Thursday, 27 February 2014

Food post : How I cook Chinese fried rice!

Home made Chinese fried rice! I have yet to meet an asian who was raised in asia who doesn't eat or like fried rice! I'm a giant fan of fried rice and order it everywhere I go just to see how they do it! I love my fried rice with egg, meat and lots of bits of veg! 

Here I show everyone how I make fried rice at home! I use a variety of fresh vegetables and never use frozen peas/carrots/corn! I much prefer having all fresh ingredients. Remember that ingredients can always be substituted and changed to what you prefer!

Continue below for my Chinese fried rice!
My home made Chinese fried rice!
My chosen ingredients: Chinese greens, sliced dried chinese sausages, cubed carrots, cubed mushrooms, sliced mushroom fishballs and sliced fish cakes! (You can always use all types of ingredients, different vegetables and meats like cabbage, onions, long beans, char sui, ham..etc)
I used japanese rice which is naturally stickier, fluffier and softer!
The basic seasoning, light soy sauce, white pepper, salt and vegetable powder, I also often add dashes of fish sauce and drizzles of sesame oil!
First, I stir fried the onions first....
Next I add in the harder types of ingredients that need longer cooking time, the small cubed carrots and sliced chinese sausages!
Next I threw in the sliced fishballs and fish cakes! If you used ham, chicken or char sui this is when you should add it in!
Lastly I added the green veg as it's the fastest to cook! If you're using shredded cabbage put it in during the start. If you have beans sprouts add in also towards the end.
The egg, cooked before the ingredients and added later to the rice. The most important ingredient in chinese fried rice. The mixture added straight into a hot pan with oil!
Quickly mix it up so it is cooked into a scramble that is preferable drier, I think my pan could've a bit hotter!
This is about the texture of the egg that I like to have!
Add in the rice before the egg cooks too much!
Using your cooking spatula, quickly 'chop' the rice down and mix it with the egg so they are evenly mixed. Also toss the pan for even distribution!
Take your ingredients cooked earlier and then add it to the rice and eggs! (I removed this from the pan earlier and put it in a bowl until my eggs and rice was ready)
The ingredients, rice and eggs mixed together! Toss it on high heat for a short while and then add your chosen seasonings! I added in light soy sauce, white pepper and vegetable powder!
Make sure to toss the pan so that the seasoning is evenly distributed, taste the rice and adjust/add seasoning as needed!
This is what my home made chinese fried rice looks like! Plate, serve directly out of the hot pan!
For other versions of chinese fried rice, another version has egg, salted fish and bean sprouts. I also like cubed mushrooms, onion, cabbage and carrots. You can always adjust your ingredients every time you cook to find out what you like best. I also love different types of fishcakes, fish balls and char sui is sometime that everyone loves!

Do you like eating/making Chinese fried rice?
What ingredients are you favorite?
Let me know!

Thank you so much!


  1. YUM! One of my favorite meals growing up! Its so easy and good!

  2. This looks soooooo good. *o* I'm definitely a fried rice fan, but lately I've been in loove with brown rice and it's natural taste and scent! I really like having eggs somewhere in my fried rice too! Haha~

  3. Ohhh so yummy!! I love chinese fried rice but I prefer to have less sticky rice. I always think one day rice or basmati rice makes the best fried rice ^^
    the lap chiong looks so yummy!! I love lap chiong ( chinese sausage ) :-D

  4. I do love Chinese fried rice it was one of my favorite dices when I was a kid :) I especially like beef or chicken but I never had Chinese sausage sadly :)

  5. Love this!! I always order fried rice when I'm eating out to, mainly because I am terrible at making it at home ;-; (aka, it always comes out too wet. Probably needs a longer period on high heat on the stove?)

  6. awesome tutorial! Looks delish! I love fried rice.




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