Saturday, 25 October 2014

Top 10: All around Pet Peeves (2014)

My top Pet Peeves! It was one late night, basically early morning about two weeks ago I think when I was drafting some 'Top 10 Beauty Pet Peeves' for a blog post but I just couldn't stop thinking about just things that seriously bother me that aren't beauty related. Like anyone I have plenty of pet peeves or things just bother me about the world and other people but here are 10 that I think are quite significant in my life at the moment.

Caution before hand. This blog post is long, lots of text and are all my honest opinion. If you disagree or feel differently it's none of your business to tell me that I'm wrong or that I'm a bad person. We all have different opinions for different reasons. That's life. Go ahead and share how you feel but don't expect me to agree with you or be convinced otherwise. I don't go out of my way to offend people or to disturb their lives so I expect the same unless you're ready for a debate.

Continue below for the post!

This is Ocha, the pet cat of a friend of mine! This is the kind of face I have when thinking of the pet peeves I've listed below. Hehehe..'pet' pun intended. Check out Ocha's (Facebook page here!)

1. People who have never been fat or even overweight trying to advice to those who have always been fat.

If you have never been overweight or had to suffer the discrimination or stresses don't comment, don't think you're qualified to give advice simply because you're 'in shape' and 'fit' and look 'healthy'. Seriously, don't do it. It isn't helpful not just because what you do won't work for me but because you can't emphathize with me so drop it.

Link to source here...
2. Ladies who don't wear/use make up using the topics of cosmetics being bad for the skin/ make up= low confidence as reasons of why they don't use.

Really? This argument, again? I can't stand people who think they are just that bit 'better' because they 'don't do' what 'we do'. Apparently make up causes acne and skin problems and most of all means that those who wear any or more have very low self confidence…PLEASE BITCH.

Link to source here...

3. Being told, "You're pretty so you'd never understand/ You have no reason to have low self-confidence."

Well fuck you! And not in a really bad way! This is the problem in general. We all assume people look the way we see them as what they've always and maybe will always look like. I looked very different 5 years ago, 2 years ago, even 1 year ago. And maybe will you so you have no right to make such an assumption unless you're okay with me bashing you with my enlightening back story or just leaving the conversation.

Link to source here...
4. People who are against abortion to the degree of rather having the pregnant women die along with the baby than to have an abortion so her life isn't in danger.

Firstly, I'm a pro-choice lady. I don't care how she got pregnant, it's a woman body, she a living breathing existing person and the baby will effect her far more than it is effect a fetus with no conscious, no feelings and no existence. (of this is can vary depending on the development) I would never call an abortion a 'killing' or 'murder' that's just retarded. When a living person is in danger, it's their life that should be priority, without them the baby wouldn't be possible in the first place.

Link to source here...

5. People thinking that 9-5 is a 'normal' time for jobs and others aren't.

HELLO. what about the bus driver? The cashier at the supermarket? The hotel staff? The social workers? Events manager? Actors? Writers? Models? Plumer? Millitary? Medical staff? Those are the majority and they aren't on office hour shifts. Non-office hours is the MAJORITY of job hours in real life people.

Link to source here...
6. People in a restaurant talking to the person who sent the food to their table as if they are the same person who took the order, same person in charge of the section, same person as the manager and god.

I think this is where the general public just need education. The person that sends your food to you in most establishments (at least in asia) usually is not the person who is in charge of the area you are seated in, not the person who took your order and definitely isn't the person who cooked your meal. So it is just unfair to handle them as if they were suppose to know that your friend's side of gratin wasn't suppose to come until after the mains and that you ordered a martini that hasn't arrived!

Link to source here...
7. Having people ask, "But how do you deal with the cultural differences?" When finding out my boyfriend is a different nationality.

I grew up in south east asia, across 4 different countries, 3 different schools and had classrooms with 30 classmates from 10 or more nationalities, many who were mixed…and this runs the same through most of the school. Kids are kids, when we grow up together and if our families don't restrict who we interact with it's just person meet person. Maybe it's just us third culture kids, we don't really have an actual home but where our friends are. So to answer the question, I don't 'deal' with the difference because they are never a 'problem' to begin with. As long as our core values and beliefs are the same everything else for a partnership.

