Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mini Haul: The Face Shop Christmas Mask set, blue polishes and mug!

Late Christmas haul! Yes, I'm posting a mini haul from Christmas now! In February! My family is a normal chinese family, we don't celebrate or give a crap about Christmas, we were not raised with any values or loves for the occasion, it's just another nice holiday time of the year!

My boyfriend gifted me the Urban Decay Smoked palette and my dad helped to pay for half of my new camera and that's about it. Since my camera was more than $600 I decided I couldn't spend much during the holiday time but did pick up a few simple goodies for myself along with a few neat t-shirts I ordered!

Continue below for the mini haul!
The Face Shop Real Nature Masks gift set!
The Face Shop Real Nature Masks gift set! You get one of each masks in the line! 24 total!
A simple red banner on the box to finish the packaging!
The Face Shop Real Nature Masks gift set!
The Face Shop Real Nature Masks in Honey, Kelp, Blueberry and Green tea!
The Face Shop Real Nature Masks in avocado, aloe, red ginseng and cucumber!
The Face Shop Real Nature Masks in acai berry, mung bean, rice and bamboo!
Ceramic mugs were selling like crazy during Christmas so I had to get this super cute milk mug!
Milk mug for you? I won't be filling it with milk though!
A cute 'menu' of different types of milk drinks you could make!
Four new polishes for the month! My boyfriend encouraged me when I was hesistant about the Revlon ones, they are true to color but only after about 3-4 coats! Same for the Models own, although it's a great over coat. The best of the bunch is the Sally Hansen! Opaque in one coat!

I really can't wait to use the face masks from The Face Shop, I've decided I really need to invest and spend more time with skincare to prevent aging and sun damage now! 

Which face mask would you want to try?
Vegetable or fruit based?
Let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Amazing Haul <3 The face masks are very interesting :)))

  2. we are totally the same!! my fam also doesnt pratice xmas so its just like an ordinary day for us, sometimes we even dont eat out!!! >_<" bdw, i loved the tfs assorted masks pack ;)

  3. Nice haul! love that mask set! And the milk mug is so cute !

  4. Those facemasks look great! There's quite a few there I would love to try.

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  5. Ooooooh the face masks!!! my favorite things :-D
    they look very good and cute packed ^^ the Mug is ├╝ber cute as well!
    sally hansen nail polishes are good, they are one of my fave!

  6. this mini haul looks great. and the milk cup! ahhhh so cute!!

  7. What a cute sweet mini haul ^__^ I've never heard of The
    Face Shop yet but these masks sounds great! I want
    to know which mask you've enjoyed the most c; The
    milk mug is incredible cuuuute! Xx

  8. I've only tried a few Face Shop masks, but I think I only like the Aloe one so far! It smells so good!! + they look so colourful and pretty when all lined up like that!
    ALSO, I WANT THAT MUG! I'm quite the mug hoarder, hah.




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