Saturday, 3 March 2012

Quick look: Maybelline Angelfit Blush in Creamy Cinnamon (swatch!)

An easy to use rosy pink blush I picked up during a sale in December for my mom! She's been using the same blush from Clinique for now almost 3 years and it's hit major pan! It's a beautiful coral color that looks lovely on her tan complexion but she wanted something pink so I picked this up!

This blush is part of the permanent 'Angelfit' line in Asia...although the Angelfit pressed powders are gone! They were amazing like all the other pressed powders from Maybelline, although there were tiny bits of shimmer in really gave your face a 'glow'.

Maybelline Angelfit blush in Creamy Cinnamon 'New york fashion edition'...

Maybelline Angelfit blush in Creamy Cinnamon 'New york fashion edition'. Didn't feel like I was in new york at all!

Maybelline Angelfit blush in Creamy Cinnamon 'New york fashion edition'.

 indication of how much product there is...and the pan looks sickly skinny!

Brush is good quality, soft...wide enough but lacks in density!
It's a skinny thing it is!
Maybelline Angelfit blush in Creamy Cinnamon swatched. It's an easy to wear light berry pink...

Packaging and Product!

The exterior cardboard packaging is quite nice, it draws you in, however it's a gimmick! It's not a limited edition color at all! Then again it sells at the same price as the other blushes from maybelline so it's not a bother. I only really despise how there's no indication of the amount of product and it seems like the pan is really thin.

The blush itself has medium pigmentation, wearable color that would work on fair to tanner skin I believe. It's so fine and feels like silk powder when swatched and applied on. 

There's a fine sheen to the blush, not shimmer but a satin sort of finish. It doesn't last very long though so it's something you might need to bring along for touch ups!

A surprisingly thing is that it looks a bit coraly on my mom's skin, she's much tanner and yellow than keep that in mind!

Paid: U.P. (usual price) $15.90 SGD/ $12.70 USD (Bought on sale for approx. $12. 80 SGD)

Recommend: Not really, unless it's on sale or you really want to try a maybelline blush. If you're in Singapore, I'd direct you to pick up Canmake's single blushes (I reviewed two shades here) They are far more pigmented, long lasting, very smooth, selling at U.P. $14.90 SG and seem to have a lot more product, only down side is the brush is too small!  

Repurchase: Nope, for reasons above! 

Bottom line: A product worth skipping, it's a nice shade and all but too little product and it could be more pigmented at least or last longer. My mom doesn't mind but I do and I'd rather put my money into Canmake or L'oreal blushes! 

Have you tried any Maybelline blushes? Angelfit products? 
Would you repurchase? Let me know!


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