Thursday, 10 November 2016

Review: Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask!

Lip sleeping mask? In my constant hunt looking for another great product to standby to use as I have always on the verge of being too dry lips I came across this product! Much like Laneige's very popular Water Sleeping Mask which is for the face, this is the equivalent but for the lips! I bought mine off when there was a group buy and I got it for about half the price of what it retails for in Singapore!

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Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask
Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask
Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask
Close up of Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask!
The small silicone spatula that is included!
The spatula is handy but I still find it a bit too small for ease of use!
Packaging & Product!

First off this product comes in packaging just like the Water Sleeping Mask which is a facial sleeping mask pack. Clean, blue, white and simple you can't go wrong with the packaging although the labeling information on the box and jar is in korean. There is a folded insert which has english instructions and information. The product comes in a thick plastic jar and a mini spatula is included. I'm glad it's not glass as it makes for a bit heavier of a product. Overall the packaging is very straightforward and attractive and although jar products aren't thought of as the most hygienic, I'm completely fine as you just need to make sure your hands are clean!

This product is a type of lipbalm but it's much thicker than one you'd normally wear out. It has an emollient feel on the lips yet there is a slightly waxy component but just a tiny bit so the product stays on exactly where you applied and won't be bleeding around your mouth. The product has a smell of light sweet berries and softens easily upon being touched with your finger. Although there is a pink color to the product, it's pretty much colorless. 

I've realized that I like wearing this best as its been intended which is overnight in a thicker amount as by the morning your lips have a layer of dried balm which will need to be washed off. The lips do feel healed and slight issues that come with dryness like flaking will be gone with use of this. Overall this balm is a nice product to have but I've still got my holy grail Glamourflage lip balm which is even better at healing and keeping lips supple.

My bare lips, having one of those dryer days where they are beginning to split although they don't look dry!
A thick layer of Laneige's Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask! It takes about 2-3 nights wearing this for a slight split to heal which is very fast for me!
Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask
Paid: $27 SGD or about $19.30 USD

I bought mine from for about 50% off in a group buy! There are plenty of brand new ones at a discounted price listed!

Recommend: Yes, this is a nice over night skincare product to have and if you tend to have dryer lips or need something once a week to help your lips heal this is something you can consider. However it's not a must buy product.

Repurchase: No, although the product does the job, it's not very impressive given the price. I would expect something that really hydrates quickly and helps healing fast. Using this product is a pleasure and it does smell nice and feel good but it's not something I'd consider buying again for myself.

Bottom line: A nice product to use, it gets the job done while smelling nice and looking pretty but as someone whose tried so many lip products as I've got always dry lips, this still isn't up to par with the products I've tried that work better and cost less so it's not something I feel I need or want to get again. If it's in your budget and you love lip products it's worth trying but it's not a must.

What do you use when you have really chapped lips?
Have you tried Laneige's products?
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  1. This sounds nice but it is rather expensive for what it does.

  2. I have always wondered about this little pot of lip mask, cause it's really expensive, and i haven't heard anyone talked about it until I saw this on your blog. I have to say that it looks so good in your photo, but I much prefer Carmex lip balms as it heals fast and it's like instantly moisturizer!

  3. Nice. It looks like a good experience, but I think there are cheaper ways to keep the lips hydrated. :P Thanks for the review!




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