Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Quick look: NYX Round Lipstick in Hades! (swatches)

Since I've yet to review any of the many NYX round lipsticks I got from my haul (check it out here) I thought it was about time as I've started using some of them. Yay!

I never thought I'd like lipstick, my mother and grandmother are lipstick people. It's the only product they can't go without. Lately I've been using lots of nude type colors on my lips including some of the lipsticks from the haul and they've been working out real well!

Nyx round lipstick in Hades!

Looks a bit lighter in person with a slightly golden sheen
Bare lips! Yes, they are pigmented but I find the color over powering at times!

With NYX hades, looking warm, nudish and natural with fine gold shimmer

Like all the other NYX lipsticks, it goes on incredibly smooth and creamy. It's very pigmented and has fine gold shimmer. Something to be aware of all the lipsticks including this one smells very perfumy. I really like how it neutralizes the strong color of my bare lips. I like to have more neutral lips with smokey/dark eye looks. My natural lips can look awkward with strong eye make up.

Be aware these lipsticks are very soft and break easily. Something I don't like is that the label is on the cover so remember to put them right back otherwise I almost mixed a couple up!

They don't last too long because they're so creamy but they were really affordable. I got them through a spree and there was a 20% off on top of promotion prices on cherryculture. So they were about $4 USD each! Crazy considering single lipsticks like revlon and l'oreal are $20 a pop here!

Can't get them in Singapore? Well, I know they're available through Smoochiez in Singapore, check out her online shop here. She has a shop too which sells the entire line of NYX products and a whole lots of locally unavailible things!

Completely bare face with just Hades...see how it makes me glowy?
Comparison: Revlon soft nude, maybelline totally toffee, nyx B52, nyx Hades

Hades and Totally toffee look similar don't they? Although Hades has a golden sheen that toffee doesn't have.

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!

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  1. Hades is one of my favorite lip colors :D It's def warm and compliments many lips!




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