Friday, 23 December 2011

Shopping Haul: December 2011 clothes Indulges!

A huge haul of mostly clothes I got two weeks ago. I've been picking up mostly skirts in recent weeks but I've been craving some jackets and a new handbag. After exams I was lucky enough to be presented with a nice big fat shopping day that won't happen again until probably until after next Feburary.

It's not normal for me to spend so much at one go but it happened and it was sort of my year end 'reward'. 

Well, I hope you enjoy looking at the things I picked up. I love everything and really can't wait to wear the heels!

Oh dear, I'm going to come off as a brand whore!

Small free bag that came with a renewal of my new look membership. It's a bit small but cute and will be used.

Wedge bootie heels! Been dying for a pair!

Gorgeous nude platform comfortable around the ankle...

Check out that peep toe!
Imagine these with black skinny jeans!

Can't wait to wear these out!
Really comfy pencil skirt, it has horizontal tiers like layers on a cake not so visible here!
Tan jean the color and fit.
Bright blue, something I lacked in my wardrobe.
Black mini with a leatherish looking panel...lovely, very me.
Absolutely flamboyant and brilliant, hip length jacket the blue grey material has silver thread weaved throughout.
Simple top, well cut and it has a lovely satin silk finish.

Plain sturdy gray pencil skirt
My cat playing with the price tags on my bed!
Loved these rings! Again, very me....
Too bad the coating on the bronze colored one has begun rubbing off after several wears!
Simple sandals with leather soles, great with anything casual!

My new bag from Charles & Keith, can't wait to get another in the future! This was the only one that I really loved in the shop!
This jacket is amazing, same thickness as a thick t-shirt but very structured with nice pointed shoulders, the front is like a cropped jacket but the back is completely fringe you can see through to your top. (couldn't take a good pic, this is a screen grab!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing everything! I've had fun wearing a lot of my new things but I have to keep a couple things until after chinese new year as tradition before I can wear them!

Did you spend on clothing/make up in December? Was it on sale? Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


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