My class in Phnom Penh International school from grade 6-10 when I studied there. Some nationalities in my class were Japanese-American, Korean, Filipino, Indian, Cambodia-Australian, German-Philipino, Kiwi, Mauritius, Thai-British, Dutch-African, Thai-australian, Malaysian, Indian-Canadian, Cambodian, Swedish, Filipino-American and myself Singaporean! This is the only type of classmates I've had throughout my whole life.

8. People who are dead against scientific/technologic advancements (ie stem cell research, GMO, artificial life) but have no problems taking doctor prescribed drugs and paying for their mother to have cancer treatment.

EXCUSE ME YOU DUMBSHIT. If you are using an Iphone 5, paying for your mother's cancer treatment, taking your daily dose of aspirin, paying for vaccinations…these are all things that would have not been possible if those few geniuses amongst us didn't fumble around in a lab killing/experimenting/testing things. If you take things humans have created to extend life so you don't die at 35 like we used to, stop complaining about those of us who are actually going to make a different to mankind.

Link to source here...

9. Youth who flat-out refuse to take the advice of someone of the same or similar age because how can you know better/more than me?

Just because we are the same age or have a sun's rotation or two or three between us doesn't make the younger of use too much less wise nor does it make the older one any more. I've had instances where someone just a year or two younger snobbishly and angrily didn't want to hear my opinion because mine doesn't count because they obviously are going to have a completely different experience because I can't know much better to give legitimate advice right??? Because magically how old you are correlates to how much life experience YOU DEFINITELY HAVE.

Link to source here...
10. My stretch marks.

I have them behind my knees, down the back of my calves, on my stomachs, hips, sides of my breast, back of my arms, in my crotch, all along my inner thighs. Yes, I know, you might not believe it looking at me now but I suffered the very common issue of stretch marks while growing up and major weight gain in my teenage years. They have all faded now but the texture and scarring remains forever. I'm finally at peace with them, well…. almost.

Link to source here!

I know I probably will have offended some people's sensibilities or values through this post but it's my blog and I put up whatever I want. My mother is one of those people who rather not speak her mind out loud in public in case she offends somebody. 

However I always remind her, "So what? You offend someone's idea of something...what happens? Someone dies? Gets hurt? No, nothing actually happens in real life, it just makes people reconsider their position and their reasoning and that's a good thing.

Just to lighten the mood, here's a heart melting photo of my friend's two beautiful cats!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this post! It was long, detailed and honest. I really couldn't care less if I loss a bunch of followers because of this, because we all knows everyone else does things we don't all approve of. It's just a matter of whether or not you're aware of their actions/thoughts/feelings. 

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you!


  1. Very well written, Sharlynn! Being asian, you and me, I think we both understand how our cultures could be slightly different than what we wish they were, especially for us the younger generation.
    I totally agree with everything you wrote and can relate the most to number 1, 2 ,4,7 and 10 xD. My boyfriend is also from 'different' race background even though both of us are Indonesian, I am sure you understand what I meant. I am so glad that my closest family don't even mind it but sometimes other people who are not even close to me seem to think they have the right to question my decision -__-
    Well once again, it is nice to read this kind of post once in awhile, a good change to our usual make up addiction. lol

  2. I like how you bookended your posts with kitties. :) I also like your class picture--seem like that was a great experience, one I wish more people had--maybe that would help with a lot of the ignorance in the world now.

  3. Very well written sweetie! You are entitled to your own opinions and to constantly walk around thinking that people might "hate you" or something else cause you might have other opinions than them is not a good thing. I used to be like that but then I could not stand being quiet anymore.
    People NEED to know that there are other people out there having different opinions than them.
    I remember when I was a teenager I grew up in a small village outside Vasa where I live now. The people in the village where I grew up did not like the people from the neighborin village so when a good friend of mine started to date someone who was not from our village but from the neighboring village she got A TON OF HATE for it!
    People told me that I was not "allowed" to date anyone from that neighboring village or anyone that came from villages north of Vasa... I thought it was so darn silly and I told them that so I started dating a guy north from Vasa and my fiancé now comes from a village north of Vasa ;)

  4. I relate to a lot of these ;) It's good to be willing to listen to different arguments and know that different perspectives and experiences exist - I definitely agree. And as a PhD scientist - #8, for sure!

