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Quick look: Skin Food Candy Moist Rouge lipstick in 682 (nude shade)!

This lipstick was picked up by my mom sometime ago in's Skin Food's "Candy Moist Rouge" lipstick in a glazed sort of nude shade 682!

It looks lovely but the formula was horrible! Maybe because it's old? 

Continue below for more pictures and details!

Skin Food Candy Moist Rouge Lipstick

Such cute packaging...

Skin Food Candy Moist Rouge Lipstick in 682

Skin Food Candy Moist Rouge Lipstick in 682, looks to be a glazed golden nude brown!

Note: All screenshots below are from Skin Food's Singapore website.

"Moist and sweet"...the description sounds lovely but this one in particular didn't reflect so...
Definitely not 20g more like 0.2 oz or 5.6 grams, the Coffee lipstick sounds like it'd be better! Pricey though, I could get a MAC lipstick for $30 SGD!

Bare lips...quite pigmented and pink! Your natural color effects how colors show up on your lips!

In cooler lighting...

In warmer lighting...


I couldn't find a description on the website for this shade and any text on the tube is in korean but I have to say the color is definitely a pinky-golden medium nude brown. It looks thick and a bit frosty, not exactly a finish I enjoy.

This particular lipstick is quite horrid. Maybe because it's a bit old, however putting that aside the formula was not that smooth and gritty because of bits of golden shimmer. This shimmer bits are very visible on the lips and even after wiping a lot of the lipstick off with tissue, there's still a lot of shimmer stuck on the lips!

I found the frosty finish and gritty feeling shimmer too much, I never wore this out even once. It looks okay in photos but in person really washed me out, unless I had a dark eye look probably.

See those golden glittery bits?
After wiping all the lipstick off, lots of shimmer remains stuck!

Paid: $10 USD (in korea) (U.P. usual price $18.50 SGD/ $14.80 USD)

Recommend: Nope!

Repurchase: Nope!

Bottom line: I am a huge fan of nude lipsticks but this is horrid, maybe because it's a bit old the formula's gone bad but otherwise they are some pricey lipsticks...I'd rather pick up a maybelline, l'oreal or revlon that cost the same and are always really great.

Overall I'd give this product a 1/5! (keep in mind this lipstick was 2 years+ old!)

Have you tried lip products from Skin Food? Fancy any other of their products? Let me know!

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  1. you no like?? i love the shade on you :(

    1. I like the shade! I love nudes! :) But it just felt awful on the lips! Gritty shimmer bits and all!




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