Bangkok!

200 Baht easy office or casual chic dress!
200 Baht pale creamy peach textured dress!
100 Thai Baht is about $4 SGD or about $3.20 USD!

Thai Owl hand bleach print!
Bull dog hand bleach print!
Two really neat looking stretchy cotton tank tops from a small stall instead a factory outlet mall. These are dyed and then had bleach hand sprayed onto them before being printed onto! Every piece is different because of the production method!

A very well fitting patterned cotton flare dress! Hits just above the knee and is just the right size to contour me without being too tight! On the right is a owl print shirt, same stall as the bleach print tops!

My favorite clothing pieces are these sooo clorful and patterned stretch tops that form and fit to you and are soo figure friendly! They came in all colors! Green, pinks, browns, orange! I also have a bright green and teal one in this exact same pattern!

My first clothing buy, a very simple  dress from the night market, however the straps don't look very nice when worn and the hem is a bit uneven but with my small coatie on it won't be obvious!
A very good quality linen top, almost cropped length but the ruching at the bottom is just above the hips when pulled down, it looks soo nice on!
Shoe haulage! Mom and I spent an hour at a shop in MBK center in Bangkok called Footin, it's under Bata! They had so many sandals, flats and basic heels, pumps and boots at such affordable prices! This pair was only $12 SGD or about $9.50 USD

A black pair with such lovely gems!
A more pricey pair of leather heeled booties, I don't own anything like this and when I saw and tried this on I knew it was time to get a pair! Finally! It was about $60 SGD! (about $60 USD)
Super soft and fitting leather, these feel amazing to touch and like soft firm socks on my feet. So sturdy too!
I'm so glad I got these and the heel is about only 2 inches! I wanted something with just a bit of height as I still want to be shorter than my other half and to be able to run around if needed!
A super gorgeous pair of PU leather heeled peep toe booties from Footin! About $40 SGD or about $31 USD
Zips on the inner sides and rows of sturdy metal studs!

My super soft, comfy and wearable peep toe pumps! I can't believe how amazing their range of basic pumps were!
Super soft, I doubt I will ever develop blisters in these and so easy to wear! I needed a basic short heeled black heel!

A brown tone nude pair of same height, about a 2 inch heel yet again, this shade has a nice contrast against my tanned legs, the tanned shade of this pump blended too much into my skin!

My first pair of shoes from Jeffery Campbell! No no litas for me at the moment! I was sooo close to getting a super sexy pair of strappy heels from them, nothing crazy but I realized they won't be worn much so mom and I agreed on this rose gold studded one!
From a bag shop in a mall. A $6 SGD ($4.70 USD) red sling bag, it has a boxy shape and it's perfect for a weekend or a day out to the shops. It's of a small going to medium size! (sorry for no reference! sizing!) It's about 10 inches across!
This immediately caught my attention in Footin! It's a taupe shoulder bag, just my type, structured in shape but soft and with blunt studs! I've been using it the last month and love it!
My best bag purchase, also from Footin, I regret not buying this in the other colors! It feels so expensive and looks so well made compared to the rest, there's a silky smooth lining, lots of pockets and sections inside, the material feels like soft leather and it's a great medium size!
Check out my beauty haul from (Bangkok here!)
Lastly do check out my full (Bangkok holiday post here) if you've missed it!

My favorite clothing item I bought were the colorful patterned stretchy tops! Fave and best bag, the teal sling from Foot in! 

What bag or piece of clothing do you like most from my haul?
On holiday, do you buy more clothes, shoes or make up?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. Ohh I like the pattern dresses !! they look very comfortable to wear, they must be, right?? and the jeffrey campbel flats are lovely , I think you made a good choice since heels won't get much used except you like to wear sky high heels..
    :-D.. Are they comfortable? people say JC shoes are comfy but if I look at their famous chunky platforms, I don't think they're comfy.. maybe the flats are comfy?

    1. They are very comfortable! the flats surprisingly give you blisters in the most unexpected places, not the normal places because the leather is sooo firm! I will let you know on your blog!

  2. I'd love to go to Bangkok sometime in the near future. The shopping looks very promising :) I really like that dress with the grid pattern - it looks so easy to throw on and super flattering with the dark colour and elasticised waist :)

    1. The shopping is sooo promising, you're going to go crazy with the affordable make up and clothes!

  3. All of the boots are suuuuper cute! I really like those patterned stretch tops too. They're so fun. :D

    1. Thanks, they are so comfy to wear and just go great with jean shorts!

  4. Great haul, now I want to go Bangkok!

    1. It's a great place to visit for a few days!

  5. Oh wowww, so many things girl!! Love love the shoes and bags! All are my favorite! You have selected some lovely dresses too<3I'd love to go to Bangkok sometime in the near future. Kisses my sweet friend <3

    1. You really must, it's so great for the shopping and food!

  6. AAAAAH HOLY CRAP I love everything in this haul... especially the owl themed tops, the bulldog top, the sandals and the blue bag... You truly do the best hauls :)




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