Monday, 14 November 2016

Food Post: Everything eaten the last few months! (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean bbq)

Collective food post! For more than 6 months I haven't done a food post! My last one was for January of this year so here is a collective food post from then until now! I've kept eating out to a minimum and at the same time this year saw me trying out a lot of new places which has been exciting. If you are a foodie of any degree please go take a look through this glorious food post! The majority of the photos are from meals out and a few from home made meals.

Continue below for the delicious food post!

Everything eaten the last few months! (Pad thai, char siew wanton noodles and rice, spicy chilli chicken, steak and fries)
Super crispy prata with lamb filling!
La mian with sichuan chilli oil!
Wantons with chilli oil and black vinegar!
Chilli and plum sakae mojitos! These were so darn good!
Japanese steak and fries! Unfortunately the steak was a bit tough despite being medium rare and the salt provided wasn't the flaky type so it was very hard to use it on the beef.
Spicy char su ramen with a delicious rich savory miso based broth at Ippudo!
Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream! Served warm with lots of sweet caramel sauce this is so yummy!
A latte and mocha!
Home made pan seared duck leg with mash and a fruit mesclun salad! My boyfriend sous vide the leg for more than a day first with herbs before pan searing!
Quick lunch at home with a spinach pizza, I added sausage, pineapples and mushrooms!
Enjoying a large dim sum lunch with my family at Peach Garden! Har gow, black bean ribs, yam cake, siew mai, chicken feet and braised peanuts! We all had chrysanthemum tea!
Dim sum lunch at Peach Garden! Prawn wantons, vegetable springrolls, carrot cake, yam dumplings! Oh I love my fried items!
Dim sum at Peach Garden! Char siew and prawn chee cheong fan aka rice rolls! This is one of my favorites.
A sumptuous local feast at our food court! We all had char siew and wanton noodles or rice and then shared an extra portion of roast pork belly, roast duck, char siew, kai lan and fried tofu with thai chilli sauce!
A delicious portion of rojak! A local type of salad with raw vegetables like cucumber, turnip, pineapples, beansprouts and with a sauce made from from shrimp paste, chilli, sugar, lime juice, shaved fresh herbs and crushed peanuts!
My favorite type of mince pork udon, the noodles are air flown from Japan and they have the best texture in the world! This is the Atsu Atsu Udon!
Mutton briyani for my boyfriend's lunch!
I had a gorgeous paper dosai with different types of vegetarian curry side dishes!
A delicious bowl of chinese mala stir fry with tofu, pig's organs, mutton, bamboo shoots, prawns, peanuts, beansprouts, lotus root and kang kong! Eaten with hot steaming rice this is so good!
Home made steak and lime coriander prawns with home made paprika chips and salad with roasted plum!
Home made fresh basil pesto with steak and prawns! This meal was so damn delicious! My boyfriend and I seriously love fresh pesto that's more garlicky!
Thai supper at Golden Mile Complex! Crispy salted pork belly appetizer with a spicy sour dressing!
Prawn tom yum soup! Super tasty, spicy, balanced and lots of prawns!
Pineapple fried rice! Unfortunately too wet for our liking!
Red ruby chestnut dessert! Delicious, refreshing, crunchy and sweet!
Green mango salad!
Deep fried chicken intestines! So yummy!
Pad thai noodles! One of my favorites!
Mango and sticky rice and coconut cream! A classic no one should miss!
A delicious dinner at Chinatown! Yang chow fried rice, spicy crispy chilli chicken, beef tripe appetizer and stir fried sprouts!
Creamy broccoli and scallop spaghetti!
The buffet items at the Korean BBQ I'm Kim! Kim bab rolls, roasted sweet potato, crispy chicken wings, ribs, korean soups, salad and more!
The selection of raw meats! Marinated spicy chicken and pork, as well as cuts of pork belly and beef! Our favorites are the spicy chicken and marinated beef!
Round one at I'm Kim BBQ! I took a bit of a few cooked buffet items to try like the wings, jap chae noodles, roasted sweet potato, kim bab and rice cake! Really loved the wings and sweet potatos!
Close up of the delicious stuff! I went back for a bit more of everything! We did a good job and didn't over eat, taking small portions every time!
Our grill full of meats at I'm Kim BBQ! Spicy chicken, beef, pork belly, onion and mushrooms!
A large platter to share with battered snapper, dory, prawns, calamari and onion! Under is a huge bed of fries! I wish there was a bit more boiled vegetables. The four sauces were really nice to have, we couldn't finish the platter and took the fries home!
A pretty cup of cappuccino! Love mine with two sugars!

There you go! The last about six months of food shots from meals I've had out and at home! Hope everyone has been having great meals! Remember always to be balance, don't starve yourself and restrict all the time, we really need to enjoy life while we can. I won't always be able to eat like this but I also got to loose a few pounds! Whoops!

Anything from my photos you'd like to eat?
Coffee or tea after your meals?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. OMG, that plate of Szechuan spicy chicken caught my attention! That's my fave food too, you know? That paper dosai is a killer! I've never seen such a huge one before...... xoxo

  2. Wow, everything in this post has made me hungry. I want everything LOL <3

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