Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Special: Pink Lolita look for a bold Valentine's day 2014!

Lolita Kawaii for Valentine's! Greeting my beautiful followers! I've been very tired and busy and have been preparing all of my post in advanced so I am really not as free to blog as I may seem! It was about a week ago when I thought it was time to start doing a Valentine's day look, and what started off as wanting to do a simple look ended up into this bold pink and purple look!

I used my beautiful new Sleek Snapshots Palette (my haul here!) for this look, the quality of the color and the textures are just flawless! My look turned out to be bolder than I intended and I ended up making this into a Japanese Lolita doll look!

Continue below for the look!
Have a bold Valentine's day with a super sweet pink and purple Lolita look!
Pink Lolita make up for a bold Valentine's look!
Pink Lolita make up for a bold Valentine's look! The lower lashes and white liner made this look truly 'eye opening'!
Pink Lolita make up for a bold Valentine's look! I used the shades Lotus Flower (shimmery lilac), Magenta Madness (hot matte pink) and Purple Haze (matte purple)!

Products Used: Sleek i-divine Snapshots palette, theBalm highlighter (my review), Maybelline color tattoo (my review), Peripera BB cream (my review), 17 BB powder, Revlon matte shadow (for my brows), Spring heart eyelash glue (clear and black), Canmake highlight (my review), Bourjois blush Rose de Jaspe (my review), YSL volupte lipstick, Maybelline mascara (my review), Kiss me Heroine eyeliner (my review), NYX eyeliner (my review)
A super girly and flirty pair of lashes that wing out!
Add on some outer lower lashes and a good rimming of white eyeliner for high levels of kawaii!
I'm not really a fan but perfect for this lolita look, YSL Rouge Volupte in shade 1 Nude Beige!

Loving the lashes with this look, the pop of pink on the lid is also a nice surprise, a touch of pink on the cheeks and with the nude lip, it very well works together!

Took out this big sequined bow and a hair ban to take super kawaii photos! See how eye opening the lashes are?
Hai...yes I was just taking a bunch of cute photos! I usually never do looks like this but I had to have fun while I was at it!
Love this shot of my look, the purple and pinks are visible and those fluttery false lashes! The tiniest touch of pink on the cheeks and a nude pink lip, this is my version of a sweet pink Lolita!
My newly cut fringe and slightly layered hair by my face really helped with the kawaii factor!

No, I wouldn't call this look a typical romantic or valentine's look but it's something bolder and different! I will be working all this week and until about 11pm every night so I won't get the chance to spend the day doing anything special with the boyfriend although he will be staying over the night itself (so yay!)!

Advanced Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

What make up are you doing for Valentines' day?
Pink or red lipstick?
Let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Ooooo I love the color of your eye makeup! It makes me wanna grab that Sleek palette now. The pink bow is adorable!

  2. You look like a gorgeous little babydoll!! Great makeup look honey :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  3. GORGEOUS ! This is so bold , love this on you ! Good job girl ;)

  4. Kawaii!! :P
    The purple and pink eyeshadow combo is so bright, but really goes well for this look. The lashes are awesome!

  5. Wow, you really look like a doll! The lower false lashes really make the look and that pop of Magenta Madness is so fun and vibrant :) LOVE the YSL lippie too!

  6. I love this! Eyeshadow is so vibrant! (:

  7. This is so pretty! Lolita's one of my favorite books :) I love your eyemakeup and those bottom lashes are so cool. And that YSL lippy is gorge too - great look xo

  8. Doll face! You look so cute! I love that this isn't the typical Valentine's Day look. That eye shadow palette is amazingly pigmented! I want some Sleek shadows now!

  9. Wow lovely eye makeup! The purple and fuchsia
    is a very nice combination and I think you look'
    very cute with that hairbow ^__^ Xx

  10. You look fabulous! I love how purple eyeshadows work with hot pink shade! And your lips are fantastic :)

  11. Gorgeous <3 sooooo cute :)
    love your Look

  12. Wow those bottom lashes are amazing. I love that YSL lipstick shade, the packaging is to die for! xxx

    Gemma //

  13. Aww you look so adorable! I love those lower lashes!

  14. You are too adorable for words, really look like a lil doll :)
    LOVE the makeup look. So vibrant and so pretty :)

  15. Happy Valentine's Day, sweets. Love the way you blended the purple and your pout.

  16. Purple really suits you, you look gorgeous :)

  17. Love love love! Purple is my favorite color XD So vibrant. You look great.

  18. It's so weird to see you branch out and do looks like this, but you still look amazing! (I, on the other hand, would definitely not be able to pull this off, haha)
    I usually hate super pink lipstick, but you pull it off really nicely! c:

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ




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