Tuesday, 25 February 2014

January Empties 2014!

January Empties! Yet another very bountiful month of products being used up! I always feel so full of happiness when I finish up products. I've been really clearing out my products and any back ups or extra products I've bought and stored on the side. 

I plan to use through all of the products I've bought last year this year and will not be buying new products if I already have another that is of the same type. I've been doing very well on this and have bought very few new bodycare/skincare bits these last three months!

Continue below for my empties post!
Herbal Essence (old formulation for weighty and strong hair), Organix macadamia oil conditioner, Biore pore strips, Biore make up wipes, Alcon Opti Free contact solution, Fruity orange lip balm
I absolutely am in love with the old Herbal Essence shampoos and conditioners, the macadamia line in Organix is also a favorite of mine. I will continue to repurchase both!

Biore pore strips, make up wipes and removers are also top notch when it comes to drugstore choices here in Singapore, I've constantly repurchased from them for years!

This small bottle of contact lens solution comes free with my purchase of lenses from my shop and it's super useful for when traveling or bringing around.

This little fruity balm was super slick, moist and very nicely citrus scented, it however leaves your lips a bit orange!

Two combs from the drugstore (many year old now), Diaso silicone scrubber (algae growing on the handle that can't be scrubbed off), NYX Stay Matte but not Flat powder (about 90% finish but now it's too dark for me), Nivea Extra White charcoal foam wash (picked up in Bangkok)
These two very well used combs have been with me for many years. All the combs I own have been from supermarkets or from drugstores and I use them for 2-6 years until they break or become very used. I have washed combs before but I feel like it's time for new combs!

This fine stubbed silicone scrubber is amazing from Diaso but often is sold out. I have had this one for several months and the algae on the back just won't come off so it's time to go!

At first I really loved this powder from NYX, it really has a beautiful finish especially on top of foundation but now it's way too orange and beige for me!

I picked up this mini sized of nivea's whitening charcoal foaming wash in bangkok and it smelled amazing and felt great. I might buy this again!

Rejoice Rich conditioner, Boots fruit essence shampoo, L'oreal anti-frizz shampoo, Diaso brush cleaning detergent, Biore Facial foam for normal skin
Both picked up in Bangkok on holiday last year I love all products from Rejoice and find that their scent just last so long! I wish I could find it in supermarkets here! The fruity essence shampoo is decent but nothing amazing.

This small L'oreal shampoo was what I brought on my holiday with mom and I haven't used hair products from L'oreal for so many years! Surprisingly my hair did very well with this unlike in the past.

Super holy grail product, this detergent from Diaso for make up brushes/tools is the best and is very affordable. It's now been repackaged with a much more girly label!

This super soft, foaming and bouncy face wash lives up to expectations, however it's just a great 'normal' face wash. I used this to wash a lot of my eye make up brushes!

Nivea extra whitening liquid deodorant, 17 Whitening BB powder, angled brush from ebay set, Large skin food eyeshadow brush, Red Earth black khol eyeliner
My favorite and most repurchased liquid roller ball deo, it's in a thick glass tube but it's super easy to use and last for a very long time with a super sweet scent.

This BB powder from the british brand 17 was picked up in Boots in Bangkok and it's super smooth, light feeling and so silky and has great coverage. I was 75% finish with it when I realized that it is too orange for my complexion right now!

I decided to throw out this wonky angled brush as although it could be useful to someone without one I have too many and also this one isn't very good. My large eyeshadow from skinfood was lovely but the brush has been badly dented! 

This eyeliner from Red Earth has an amazing smouldering smokey soft quality but it moves way too much that even using it on the upper lash line and lid I would get crazy smudging.

Overall January was a very motivating month for me in terms of finishing, using and rotating my skincare/hair care products. The only make up items that regularly get thrown out are powders as I use them like crazy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I use a lot of these products too. I need to try the Biore strip. Heard many good things about it.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  2. The amount you finished for January is crazy! It's awesome that you're putting yourself on a ban. :D i need to put myself on one again lol...

  3. How satisfying to finish all these products and to get new combs! =D

  4. wow that's a lot of products you've finished up!
    great post :)

  5. I love that detergent cleanser for brushes! Works a charm on my foundation brushes!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  6. I'm so pleased that Herbal Essences have brought back their old formulation, I much preferred their old one. I definitely need to buy some and stock up, as that is my favourite shampoo xx

  7. wow that's a lot of products you've finished up! How satisfying to finish all these products and to get new combs! I love this post because through this post I knew lot of products and their effect <3 Thanks doll <3 Kisses <3

  8. nice!! that's a lot you finished up!




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