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Rave Review: Kiss me Heroine LONG & Curl Mascara! (before/after photos!)

The same brand as my previous Holy Grail mascara the 'volume & curl' version which I (reviewed here) this one has a different brush but the same fiber and super waterproof formulation.

I swear if I had to have one mascara for the rest of my life I'm glad to say that either one of these from Kiss me Heroine would be a blessing. Made by asians to look amazing on skimpy asian lashes, any girl lacking seriously in the volume, length and curl department you must try this at least once.

This is by far tied with best with the volume & curl version, I can't ask for anything better at such a good price! 

Important: I'd like to point out that eye shape, lash type and application are three things that effect how a mascara works on a person. It is not usually possible for a monolided person to have the same effect as a double-lided person.

My lash type: short, fine, slightly curly

Continue below for the review and amazing before & after photos!

Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Mascara in 01 black waterproof!
I praise the clear instructions, it's unbelievable how so many girls apply mascara badly in my opinion!

Sleek maroon and gold tube!
Above: LONG & curl               Below: VOLUME & curl

Packaging and Product!

Sleek shimmery maroon tube, cute wording, enough said for that. I think the packaging is really cute as all japanese products, surprisingly informative with great info on how to apply and remove the mascara, this I think was nessecary as many girls just apply mascara very poorly! 

The brush slides out easily, there's a greasy smell that can't be avoided with all waterproof formulas. There is no excess on the wand that needs to be removed and the curved nature of the wand really coats all lashes evenly.

I love how I only need to spend about 30 seconds on each eye with one coat each  to get such false looking lashes. The formula is wet and thin when new and thickens over time as I've learnt with my last tube. The short firm bristles on the brush really spread the mascara on evenly and it's easy to separate clumps.

I love the crazy length it adds, volume and curl that makes my lashes visible above the lid! Oh my god! This stuff is a drug! I'm also a fan of waterproof formulas, this is only sold in waterproof at watsons as well. It makes complete sense to be as asian girls tend to have a lot more smudging because of our lashes touching our lids.

Anyone who complains about regular formulas, just buy waterproof and get oil based remover! viola!

This stuff is super waterproof, don't even try removing it with soap and water or regular remover. You'll end up ruining your lashes! Use a cotton pad with oil based remover and pad it onto your lashes for a short while first before wiping in a downwards motion. 

Before and After!

Note: My eyelids are natural monolids but they 'turn' double with the use of mascara. I can't help it. I DO NOT own an eyelash curler, eyelid tape or glue, I don't 'poke' my lids either, so don't ask me about those things!

Check that out!
Wimpy and nearly invisible!

Barely any lashes flaring up!
Just look at how the lashes are visible above the lid! Amazing!

No incredible volume, but I take curl, definition and length any day!

These mascara really give amazing curl...I don't own an eyelash curler so this is just the mascara!

AFTER: A shower, face scrub/cleanser...see how it still looks perfect? 110% waterproof!

Paid: $S21.90 ($17 USD) 

Recommend: Totally! To all asian ladies with skinny, whimpy, short lashes, please get your hands on a tube of this stuff!

Repurchase: Yes, without a doubt! 

Bottom Line: Amazing results, the brush gives so much control, the formula is just right and I think every girl needs an amazing mascara. I've tried quite a few and this one never stops blowing me away. The price is affordable, considering the steep prices of mascara in Singapore.

Especially for small asian eyes I think this is a definitely must have or must try, I know how it's so difficult to find products that don't smear and smudge and this will definitely not be let down!

Overall I'd give this a 5/5!

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