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Review: Vichy Aera Mineral BB Cream (swatches!)

I'm sure most ladies in who have been interested with make up must have heard about BB creams by now! I've tried a couple myself but don't use any regularly at all. I prefer using regular foundations and powders as I haven't found a bb cream that matches my shade the way I'd like.

Although I'm considered 'light' skinned the color difference from my face to neck to chest can seem quite drastic. My neck and limbs are tanned whereas my chest and face are much fairer so I typically use different tone products or powder to even out things.

Vichy is easily available in Singapore and the line is what I'd call 'drugstore high-end' things in the range cost from $S25-$65. I'm currently using a couple things from their Normaderm line (for oily/acne prone skin).

Vichy Aera Mineral mineral BB Cream , 40ml with SPF! I like the sleek tube!
Paraben-free and hypoallergenic, both good things although this product will expire faster (because its paraben free)
Love the generous 40ml...for $S49
The screw on tops are very secure...although it can get a little messy it's easily cleaned...

It can look very white first blended....
When completely blended, it has a dewy finish (has more coverage on the face vs. hand)
Fair pinky and fleshed tone, a more accurate color from a different angle...
Above: Lancome BB base cream          Below: Vichy Mineral BB cream
 Blended out Vichy (below) is quite a fair, pink and cool toned cream...

Packaging and Product!

I really appreciate the simple and clean looking packaging. The tube feels sturdy and firm and looks nice enough, I actually like the screw on top, it feels very secure once it 'clicks' into place. The simple text and design is pleasing to my eyes and has all the important information such as SPF 20, paraben free, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

The color of this bb cream is of a very fair pink toned shade. I believe it would match people from fairest to NC/NW 25 who do NOT have strong yellow/olive undertones. Due to the color variation in my neck and chest I can easily go with more yellow and pink toned foundations as long as I use the same on my neck.

On my face the color blends out nicely into my skin, evening out redness although it makes my complexion about two shades fairer and brighter. It doesn't look unnatural on me, although the difference to my neck makes it a bit strange so I use a more yellowish powder over.

The texture of the cream is very smooth and even, it melts into the skin and gives a light to medium coverage. It has a light sweet refreshing smell although it's 'fragrance free'. I find that the cream blends very well and with a finishing powder it lasts nicely throughout the day with regular powder touch ups.

It's meant to be good for the skin as 'skin breathing' and mineral. My skin tends to develop oil 'bumps' usually reacting to oil in products but with this bb cream it didn't seem to effect my skin that way or make my blemishes worse.

  • Smooth blendable texture
  • brightening effect
  • combination and sensitive skin friendly
  • long wearing with powder
  • Only 1 fair cool toned shade
  • 40ml (quite a lot for someone who just want to try lots of types)
  • $49 is a bit pricey compared to many under $S40

Paid: $S49 ($38 USD)

Repurchase: Nope, not for me! Too fair and pink toned. It feels great and works well under powder but not as a base with good coverage.

The bottom line: The bb cream from Vichy only comes in one very pink shade and wouldn't work for a large majority of people. However for those who match this bb cream is pretty solid. For $49 for 40ml I'd say it's worth it.

Personally I don't use this too regularly but I will start again soon, I really love how it feels!

Overall I'd give this a 4/5!

Have you tried any bb creams? Do you find them too pink/yellow? Let me know!

Feel free to leave me comments and questions! 

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