Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mini Haul: Skin Food nail polishes & eyeliner brush! (swatches)

Here's a mini nail polish haul I did a while ago...I rarely buy much nail polish but I'd actually finished a bottle of my favorite gray shade from skin food.

At the same time I chose a couple more and picked up another eyeliner brush for gel lining which I featured and reviewed in my Kate gel eyeliner post here!

The majority of my nail polishes are from The Face Shop or Skin Food, I've got a couple Sally Hansen, Revlon and some cheaper asian brands.

The Face Shop and Skin Food products are Korean and are all made in Korea. 

Continue below for the review and swatches!

Nail polish haul from Skin Food!

Skin Food Eye liner brush

Skin Food Eye liner brush, made of natural hair (weasel)...

Skin Food make up brushes comparison (top to bottom): Large eyeshadow, small eyeshadow, eye liner brush

Eyeliner, small eyeshadow, large eyeshadow brushes...(the large brush is slightly wider than a MAC 242 shader but is much thicker)

                               Skin Food Nail Vita in BR610                                                                          (Rich warm brown mahogany/ shimmer- metallic finish)

                                        Skin Food Nail Vita in BR 614                                                                         (cool toned taupey brown/ shimmer-metallic finish)

                                 Skin Food Nail Vita in BW701                                                                               (Vinyl black with lots of fine silver glitter/shimmery finish)

                                  Skin Food Nail Vita in GR901                                                                      (Medium blue toned gray/ shimmer-metallic finish)

Medium sized brush, flat edge, the bristles are of excellent quality and shape, application always a breeze.

Skin Food Nail Vita polishes in shades : GR901, BW701, BR614, BR610

My favorite nail polish shade is GR901 for both hands and feet (it goes with everything and looks so posh!)

I love using BR614 (taupey brown) on my toes, it looks nice on the feet, not too harsh just noticable enough, great with my neutral toned sandals. 

My nail polish box! And I've got another 10 more bottles or so stashed away in another bag somewhere!

Paid: $5.50 SGD per bottle 13g ($4.40 USD)

$13.90 ( i think) for the eyeliner brush ($11 USD)

Recommend: Absolutely, these polishes are consistently high quality and come in a nice range of colors/finishes!

Repurchase: Always!

Bottom Line: Pocket friendly, opaque in one coat, long lasting and true to color, I truly adore these shades!

Have you tried any Skin Food products before? 
Are you in love with Korean cosmetics like myself?
What's your favorite/ go-to nail polish shade? 

Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


  1. Nice colors. I've never heard of this brand, but looks great.

    1. They are lovely! Oh, they're one of the more well known names here but I'm not surprised if anyone in the states hasn't heard of it. I think there's only ONE skin food shop in the states in New York x.x

  2. Really sophisticated nail polish shades! I like how you store your varnishes as well, very organised :) (I think I spot a few in your collection that I probably have as well.) The brushes look quite promising too, I'm not familiar with the brand but hopefully they work well.

    1. Thanks, I love how they go with everything...organized, hehe, need another box though...the brushes have been great, ive been using the smaller eyeshadow brushes for more than a year.

      They are the perfect size for my tiny double lids :)

  3. Oooh, those are pretty! I like the BR614 or whatever, be nice if they had creative color names? Ha ha.

    1. That's how it is with most asian brand polishes...just numbers and letters. I've read about how name influences people's opinion on polish color...but i agree, creative names are fun :p




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