Monday, 19 December 2011

Review: The Face Shop stick eyeshadow in 03 & 05 (swatches!)

 Firstly a big shout out the cosmetic brand "Essence is in Singapore!" I spotted an entire range of their stuff at the Watsons at Takashimaya!! Everything (i believe) is under $10! Single shadows for $3.30 ( I had to grab 2)

I smiled internally as some women walked by gasping and talking about why everything is 'sooo' cheap, as we aren't used to anything single product being less than $15 or $20 here!

I'll be the first to say that the shadows are of great quality! I will be going back for more! Weeee!
Onto the quick review...this is something I picked up a while ago from the Korean franchise The Face Shop easily found Island wide in Singapore.  These are their "Stick Eyeshadow with dazzling colors and glitters", I'd consider them to be shadow sticks or just cream eyeshadow in a stick form for convenient application. I originally had 3, all I bought for my mother but as she's completely not bothered with eyeshadows I took them back, the light pink shade missing!

Another example of eyeshadow in stick form is the Covergirl Smokyshadowblast which are sticks of cream shadow (mostly reviewed to be rubbish when worn alone). I'd never wear such a product alone as it's definitely going to be smudging without anything to set it!

The Face Shop stick eyeshadow in 05 golden brown & 03 blue!

Cap with color indication in 05 golden brown...
The face shop stick eyeshadow extended, almost full amount,  1,4 g
The face shop stick eyeshadow 05 Golden Brown, great pigmentation and metallic finish
Smudged out the color is still strong....
03 blue...
Applied the same as 05 but build up of color is much harder with this color....

Most of the color and glitter is smudged into nothingness with one quick smudge!
Packaging and Product!

I really appreciate the pen like packaging, the shadow twists up, it's very sturdy, the cap feels like it will not come off and the tube is fairly sleek. However like most stick packaging the actual product is about less than half of the full length of the tube. One thing to note is that the color indication on the top of the caps are very accurate, exactly the color of what's inside.

In terms of the product I think it's quite obvious that the brown shade out does the blue one. Both shadows apply smoothly and the glitter is fine, there's a nice metallic finish however the blue lacks a lot of color compared to the brown. 

I would definitely use these as a base or least over a base. For asian girls with small lids or monolids, this wouldn't be a great idea unless you add a shadow or setting powder on top. The cream consistently will cause smudging and oiliness over time.

I really find the brown to be great to work with...the blue however not as much, it's not really a color I'm fond of but I think it would be interesting to layer much darker grays/blue/charcoal colors over it. 

  • Affordable in Singapore, convenient
  • Range of easy to wear colors (brown, blue, pink, white, peach, violet)
  • Easy to use
  • Range of quality depending on shade
  • Not long lasting (without another product)

Paid: $S9.90 <---I'm quite sure (7.50 USD)

Recommend: Maybe only the Golden Brown

Repurchase: No, I can use a primer or rather try something else.

Bottom Line: If you already own eye primer or some other color base that works well don't bother with these. They aren't horrible but nothing special at all. I People with lots of creases or monolids might find this will not work by itself very nicely and I'd rather spend my $9 or $10 on something else!

Overall I'd give this a 3/5!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


  1. I used to like stick eyeshadow as they tend to stay longer on lids but until i found eyelid primer I no longer lust for them

  2. i've seen these in the US too. they are awfully convenient for those super lazy days XD but i hv super oily lids so it def wouldn't be something i could use alone. the brown is so pretty though! thx for the reviews XD

  3. @sizbelle

    Myself included I no longer am interested in these! Eyelid primer does the trick for everything! :)

  4. @ShinyPrettyThings

    Yes, those lazy days! Oh well, I'm going to try to use these since i have them! thanks for checking out!




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