Saturday, 22 February 2014

Food post: January 2014 eats!

Monthly eats for January! I do hope everyone had a delicious January! I didn't eat too much out in January as I'm trying to save up for this year in general. I've already spent a small bomb on a 4 night holiday for next month to Thailand but I got the room at 50% and the tickets at a huge savings too.

However, I'm a person who much rather spend money on the quality of the food going into me than on the bag I'm carrying! So here's all the yummy things I have eaten last month!

Continue below for the yummy post!
Ichiban Boshi: Tuna and tamago sushi, beef rice bowl, tofu with egg roe mayo, stone rice bowl with seafood and a salad with cold tofu! This Japanese franchise has amazing quality and is very affordable!

At home eats: Ketchup ham steak with stuffed mushrooms, stir fried egg plants, pork belly teriryaki, breakfast quiche and omelet!
My lunch at school that my group cooked (chicken cutlet, pesto pasta, cajun prawns), tomato scramble in a baguette, Popiah rolls at my grandma's (wraps with turnip, lettuce, chilli, shrimp, egg)
Delicious and home made wraps at my boyfriends home for dinner! Roasted beef, assorted chopped fresh vegetables (lettuce, peppers, salsa, beans and cheese)
One of my classmates and my own favorite meals at the foodcourt below our school. Grilled Saba and kimchi pork! Cheap, filling and such a great big portion of fish!
One of my most enjoyable meals of the month. MacDonalds meal with my boyfriend! He had the special prosperity beef burger meant for chinese new year and I had the fillet o fish my favorite. I also tried the lycee mc fizz and we shared the curly fries! I swapped my fries for corn instead!

I know I've much less featured in this food post than I used to have in the past but I now tend to take photos of meals that I eat out which is much less and I'm often too tired to take photos when at home and don't have my phone or camera near by!

Have you eaten anything very memorable recently?
How often do you have a fast food meal?
Let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Yum to all of the food! I can't believe you have a double fillet o fish at Maccas, we only have the single here in Australia, I am so jealous!

  2. I love your food posts! Makes me hungry though.
    Those Popiah rolls look so delicious! I want to try those.

  3. Yum to all of the food! I always love your food posts! Makes me hungry....haha.
    Those Popiah rolls look so delicious! I want to try those.




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