Monday, 21 October 2013

Special October 2013: Holiday break in Bangkok! (Photo heavy!)

Happy holiday break in Bangkok,Thailand! Being part of a school course with no typical long holiday breaks like a few weeks or a month at a time, our first official long school break was a bit longer than a week and I took the chance and booked to go to Bangkok with my mother!

I've been back in Singapore now for a bit longer than a week now and I already miss the crazy city streets and delicious thai food there! We raided boots, had lots of food and we shopped a ton! 

Please continue below for the lovely photos!

Breaking in Bangkok! Food, skincare and cosmetic shopping, shoes and lots of walking!

Day 1: Arriving in Bangkok in the evening!
My cat on the staircase on the morning of our flight. I love her giant green eyes!
I booked on, we got a normal room with twin beds at 50% with no breakfast at Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest in bangkok! However we got upgraded up to a suite no charges added! The rooms were so huge and although not very decorated it was nice to have so much space!
Baiyoke Sky Hotel, amazing but your logo...
Typical outfit, shorts, slippers and my satchel!

The beds came with one giant pillow and one smaller squisher one! I love pillows! And this huge one was sooo good to hold! But not good to sleep on, too tough!
Day 1 Dinner: Black Canyon at Indra Square (a factory outlet mall across the hotel) We had watermelon and tangerine fruit fresh fruit slushies, seafood Tom Yum and Pad Thai noodles!
OMG there are metallic hot pink taxis in Bangkok!
There were "brownie cheese cakes" at the Black Canyon...literally a brownie...on a cheesecake!
Inside Indra Square: A tuck shop on the top floor full of Thai dried and fried snacks! Dried fish, meats, sliced fruits preserved and chips, fried pork skins and lots of durian cakes!
Mom and I went ahead and bought a bag of fried durian, naturally dried bananas, fried pork skin (for my boyfriend) and taro chips! NOTE: Pork skins are prepared and fried extremely well with Thai manufacturers, they are so cleaned and cut into nice strips!

 Day 2: Siam Paragon, crazy shoe shop, Beauty Buffet and Beautrium cosmetic store!
Just because you're on holiday, doesn't mean you can't look flawless!
Mom in her cotton white top!
My neon orange H & M top and Cotton on shorts!

Day 2 Lunch: At Cafe Chilli in Siam Paragon! Amazing food, spring rolls, fried fish and mango salad, a spicy and sour hot pot full of vegetables and pork ribs!

Outside Siam Paragon!
Crazy Jeffery Campbells at Villians shoe shop! I love the litas on the upper left side! Love the holographic studs! So many of them were on sale!
Aren't those spiked flats crazy? And that pair of jeweled pumps just so gaudy!
Check out those crazy knee high boots! There were also lots of very wearable designs too and I bought a pair of JC flats in a rose gold shade!
Day 2 Dinner: Light bowl of rice noodles and mixed cooked meats and then we had a bit of supper of potato pratha and lassi in an Indian restaurant!

This famous thai cosmetic/ skincare brand has an outlet just outside Siam train station! I just had to raid it!
Beauty Buffet: Inside the small shop! They had such a wide array of cosmetics, some made in Korea but designed by the thai brand, lots of fruity derived skincare and soaps and very trendy shades of eyeshadow and polishes!
Besides buying very heavy liquid products at Beauty Buffet, mom and I picked up some small bits at night stalls at the Siam area and then I got plenty of powders and some make up bits in a Beautrium (a cosmetic shop carrying so many local and international brands) outlet in Siam Center!

Day 3: Room Service Breakfast, Boots raiding and delicious thai hot pot restaurant!

A shimmery brown eye look a coral cheek!
Breakfast Day 3: We were too lazy and tired to go out for breakfast so ordered room service. Mom had eggs and we shared a Tom Yum soup, it was not spicy and sour enough for my taste! I had their char sui fried rice and it was amazing! So tasty and well cooked, the meat was also so tender!

The view from the Business center window, the same floor as the lobby on the 18th floor. It makes the hotel quite exclusive.

I'm a huge fan of the lady boys in Thailand and would love to spend a longer holiday and watch some of the famous cabaret shows and performances they hold. Some are just amazingly beautiful and I would think of as purely women!
We walked past this Thai Chinese restuarant...and then decided to eat at one a few shops down! The menu looked great though!
Central Plaza: This is where we had an early dinner! Such delicious local thai stir fries, hot pot dishes and they have so much seafood dishes on their menu, all so affordable!
After dinner we both raided and spent more than an hour in Boots! I wish we had this in singapore! We went crazy with skincare and there was a 50% on Boots products!
I saw this and just had to get a bottle to try! It smells of sweet egg custard! I've known of eggs and beer both being good hair products but I'm going with a processed version!
Walking across a walkway, the traffic below was so packed!
The awesome menu in this Hotpot restaurant! i love menus like this, straight forward and no sugar coated enhanced photos. You get what you see and it taste even better!
We ordered a stir fried kai lan with cripsy pork, fried rice with crab meat, fish cakes that came with pickled cucumbers! The fried rice had lots of fresh crab meat and was so delicious!
My mom wanted the fish cakes, and they were great, so hot, fresh and chewy, strongly of herbs! Our main dish was a steamed sea bass with lime juice! Such fresh fish and the sour spicy soupy sauce was great!
In the lobby lifts to the ground floor there were two entertainers dressed up and on stilts! We waited with a lot of other hotel guest for photos!
 Day 4: Noodles, prawncakes, donuts! Visit to Tesco Lotus and shoe shopping in MBK center!

