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Things to trash (Feb 2012)

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I'm down to two months before final exams and graduation so I'm going to try my best to keep on top of this blog and checking out others!

Here is a round up of things I finished up by the end of February this year! 

Continue below for quick descriptions, reviews and more pics!

Things to trash for Feb 2012!

Guardian tea tree oil and witch hazel facial scrub. The toner from this line was my favorite until the whole line has been discontinued as of two years ago!
Nivea sparkling white cleansing foam. Great oil control abilities, foams like a dream and smells like sweet melons!
The Body Shop Olive body scrub. My holy grail body scrub for smooth arms and legs. Light fresh smell and leaves skin feeling just right. My review for this and the body butter version here!
The Body Shop tea tree skin clearing toner. Very strong, should not be used regularly. It works but not consistently. Will not be purchasing anymore, I've already got a new bottle and a back up to use up! My review for this is here!
Nivea extra gentle eye make up remover. Good for regular eyeshadow/face make up which isn't waterproof or silicone based.
Clean & Clear Oil controlling toner. Lightly scented, great at getting rid of excess oil and dirt and does not dry out the skin. I have back ups and will continue to purchase this in the future. It's a good daily toner.
Nivea Med protection lip balm with SPF 15. Does not transfer well to the lips, feels waxy but not thick. Does not have a moisturizing feeling and smells odd. Will not repurchase.

Blistex raspberry lemonade blast lipbalm with SPF. Smells and taste overwhelmingly sweet and fruity. However the texture of this balm is cakey even when applied in thin layers. It also melts far too easily in the tube. Will not repurchase!
Cutex quick & gentle fortifying nail polish remover in lavender. One of the better removers I've tried, will repurchase soon!

What have you finished / thrown out recently? Anything to repurchase? 
Anything you will not? 
Let me know!

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