Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rave review: Couleur Inc. 2-way Cake foundation powder in Natural 02!

2 way cake for me! I've always been a fan of a matte natural finish to my face. Due to my slight oilier skin, I like powder, I LOVE powder! I always love to finish my face with a dusting or 'packing' of heavier foundation pressed powder. My holy grail is by ZA and this is coming up behind it at only half the price!

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Couleur Inc. 2-way Cake foundation powder in Natural 02
The compact, sponge and powder at only $14.20! Amazing price for a higher end drugstore range which sells more affordably than Maybelline, Revlon and L'oreal here!
Couleur Inc. 2-way Cake foundation powder in Natural 02

Sleek, slim and white this compact is very petit and slender and fits in almost any pocket or space in my bags small or big! In the past the compact was a clean beige shade but now they are all white with silver lining!I love how the compact is so slim and opens up easily as well as there for being enough space for a slightly thicker sponge which I prefer to the thinner sponge included.

The only major downside to the packaging is that because it opens up vertically, opposite of a lot of compact powders, if I want to use the mirror to apply eyeliner or something else I need to tilt the compact to the side, holding the sponge in or manipulating my hand under the compact.

Couleur Inc. 2-way Cake foundation powder in Natural 02 (It comes with a good sponge although a bit thin)
The compact can fit my HG powder's ZA sponge which is my replacement!


 I must mention again the stats of this product! You get 13 grams! Most pressed foundations give you 7-9g! This also is half the price of standard powder refills selling between $18-22 SGD, this is only about $10! There are 5 shades if I'm not wrong, I am the second shade and the 4th and 5th shade get pretty tan and yet warm toned perfect for asian skin tones!

I could actually use the first shade, I usually always can use the lightest or second light shades in powders but it matches my face but is too light against the rest of tanner me! This shade is perfect! Finely milled and very smooth when applied with a brush, this buffs perfectly into my skin and looks like a flawless airbrush!

This is second behind my HG ZA powder because the match is great, it's super matte, last almost as ZA long without fading ( 6 hours) and has so much product for such a great price! I still will repurchase my HG for double the price and less product because the coverage last so well for so long.

This product has no scent and does not transfer! I really would recommend this powder to those who come across it!

In natural lighting! Couleur Inc. 2-way Cake foundation powder in Natural 02 as my foundation! Nothing else on my face!

Wearing Couleur Inc. 2-way Cake foundation powder in Natural 02
Paid: $14.20 SGD or about ($11.30 USD) The 13g powder refills are only about $11 SGD! This is half the price of almost all other drugstore powder refills! Others can even just be 7 or 8g!

Recommend: Yes! For all the ladies who want light to medium-full coverage this will do well! It has coverage that lasts as well as being so natural and matching fair-light/medium asian skin tones!

Repurchase:Yes! I used to use this in the past but the place I bought it from closed down! I know where to get it now! The pan you see in this review is now finished! And I started a new one already!

Bottom line: Second to my HG powder which consists of (natural match, matte, long lasting and reduce sweat) this does the job almost as well besides coming in 13g and being half the price of my normal powders! Maybelline and revlon powder refills are about $19/20 and you get only 7-9 g!

Must you have a powder in your routine?
Like a matte finish?
let me know!

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  1. Looks really effective giving you flawless skin *0*
    Thanks for the review ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. okay, im getting this soon, I mean later!! your skin look super flawless!! I just hope my skin could look as flawless as yours when applied this ^_~

  3. Nice review!

  4. Looks so effective and amazing on your skin! You have got great skin! I would love to buy this soon but I'm not sure it's available in India or not <3

  5. wow your skin looks awesome here! ya good matte finish powder is hard to find!

  6. Heyyy sharlynn, where did u purchase couluer inc makeup powder? Im searching for it for a long time but cant seems to find it. Can kindly tell me the location of the shop ? Please and thanks ! :)

    1. In Singapore I got this at Sinma, the accessory and make up shop! But I just also saw it selling at the new john little in plaza singapura.

  7. It's so great to find a powder that suits the skin well and in a very affordable price! I wish I could try this out too... hopefully I find a store or at least an online shop that sells it in my country. :)




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