Trying something smokier on day 4!
Breakfast Day 4: Eating pork kway teow noodles at the restaurant in the hotel! The noodles were very well done, cooked with a smokey taste, lots of vegetables and tender strips of pork, the thicken gravy was lovely Their spring rolls were quite small but filled with vermicelli noodles, mushroom and carrots!
Black Canyon lunch: The best prawn cakes I've had in years!
So juicy, and chewy the outside was so cripsy and they were so hot when served!
Day 4 Lunch:  Lemon grass ice tea, pork and vegetable kway teow (so tasty and full of vegetables), a fish Tom Yum soup for mom (deliciously spicy and full of onions and straw mushrooms), a plates of juicy, hot, crisp prawn cakes!
Afternoon snack: After clothing shopping and dropping off our purchases back at the hotel we headed out and had a bowl of mixed organs rice noodles at a small street side coffee shop! Super tasty broth and very cheap!
Mom wearing her new top and digging in!
My first krispy kreme donuts! The original glaze and strawberry jam filled as soo good!
The later part of the day was spent shoe shopping at MBK center at one shoe shop which is a sub outlet of the brand BATA. They a huge range of sandals and such comfortable flats and heels! We got some many pairs there! Lastly we had dinner later inside a Tesco Lotus, I got us assorted vegetarian food!
Took away a box of vegetarian rolls filled with cabbage, lettuce, herbs, noodles and mock meat! The green chilli dip was amazing. The skin is like chinese cheong fan!

I also picked up some super cute pens for my friends!

Day 5: Leftover donut and fried rice breakfast, hotel pool dip and back to Singapore!

Day 5 Breakfast: Having food in the restaurant in the hotel again. I started off with my leftover jam donut! The texture after a night in the fridge still was just as good! I ordered the same fried rice I did before and mom had eggs benedict with salmon!
This is what happens when I have toast I'm not eating! Now I know who bit my donut! (It actually got crushed in my bag!)

Honey lemon tea by Oishi, the best bottle tea range is by Oishi, I wish they're drinks were all in Singapore too!

Mom posing in the observatory deck in the hotel. We were on the 72nd floor!
The very small cozy corner pool. Old looking, nothing like a typical hotel pool, very few people frequent the poolside at this hotel. It's slightly shabby but the bright colors help to brighten the space up.

It was our last morning in Bangkok and I had to visit the pool at least once, here's me having some fun and my mom helped to photograph my silliness!
Last morning in Thailand and I loved everything! The food, the shopping, the walking! I must go back again just to buy skincare and bags, they are so much more affordable and great quality!

There will be a haul post for the skincare, make up and clothes we bought during the holiday! Do look forward to that!

I had a great time and will actually wait till my next time to fly to Bangkok to buy bags and shoes, they are just so affordable at really great designs and quality at under $25 SGD I can definitely afford to wait than to buy such pricey and ordinary bags in Singapore!

Hope you ladies are having a great month! October is almost over and I most likely won't be doing any halloween tutorials this years but will try for the end of year! 

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I love love love your makeup look on day three and your break looked absolutely amazing, I am so jealous!

    1. Aw, thank you dear! I stuck to neutrals and lots of shimmer! It was a well deserved one!

  2. OMG sharlynn!!! you make me want to go to bangkok as well! my mom and sis love bangkok so much they go shopping there like once every 2 months. i wish i didnt live far far away here.. T.T the food all look too delicious and your FOTDs are all so pretty!!

    1. It's such a good place to go to for short breaks! Omg, hand bags are so affordable! When you're back in the future, do go!

  3. OMG so many JF shoes!!! I bet you had a great time, thanks for shring the phots :)

    1. It was a JF heaven! Haha! Glad you enjoyed the photos!

  4. OMG the food is to die for! I'm so jealous at all the deliciousness you get to eat. Beauty Buffet looks like a candy store! I would go crazy in there!

    1. Yes, the food was amazing! We stuck to safe choices but oh my, everything was so good, as well as coconuts everyday!

  5. gorgeous and intmad with interesting photos! I would have gone crazy at beauty buffet, went mad with JC shoes and felt hysterical with all those yummy noms!!! oh gwad, I miss BKK, will def visit there soon! ^_~ I hope I dont went wild there, lolz =)

  6. lovely pics, beautifully captured!

  7. Awesome awesome photos, thanks so much for sharing them with us! All the food looks so yummy :-) And you are right, your cat really has amazing big eyes.

  8. OMG, I wanna have that cheesecake brownie thing RIGHT NOW! It looks soooo good, and I love chocolate + cheesecake <3 I'm so glad you had an amazing vacation, the pictures really look as if you and your mom had a great time in Thailand :) Glad you had the opportunity! And I'm really hungry after all those pictures now.. T.T

  9. wow...very grgs clicks n u look pretty dear <3<3
    great trip ...

    check out my recent one :My Karwachauth Post

  10. Oh lovely pictures!! It looks like you had a fantastic time! Love all the food, shoes & makeup! xx

  11. Food looks so good! making me hungry!


  12. HOLY haul @_@ + love your FOTD's!
    Those pens are too cute, + that toast looks evil!

    The amount of food photos in this post makes me want to hop on the fastest flight to Thailand! I had such a fantastic time there, minus my 'accidentally-running-into-prostitutes' ._.
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  13. Looks like an awesome trip!!! I like the look of that shoe store. Also, the logo of the hotel you stayed at in Bangkok looks a LITTLE bit like something!




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