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Review: Sheene Mascara/ Application Tips! (Photos!)

From my last haul post at Sinma outside Lucky Plaza I'd picked up a mascara by a Thai brand called "Sheene", it carries the usual array of items but I really wanted to check out the "Extra Curl" mascara because of the brush I saw on the tester. It's the bendy/plastic type which I love for separation and I hoped it would give me length/curl/separation for the $7.90 SGD I spent on it! Inexpensive compared to what's found at the pharmacy but it looked promising!

Continue below for before/after photos...

Today's review is..."Sheene Hi-Speed waterproof Mascara!"

Important: I'd like to point out that eye shape, lash type and application are three things that effect how a mascara works on a person. It is not usually possible for a monolided person to have the same effect as a double-lided person.

I have monolid eyes most of the time, they have a tendency to become double lided if I use waterproof mascaras which changes how the mascara looks.When my eyelids are single, less lashes are visible as half are hidden beneath the lid. Otherwise when my lid is double more is visible and it looks like I have longer lashes.

My lash type: Short, fine, slightly curled

This mascara is: Black and waterproof...

In a card board back packaging...not typically found at pharmacies....this was from Lucky Plaza's SINMA

At $7.90 I can't complain about the price but I don't get why it's called "Hi-Speed" mascara...
I only saw 3 of the 4 mascaras in the section..

The mascara comes in an enclosed card board backing which has very useful information on the back. Unlike most mascaras, this one shows you the other brushes available which I liked very much. Besides that there are the usual...ingredients list, instructions, details (waterproof/color)..

When it comes to the tube itself, it's a bit of a bore. The tube is a matte black with the words "Mascara Sheene" in a pink color along with a single eye (I assume with mascara) on the top of the tube. It's just a practical tube, no special functions or designs. However the tube does NOT state what's the name of the mascara or its color.

Very simple tube, they don't state what type it is or the color (curl/volume/thickness/black/brown)...

Very nice brush! I love how the plastic bristles are of different lengths...the wand is slightly hourglass shaped. Reminds me of the BUXOM Lash Mascara...

Sort of similar...just the middle of the brush has shorter pieces...

Honestly the pink and black eye is a bit creepy on the tube...


For an inexpensive mascara the formula and brush worked fairly well together. The brush slid easily out of the tube much like the Kiss Me Heroine mascara brush. Where some brushes are harder to slid out, this one comes out easily with just enough product on the brush for a good coat.

The formula is buildable and is of a medium consistency leaning towards a little thin. It will not give you volume if that's what you seek, however it does it good job at separating and adding extra length and curl to short, fine lashes. 

There is a slight mascara/oil smell but not as strong as the Kiss Me Heroine Mascara/L'oreal double extend mascaras I've already reviewed. 

The brush is of a slight hourglass shape, so the curve mid section fits nicely against your natural lash line. The plastic brush is very bendy and the individual bristles have a rounded edge, not sharp and pokey like some bendy brushes.

I applied two heavy coats and the results are lush but natural looking lashes with more length and curl. I see myself using this daily for more lush natural lashes or as a base for a more volumizing mascara on top.

I do not curl my lashes at all! (I don't own a curler at the moment) 

Note: My eyelids have a tendency to  'become' double with mascara...I DO NOT use glue/tape!)
What my eyes usually look like...asian monolids
Before:  For this review, my lids were already "double" because I'd worn a waterproof mascara the day before and my lids didn't go back to being monolids yet.
Very few lashes visible...a tiny bit on the edge...
View from underneath...lots of fine, short lashes!
 After: (I do not curl/prime my lashes!)

Looks very lush!

Little clumping, good separation!

Application Tips!

When using a bendy brush I tend to have to 'build' up length on the upper half of my lashes and do separation with the tip/base of the brush. Here are some photos to show you how I get the plastic wand to work double time for extra curl!

NOTE: Most people just coat the bottom of the lashes, when appropriate, I like to place the brush on the top of my lashes and twist the brush in a forward 360 degree motion to coat and create extra curl as well as applying from the bottom. (refer to photos)

Important: Not a pretty photo but I always tilt my head back to expose the full length of the lashes (useful for monolids!)...this prevents smudging when applying and I also let the mascara dry with my head tilted back as it ensures my lashes dry curled and won't smudge when I blink afterwards.
It's not clear but the brush is not 'under' my lashes, it's 'behind'/ 'on top' of them where my lid is...I twist forward and this coats the lashes from the top and curls them!

I also just go over the tips of my lashes for length...I also use the tip of the brush with a 'painting' motion on just the lash tips for extra length!

Only going over the tips...

This better illustrates what I coat the outer lashes properly, I place the brush "behind" my lashes and twist the brush forward...I do the same to the rest of the lashes for extra curl. Yes, it smudges the lid sometimes but I just an ear bud to clean the mascara away!

Sorry, I didn't have a clear photo! Here I'm using the tip of the brush to coat the inner corners, as well as separating the little ones...

Rolling the brush on the lower lash line for a light coat , I don't usually wear mascara on the bottom...
Before and After! 
Here are the photos side-by side, no tape/glue was used. Because my eyelids were already double, there is more length visible due to more lashes visible. They look quite naturally lush without the clumps!

From underneath, you can see how the formula gave a medium volume to my lashes. I like the separation and defined look. However, a lot of mascara was deposited on the upper lash line, although it doesn't bother me, I will use a ear bud and gentle remove the excess.

 Results: Defined and separated lashes with curl and length. They are soft and not stiff like other waterproof formulas. No flaking or smudging throughout a normal day. I would also use this as a base for a thicker mascara on top.

BOLD things are the ones that matter most to me.

  • Definition some curl
  • good separation
  • slight/light smell
  • Inexpensive
  • Great brush
  • Comes off easily with oil-base remover

  • Found at Sinma (not everywhere!)
  • Tube lacks basic info/creepy eye
  • NOT longwearing, tends to rub off easily if touched
  • Only comes off with oil-based make up remover  

Paid: $7.90 SGD ($ 6.50 USD) Very affordable!

Repurchase: Yes! (But not at the moment! I've got too many to finish)

Recommend: Yes!

Bottom Line: I'd use this as a lighter daily mascara when I'm not usually craving for volume or a lot of length. It gives great definition and is inexpensive, what more could I ask more? I really like the brush too, it's easy to work with and there is no need to remove excess mascara from the brush before using.

I'd recommend this for asian eyed girls with short, fine lashes! It gives length and definition, curl if your lashes are already a bit curled. This will not give lots of volume but if your lashes are like mine or sparser...I'd go with definition/length to avoid messy clumps on our small lids!

Overall I’ve give this product a 3.5/5! 
Cost: $ (Out of 5) 
Product Quality: 4/5 
Packaging: 2.5/5
Application: 4/5

Feel free to leave me comments and questions! 


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