  5. You're just telling your opinions honestly
    and I can respect that :P aslong you don't
    step over someones boundaries which
    you didn't. I dislike 9-5 jobs, I hate don't
    want it! Those are usually office jobs
    which I really don't want

  6. That first cat is doing that face that I wear like all the time!

    I like that you are completely honest with your thoughts and opinions. One of my pet peeves is when people bend left and right to accommodate other people's thoughts and opinions; I think it's unhealthy not to express your own ideas. So, good for you.

    I don't think there's anything I really disagree with on your list, though I can definitely empathize about the stretch marks. I went through a huge growth spurt and gained a ton of weight at the very beginning of high school and have really bad stretch marks all over my mid section and thighs. Honestly, I'm still very insecure about them, but it's something I'm learning to deal with as I discover other things I love about my body.

    Also, 9-5 jobs are overrated. I hated mine. I'm a night owl anyway, so all my best work is done in the evening, haha.

  7. These cat pictures, oooooh. I really miss my grumpy cat at home. I also have stretch marks! I did grow way too fast when I was a teenager so I have them all over my upper legs :( I'm not at peace with them but I can't change it so I mostly just ignore them :p It's nice to see you explore something else in blogging! I feel everyone is entitled to their opinions and a blog should be YOUR personal space for whatever you like (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, but that's self-explanatory.) :)

  8. Hey Sharlynn, You do sound really mad in this post and I bet many people must have done all these to you over the years and all these build up and wham bang, time to let go. I think it is perfectly fine to let loose of all these pent up irritation that slowly snowballs. I relate well to 1, 2 , 3 , 4, 8 and 9. I guess I might have done the thing on #7 probably from where I am, inter-racial relationship isn't very common. I have friends with American, British and Swiss husbands and to me, that's really normal coz of the common language-- English. Anything other than that, I would get all curious and wonder. I hope when those people asked you, it is because they are genuinely concerned and curious (though that might still be annoying... lol).

    I'm always inspired to write down my pet peeves which seems to grow only during these 2 years I'm in my current organization. It seems like I don't experience all the annoyance I experience with my current co-workers throughout my life. If I write about these on my blog it would really be downright obvious and I guess I would hold it back. My colleagues are nice people to hang out with and some are nice in their own ways but there are simply too many things they do or say that totally annoy me esp if it keeps happening over the past 2 years. It is very courageous of you to write this post and yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. No worries on that!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  9. OMG First of all, that kitty is SO CUTE!!!

    I love posts like this :p pretty nosey and I like to get into peoples business hahaha...
    LMAO NO. 2 IS SO ME! like bitch pleasee..... people gets acne and face problems even when they don't wear makeup! I agree on most of the posts you've made and don't feel like you have offended anyone, we all have different opinions on everything and if one thinks you've hurt them so badly blah blah blah by pointing out the things that annoys you, well tell them to f off =.= stuff them! LOL amazing post!

  10. I think you're amazing. Speak your mind and speak it loud! Also, yes - all of your pet peeves. They are all awesome and I totally get where you're coming from.

    Ivory Avenue

  11. omg don't even get me started on the low confidence thing. we were having a discussion with my colleagues one of whom is male and in his 40s who is single. and he kept saying he's not interesting in women who wear makeup because it shows they lack confidence. i almost blew up at him LOL i literally said "so when I'm wearing eyeshadow, or when i have that killer orange lipstick on, your'e thinking "jenn has low confidence?" " i couldn't even.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. This point also makes me mad. ESPECIALLY when it comes from other women. I had a friend ask me how I could "wear so much makeup" after reading my blog. I would be quite annoyed with the inter-racial thing if I were living in Asia, but in Vancouver it's VERY common for a Chinese girl to be with a Caucasian guy. It's a running joke that dating an Asian girl is like having an accessory. You'll get one eventually because there are so many of us here!




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