Thursday, 22 December 2011

Review on Rubbish: Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

 I had nothing but high hopes for the well talked about brush but all the claims fell flat for me. I don't know if it's just my experience but the sexy curves mascara sold in Singapore all seem to be old and dry and an absolute waste of money.

I've watched another S'porean youtube beauty guru talk about how she'd rather given her money away to someone than to have bought this exact mascara. I couldn't agree more.

I love mascara and it's just so heart breaking when they don't work and were expensive. I saw that it was one of the cheapest mascaras at the drugstore, heard about it, tired it and....what a complete waste of my $S15.90! 

It's too bad there's no such refund/exchange policy here after a product is opened. -BIG frowny face-

Rimmel London Sexy Curves waterproof mascara! Rubbish!

Really enjoyed the packaging, crown detail on the cap.

Really liked the brush, firm plastic bristles, shape got to every lash easily

Packing and Product!

Firstly I do love the tube, the bright color, the words, it's all so enticing and different from typical mascaras but there's about where the quality stopped for me.

I tried testing this mascara on several occasions, each time the results were so useless and horrendous I didn't bother taking photos because there was no difference in my lashes. 
My eyes actually became sore from the amount of time of attempts to apply this mascara, my lashes were speckled with dry and oily bits of mascara, nothing actually coated my lashes whatsoever. 

Ultimately the formula was dried out, the mascara may have been too old, shipped too far, old stock sent to be gotten rid of? I don't know. I scooped some out onto my hand (photos below) and rubbed it around. 

All formulas waterproof or not spread smoothly and evenly, this one had dry clumps that refuse to spread and a whole lot of oily liquid as if the formula had separated in the tube. It even smelled terrible when I first opened it.

Mascara spread test...the formula was a complete blob.

After rigorous rubbing, some decided to spread, the rest became little flakes amongst the oil.

I'm sorry for no pictures but they really wouldn't have helped this review. Just imagine those little black flakes in the picture above speckled randomly on my lashes. I would spend twice the amount of time on my lashes and got no was so fail.

Took photos, threw it away, kept the brush! Love the brush, it's amazing.

  • Bold packaging
  • Great brush
  • smelled off
  • chunky, crumbly formula
  • oily and dry bits
  • did nothing 

Paid: $S15.90 ($12 USD)

Recommend: Not the stock selling here! It's not worth even $5 in my opinion. Maybe I had a bad one but I wouldn't take the risk.

Repurchase: No

Bottom line: For some reason I think the batch we have here is bad, the formula was clearly too old and nasty. With no such exchange or return policies here, anything opened can't be changed so it was such a disappointment.

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