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Rave Review: Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711, OR313 & VI305!

Creamy, colorful, shimmery perfection! I've become a huge user and fan of cream shadows from all walks of price point! I've tried the inexpensive ones from maybelline, other asian brands, Kiko and now I've had the chance to own several from Shiseido! These bad boys were on my radar for some time, they were not a must-buy but when I was on holiday last year in Bandung, Indonesia with my boyfriend we were in a big mall and when I realized that these were cheaper I just had to get two...and then I went back and got one more!

If you're a fan of creamy, smooth, fine shimmer and you love waterproof eyeshadow do continue below for the swatches and my review! Check my holiday in Bandung Indonesia (check out here) and the beauty, skincare and food items I hauled from the trip (check out here)!

Continue below for the review!
Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711 (blue), OR313 (peach) & VI305 (purple)!
Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color! Each cream shadow cost 275,000 Indonesian Rupiah!
Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color!
Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color!
Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711 (blue), OR313 (peach) & VI305 (purple)!

Not only do I love the box packaging but the actual packaging of the tubs of eyeshadow are brilliant! The boxes are a shiney gunmetal type finish which really are eye catching and it gets me all excited about the product inside! However the exterior packaging has always only been a draw but not the important bit! Unlike many other brands both drugstore and higher end Shiseido has all their pot cream shadows packaged in plastic tubs! I absolutely love this! Not only are they lightweight but the design means the pots are super slim at about 2/3 the thickness compared to Maybelline's color tattoos.

The plastic tubs don't compromise how much product you receive and also are super easy to tighten up after using. To be honest, I'd much rather both drugstore and high end brands use plastic as there's nothing cheap feeling about it! I do like having a bit of glass but when the tub feels like a stone, it's really nothing that I'd want to bring around or bring more than one of when I travel!

Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in VI305!
Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in OR313!

Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711!
Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711 (blue), OR313 (peach) & VI305 (purple)!

These cream shadows are suppose to have "brilliant color" and "shine" that lasts all day without creasing and there is absolutely nothing to dispute! Not only are these shadows gorgeous in terms of colors and the range of colors sold but I'm in LOVE with the texture and finish of these shadows! They are so creamy, smooth and filled with super fine shimmer! The shadows in the pot are like firm gels and when a rounded dense synthetic brush is pushed onto the product it creates a dent in the cream.

This cream eyeshadow isn't a liquidy or whipped mousse texture, it's a super dense but soft to touch cream that makes it easy to either pick up the tiniest amount or more product. All three shades I picked up can be applied sheer or can be built up very opaque. Out of the three shades, the peachy looks fabulous worn light to heavy whereas the purple and blue shade look much better when applied more opaquely. The blue especially is very uneven when applied lightly but it doesn't bother me as most occasions when I use these I will wear powder eyeshadow over them!

Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711 (blue), OR313 (peach) & VI305 (purple)!

Out of all three I've used the peachy shade the most! I'm so in love with it and am actually looking for a similar eyeshadow! The purple and blue are absolutely gorgeous too and they can make for an amazing base or can be worn just alone. These bad boys do shine and last free of creasing until you want to take them off!

Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711 (blue), OR313 (peach) & VI305 (purple)!
Paid: 275,000 IDR each or about $28 SGD or $20 USD

Recommend: YES. If you're looking easy to use, high quality shimmery cream eyeshadow do check these out! The full range of shades include more than 20 colors and they're all gorgeous!

Repurchase: YES, I really would love to get another shade! I have my eyes on BL620 (teal green), it's just soooo pretty! There are also some gorgeous neutral shades too I'd love to swatch!

Bottom line: Amazingly pigmented, easy to apply, creamy, smooth and long lasting! If I didn't own any cream eyeshadows I would stock my collection with even more shades from them! Do check these out as they make a great single shadow wash of color or a base!

What make up do you own from Shiseido?
Have you seen these shadows in person?
Let me know!

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  1. Omg these shades are gorgeous!!! :)

  2. That peachy one looks gorgeous!!!! For some reason, I don't look at Shiseido that often. I feel like the US has a more limited range than other parts of the world too

  3. The shades are very pretty. The peach shade looks very nice.

  4. OMG the peachy one is so pretty!!!! I need to get that one *__*!!
    I have one of this cream eye shadow in brown, and it's soooo creamy and so pretty :) I love the consistency, the finish, the color and just the quality in general. I didn't know it's only IDR 275.000 in Indo though, otherwise I'd buy some shades while I was in Indo :/

  5. Holy pigmentation! The purple is gorgeousssss, would like some on my eyes now! I haven't tried shiseido eyeshadows before but their lip products and blushes are so good!

    Macarons and Mischief

  6. Oh wow! they are son pretty <3 I need to get one or two ;D *lol*
    Have a nice day :****

  7. Interesting! Don't think I've tried any cream eye shadows in my younger days. The colours are very pretty šŸ˜œ

  8. these look so LUXE! and I was honestly surprised by the price of them considering it is Shiseido! The 3 pictures of the open container had me wanting to reach through the computer and touch them ;p can't wait to get back to blogging <3

  9. That peach shade is STUNNING! would be an awesome crease/transition shade

    chloĆ©⎪ status.chlo




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