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Holiday Special: Day 2 in Patong, Phuket Thailand! (May 2016)

Day 2 in Phuket at Patong Beach! For our second day during my trip to Phuket Thailand with my boyfriend back in May over his birthday we spent the day mainly on the main strip of beach followed by a really great local seafood dinner! Although Patong is known as one of the tourist filled areas of Phuket, we didn't encounter a super packed beach or streets at the main street during the time of our visit!

Continue below for our fabulous day at the beach!
Holiday Special: Day 2 in Patong, Phuket Thailand! (May 2016)
My obligatory snap of the boyfriend and his classic 'burrito' wrap sleeping style! He's always the last one up and I literally have a photo, one from every year since 2012 of him like this in different beds on holiday or at home!
A snap of us before we start our second day...before we get our holiday sunburn aka tan! Look at how gnarly my fringe was getting, too long to be one but too short to be a nice side fringe!
The pretty main strip of beach just near by! That's why we always choose to stay near the main beaches!
Lots of motor cycles and plenty of local tuk tuk cars and transport waiting for customers!
Wearing the $4 sunglasses I bought from Bangkok! Sunglasses are so cheap in thailand, if you just want a pair during the holiday just take your pick and don't pay more than $5!
One of the many side street along the main road in Patong! Lots of cafes and restaurants opening up for the day and small businesses!
One of the cafes opened earlier than the others! There is always a selection of 'western' dishes at many of the small eateries along side thai dishes usually. 100 Baht is about $4 Singapore dollars so the prices at these small shops are super affordable!
One of my boyfriend's favorite drink, iced coffee! Coffee in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia is just so much tastier and better than in Singapore. In Singapore our regular coffee tends to be burnt and flat tasting.
We ate at a cafe opposite the one I photographed the signboard of, it was suppose to have great cheap food. The tom yum unfortunately was too sour, just sour and was such a sad tiny portion compared to other places that charged the same.
My pork fried rice however was simple and nice, with a bit of fish sauce it was just nice.
A dish of stir fried beef! Super tasty but a bit tough despite the thin slices!
The resident parrot that sings and talks at our resort! He's housed in a large cage by one of the pools and in the day time sits outside his cage singing and eating!
Me trying to annoy the parrot! I managed to finally give him a light stroke but in an attempt to feed him a seed he tried to bite me suddenly and that was the last I tried to be nice!
The serene sights of Patong beach! It was really nice and quiet at the time of our visit! Going during off season meant lots of space and no crowds!
Patong beach phuket!
A photo of us on Patong beach in phuket! We usually spend one full day at the beach during our beach holidays!
Photos before we get all sweaty, wet and dirty! Yes I wear a gel wing to the beach and some blush! I like looking beat and pretty!
Our traditionally hole digging! We dig a hole on every beach we visit! This one didn't take long and you see that kid in the background? He tried to get into our hole but his parents pulled him away!
Right along the top of the beach are lots of drink vendors, I got an ice blended watermelon drink which is my favorite thing to get when in Thailand! For $3 Singapore you can get a large sized fruit drink!
A gorgeous shot of my man, he has the best profile and always looks much better with a deep tan!
Derpy photo time inside our hole because we are both too capable of such monstrosities with our faces!
Using the kiddy beach bucket set that we bought for $8 at a shop before reaching the beach. I'm always in awe when I see plastic toys and gadgets for children!
Ordering double! We didn't realize that order one of each of the regular cocktails meant we would get the same type for free! It was one for one but we didn't realize to ask if that meant any cocktail for another one and we ended up with 4 glasses between us!
Posing the main pool at the Burasari Resort! This is in front of one of the pool access rooms! I wanted to stay in one initially but I was already paying $100 a night for their standard room which turned out to be absolutely perfect and we didn't use the pool more than twice!
Love being in a pool when the sun is out! The tiles in the pool also made for a gorgeous sight for the eyes!
Photos of inside the Burasari resort as we headed back out for afternoon tea since we had such a late breakfast!
Streets off the main road in Patong! There's so many options besides the local thai food! Lots of authentic indian, middle eastern, chinese and italian eateries run by people from those nationalities!
Trying out a nice looking Indian/middle eastern/thai restaurant! They were quiet during the hot mid afternoon time when we visited but damn we were glad we checked them out!
Our drinks, a plain lassi and an iced coffee! I ended up getting another lassi!
Our delicious mid afternoon meal! A gorgeous garlic naan, a prawn curry and prawn springrolls! The naan was so damn good and so was the curry, filled with juicy fresh prawns and the taste was exquisite! Nothing like the always too salty curries in Singapore!
Just one of the many food items at 7-11 in Thailand! Mini fishballs to add to instant noodles or porridge!
These delicious banana and mango cakes are soft and furry to the touch and cost only about 25 cents Singapore! They have a matching filling of banana, mango or chocolate banana! Just one of the many delicious and cheap cakes and snacks at 7-11!
Our loot from 7-11! A strawberry nata de coco drink, mini fishballs, a banana cake and two flavors of lays chips. Crab and spicy sweet basil! The chips were all so good, I love how there are sooo many flavors of lays chips in Thailand!
At the side of one of the main streets at night this fruit stall pops up! There are lots of small ones during the day but the fruit are usually warm!
A food cart selling sticks of meat, organ parts, hot dogs, fishballs and more! Pick what you want and the lady grills it on charcoal! We got chicken hearts and intestines!
One of the many middle eastern restaurants in Phuket! This one specializes in Egytian cuisine! They all sell a HUGE variety of indian/middle eastern/thai/western dishes but I'd stick to just trying their indian and middle eastern dishes! 
The gorgeous display of fresh seafood outside the restaurant we had dinner at! Mr Good's Seafood!
The gorgeous display of fresh seafood outside the restaurant we had dinner at! Mr Good's Seafood!
The open kitchen in front of the restaurant! The chefs are so busy cooking all the asian dishes on this side and there's another small open kitchen space on the left doing western dishes!
Crab meat fried rice! So delicious, dry, tasty, filled with loads of fresh crab meat! Such a simple dish and they nailed it, the best one we had in Phuket...and we had A LOT of fried rice while there!
Smokey stir fried squid! Recommended by the guy who took our orders, this was delicious! The sauce was a smoked type of local chilli paste and the squid so tender, sweet and cooked just right!
Charcoal grilled prawns! Served with a sweet and spicy dip! Love how all grilled items in Thailand tend to be grilled over charcoal!
Mango and sticky rice! So delicious, tender, sweet, the rice cooked just right served with sweet coconut cream!
The cute back packs in the large supermarket in Patong!
Different types of dried meat flosses! From pork to seafood and crocodile meat too!
Super neon bottle! These GLOWED!
Huge shelves of energry drinks! A pack of ten bottles cost just over $3 SGD, the same cost $1 per bottle cheapest in singapore!
Rilakkuma soap! All over thailand from the supermarkets to 7-11 there are so many things packaged with this character!
Lastly check out these super duper cute fish cakes!! For only a dollar or two you can pick up a tray of these for your hot pot or adding to instant noodles! So cute!

So that was day two of our trip to Phuket earlier in the year! The last time I had been to phuket was before the 2004 tsunami, so it was more than 10 years ago and this was the first time for my boyfriend visiting Phuket! We finally had great food on day two after a disappointing start on day one so you'll be seeing that we end up going back to the Indian place and the seafood place again later in our trip!

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  1. It looks like a fun trip! I'm already planning on going to Thailand with some friends too. And I wanna get some Rilakkuma soap. Haha! I have a friend who's obsessed with the character. :P




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