Friday, 4 November 2016

Day out in town: Tanuki Raw for lunch and Paris Baguette!

Bowl of goodness! For the last many months I've been finally adjusting to a more equal work and life balance. No one can really make you understand how to do it, and it's all about trial and error. I'll admit it hasn't been easy and some weeks you feel like you're just waiting for your rest days just to put your feet up and get stuff done that you can't do around your work days. Some weeks back I decided to give a place a shot which I'd been seeing all over local instagrammers feeds and it was pretty much an afternoon along Singapore's much famed shopping street Orchard Road.

The place we went to is known for their Japanese style of rice bowls with different types of meat, I really wanted to try the beef slice and foie gras option which they are known for!

Continue below for our day out in town!
Day out in town: Tanuki Raw for lunch and Paris Baguette!
The menu at Tanuki Raw! Their drinks menu! We just HAD to get a cocktail!
Tanuki Raw, their lunch set menu where their rice bowls are cheaper than at dinner and add ons are available for a few more dollars!
Drink choices for the lunch sets!
Tanuki Raw's a la carte menu! Lots of fun things like spam fries, foie gras donut and different types of rolls and doburis!
There are some counter seats around the bar in Tanuki Raw, I wanted ones of these seats but they were occupied when we got in!
A good mixture of seats and plenty of natural lighting further inside!

Tanuki Raw! I had the lychee & rose and my boyfriend the sake honey cocktail!
I went for the lunch set at Tanuki Raw, the Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku! I loved all the components however the rice was barely even warm and the beef slices were actually cold! This tells me they have been assembling the bowls far too in advance, especially when this came out literally 2 minutes after ordering and we had to wait another 15 minutes for other items.
My boyfriend went for two types of japanese inspired 'tacos' at Tanuki Raw, the Spicy Salmon Herumetto and Duck Confit Herumetto! Both are in crispy seaweed 'shells'.
We ended up at the couple's table on the right in the photo which is part of the area just after the entrance, much more dim than further in but still very cozy.
Dropping by my favorite section in takashimaya and this hello kitty back pack was just so gorgeous! If only it cost less than $80!
A new range of super cute fat bear, seal and penguin plushies!
More super cute plushies in takashimaya! They are always changing and the range of products are always so fun to go through!
Key chains that look like japanese food! They all looked so yummy!
The range of character stationary! My favorite right now is Sumikko gurashi!
A fold out with 6 designs of post it notes! Sumikko gurashi! Oh it's so damn cute!
Sumikko gurashi sitckers! I love these characters and how they look so silly!
The butts of all the big plushies! Oh look at those fluffy round tails!
Later in the afternoon we decided to grab a tea snack at Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria! This outlet is so gorgeous and has so many things on offer!
Seating inside is free seating. There are lots of seats for couples and for groups of 4 or larger. It's really spacious and bright and casual!
We grabbed seats at the bar which was cozy and private as it wasn't very busy when we dropped by.
This entire section is dedicated to croissants and savory sweet breads! Everything looked so pretty! Somethings are affordably priced, others are a bit pricier.
A range of deli sandwiches and premade salads at Paris Baguette!
Gorgeous large sandwiches at Paris Baguette!
The variety of savory and sweet breads! Wraps, fresh made pizza square and loaves!
On the opposite of the breads are the fridges with the cakes, puddings and other beautiful desserts! Many of the slices are somewhat overpriced although they are gorgeous looking, the portions are quite small!
Super pretty fruit tarts! The colors and abundance of fruit make them sooo appealing!
Lots of croissant pastries with custard, cream and fruits!
All that choice! I easily wanted to eat at least 3 items!
My boyfriend had a fruit pastry and I had a maple bacon wrapped egg roll at Paris Baguette!
The roll was frilled with egg mayo and chopped pickles, it went so well with the baked bread and sweet savory bacon. Unfortunately my boyfriend's pastry wasn't as good, the pastry itself wasn't developed properly and wasn't crispy or flaky.
For dinner we have indonesian fried chicken with an extra side of fried tofu and tempe! This is one of our favorite meals!

When was the last time you had a donburi?
Are you a fan of pastries?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Ahhh Paris Baguette I need you in my life!! Look at the
    yummy pastries and cakes c:
    I'm sorry to hear about your foie gras truffle dish that
    was cold. Looked good though.
    xx Ice Pandora

  2. Wow, such a great post, love the pics so much. Have a great day my dear:)

  3. Yummm! I love the cronuts at Paris Baguette! I think many of the franchise differ from each other. The one I go to doesn't have a pick and go for the sandwiches!

    Abby | house of akih

  4. I always enjoy your non beauty post as well! your foodie/travel/shopping posts are always detailed and make me want to visit the place! lol
    I'll be back to Indo in January for good, so I'll visit SG more often I assume. Hopefully we can meet again in 2017 :-)

  5. Ugh, I don't know how people do a work + life balance. I'm just so tired at the end of the work day that I don't want to do anything else besides lay down and stare at a screen all night :|

    Anyways, I'm really intrigued about the concept behind Tanuki Raw! Seeing meats traditionally not seen in Japanese cuisine in here is quite interesting! That Hello Kitty backpack is cute BUT EXPENSIVE AF. And ah man, Paris Baguette. I remember seeing so many stores when I was in Korea, but I don't think I ate there! (Huge fan of pastries in general though--I used to think I hated croissants until I went to London and had the best goddamn croissants ever, and now I'm a CHANGED WOMAN)




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