Monday, 12 March 2012

Shopping Haul: Clothes from EXPORT in Phnom Penh (during visit)

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I've got two big deadlines this week so tonight's probably the last posts until this weekend or next week!

This is a haul of all the casual clothes I got when I was in Cambodia visiting my classmates and staying with my best friend during my January school break.

I bought everything here at a franchaise shop there called "EXPORT", they sell goods from brands like Abercromie & fitch, hollister, target brands, jc penny brands, dockers, ralph polo, kipling...just big names...a lot and much of these brands produce their goods in cambodia, vietnam, thailand before it's shipped off to be sold. I'm assuming some maybe slight rejects but most are not, they even have the tags for selling in store overseas.

Now with shops like this it's great for tourists to pick up casual and for men, formal and work wear at much cheaper prices than regular, if you need something altered like pants's just a dollar at the local market that'll take a short while. 

Cambodia uses US dollars so all costs are so. I spent about $120 US for all this! I would've bought more but I didn't have enough on me!

Clothes haul from Export in Phnom Penh Cambodia!

Straight leg purple pants with zebra print! $19.95
Just lovely! So funky, so me!

Straight leg pants in gray snake skin print. Totally reminds me of Zara...

Size 11 is slightly loose all over, I would've gotten 9 but the rise would be a bit too low for my taste.

Omg...mixed animal print shorts!
Super cute dark navy with anchors shorts!

Rainbow acid colored splatter shorts! My favorite!

All meant to be sold at $17 dollars at Target, I got them for either $5.50 or $6.50 a pair!

The brand xhilaration, I believe they are swim shorts

Nautica, one of my dad's ex-favorite brands for shirts

Original tags for selling in their store all on!
Nautica navy t-shirt, blank on the front with a fish on the's so comfortable and has a great fit.

Nautica t-shirt at $12.95

Aeropostale black hoodie. Finally a new black hoodie, threw my only one out because it's so old it became brown and purple! Bought this for about $20, selling for about $50 in Aeropostale stores!!

Close up Aeropostale hoodie

See...Made in Cambodia! And great quality mind you!

Hollister thick canvas shoulder bag...missing an 'I' (lol)

There were so many to choose from I spent half an hour deciding on this white one! Paid about $25 for a $45 dollar bag!

All in all it was a great trip to stay with my bestie and see my classmates before they all disappear into different places around the world much like how all our friends are like when you attend an international school.

I'm definitely going back to visit in the summer, can't wait to pick up more silver jewelry, maybe some clothes and lots of $1.50 DVDs....

I think for an up and coming post I'll do one on my silver jewelry collection, maybe in parts, almost all are from cambodia at the market where it's 925 silver sold by weight, some awesome pieces, lasts for years so far...always look great with a fresh polish!

Note: These clothes are exactly what you're buying if you walk into an A & F or aeropostale store anywhere in the world, they were most likely made in an asian country in the first place! They are not 'counterfeit' but are being sold at a price that will still profit the company, hence the production costs of these are actually far can be deduced that what you are paying in the US or Europe is just inflated because of transportation and etc costs.

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  1. great haul!! wow, i didn't know they hv stores that sell these brands over there. so interesting! and great deals too :D

    1. Hehe...yeah, you can get quite a lot with a nice tight budget. Definitely a good destination for a short holiday if you visit :)

  2. Nice haul! I love getting clothes for sale as well.

    1. Thanks! They weren't on sale! Those are the regular prices and I'm sure they're still making lots of profit! They just haven't been exported and inflated! :p

  3. Hey! I'm a new follower and I hope you follow me in return. I wish we had a store like that in SC where I can pay 25 and get all that stuff. Great buys especially with Aero. Love their stuff.

    1. Glad you liked the post! I'll check yours out soon :)

  4. Looking at the stuff you got now, I'd say waiting for you for more than 2 hours... is not as bad! Would have been better if you just let me sit down but noooo... you kept dragging me over :P HAHAHAHAHA. :D

    1. LOLOLOL...thanks dude!! I can't wait till next time :p

  5. Whaaat? You got those clothes at a freaking awesome price! hehehe! By the way, you can visit:




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