Sunday, 25 March 2012

Haul: Very late make up/skin care goodies from Dec 2011! (Pic heavy w Japanese/Korean brands)

Just photos from a haul mom and I did when there were great deals going on store wide in Watsons last Decemeber! Enjoy the photos! If you are interested in anything, drop me a question below and I'll see if I can help! 

If you didn't know, it's very uncommon to have deals or discounts at beauty shops or pharmacies in Singapore. So whenever there's a 15% or 20% (which is the norm) that's when people tend to buy more than just one or two products.

In December Watsons had a 30% off sale on most make up and 20% off on most other products in store and it was packed, crazy and people were stocking up like nuts! I love seeing people so enthuastic!

Products currently CANNOT be exchanged or refunded once opened/used in Singapore. This is the same in the UK unlike in the states, so you really have to swatch in the store for make up and research before hand for skin care!

If you like korean/japanese make up, BB creams and such...there's lots of picture below! Enjoy!

Waited 20 minutes to pay!

Eco tools, why you so expensive here?!

Mom got a couple things from the Shiseido aqua label moisture line...

Haul of me stuffs...

For a review/swatches of...

  • the Majolica Majorca powder go here
  • the Majolica Majorca lipgloss go here

Similar to ecotool brushes, bamboo handles, synthetic fibres, aluminum handle and excellent quality!

Compared to the ecotools blush brush I prefer this, the bristles are more consistent in texture makes it great for packing/buffing on foundation or powder.

That's all! I hope the pictures were fun, we are fortunate to have lots of korean/japanese cosmetics/skincare in singapore so if you saw anything and have questions feel free to ask!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


  1. Love your haul! I agree - there are a good range of Japanese and Korean cosmetics available in Singapore. And there is also a Sephora! =D

    1. Hehe...Yes! I wish we had more of a range of products in Sephora here!:p

  2. oh this is heaven!! I really like asian cosmetics and skincare, the packaging itself is too cute to resist!
    I really hope I can visit singapore this summer ;D

    1. Haha...yes most of the time it's the prices that stop me from grabbing things! :)

  3. Wow, I can see why that sale must've gotten people quite excited! 20 minutes just to line up and pay for your purchases attests to that :p Great haul, enjoy all your products :) I've only heard great things about Maybelline's Warm Me Up. Ecotools is also really expensive here, but I guess there's always the Internet to get it cheaper.

    1. Hehe, thanks. Yes, girls running around swatching and choosing what to get. I've heard so! I was looking at CG products in melbourne when I was visiting and they are not that cheap either! :p

  4. i really want to make a trip to Singapore watson!
    i find that Singapore watson have more cool product.
    some items arent available here in malaysia. :/
    i want to get the sexy look hello kitty mask! <3




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