Saturday, 22 February 2014

Gifts from Mom: Jim Thompson scarf, La tweez brush set and tweezers!

Happy February everyone! I know you're probably hearing this from all youtubers but I can't believe this month is more than half over! 2014, why are you speeding by so quickly, I'm scared! I've got so much to process this year!

Here are some goodies my mother brought back from a short beach resort holiday late last year. She visited some factory outlet stores and also picked me up two goodies onboard.

Continue below for the mini reviews!

Jim Thompson Silk Scarf, La Tweez Brush Set, La Tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers!

A super smooth and nylon feeling silk scarf, this is a very large and long piece that can be wrapped into full length skirts, dresses and folded into half for sarong like uses on the beach! I just love the pink to orange gradient!
La Tweeze Profession Brush Set: At first I was hesitant but on closer inspection these looked really good! I'm always wary of mini brush sets!
Although a tiny kit, it comes with a very varied eye brushes which is  something I was pleasantly surprised by!

Packed inside a soft magnetic snap shut brush roll this is very lightweight and well designed!
The flap to cover the bristle prevents product on the brushes dirtying anything else.
An absolutely adorable kit, they aren't too small and the brushes are very exquisitely made.
Super simple brushes, the bristles are natural hair and I love how all of the handles are labelled. I've since used all of the brushes except for the angled liner and the crease, smudge and eyeshadow brushes are amazing to use!
The only downside is that this soft packaging may allow for other things to dent the brushes inside, otherwise a great buy on board!
Very sharp and precise tweezer, I don't find the light useful though. It's crazily over priced on board, get yours from ebay for under $20!
Gift giving and present buying is not commonly practiced in traditional chinese culture. In my family at least we don't gift give or get presents during birthday. You either go out and buy things together that are meant for you or you are treated to a meal usually. My mother however has the gift giving bone in her and she occasionally buys gifts for friends and family.

I'm going on a beach holiday next month finally with my boyfriend and it's going to be the first we have together. I might bring the silk scarf to use on the beach! I can't wait for lots of good food, hot sun on the beach and pretty photos!

Do you have any holiday plans coming up?
Let me know!

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  1. what fabulous gifts! ^_^ The professional brush set is perfect for travel!

  2. That's sweet of your mother :) The brush set looks adorable and the bristles seem quite soft. I'm sure you'll put them to good use!

  3. oh the scarf is gorgeous! and the brush set is perfect for traveling! :-D
    2014 is definitely going on very fast. it is almost march for God sake!!
    I am going to Holland next week for 3 days, can hardly wait !!




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