Monday, 11 July 2011

Haul for June @ Tangs, F21, swarovski!

Hello again! After a week of constant going out for medical tests and random shopping along the way I've got time to post up hauls and things from the last three weeks! 

Things featured:
  • 2 men's graphic t-shirts from F 21
  • 3 necklaces from F21
  • 1 pair of loafers from Studio Tangs
  • 1 PVC bag from Studio Tangs

Forever 21 is sort of new in Singapore, it's been here for more than a year. It's considered 'fast fashion' I'd say, with pieces reflecting elements of what's 'in'. In Singapore F21 is considered quite 'cheap' compared to regular departmental store clothes. Most pieces sell at $21, $25, $33, $35 SGD (approx. 17, 20, 27, 29 USD) with jewelry at $5 and above, shoes from $20 and above and bags from $15 and above. 

Personally I don't see myself buying shoes from them, they don't seem to be of quality. I love the cheap and vast range of jewelry and so does my mom. Clothing wise, I wouldn't buy many things, some feel too thin and the size range is a bit limited (S-L). Although F21 is one of the shops in Singapore that carries an L size big enough for ladies of 12-18 UK depending on the material and cut.
Forever 21 only came to Singapore just more than a year ago. The standard yellow plastic bag!

Garfield and all things nostalgic and known! (the beatles, pacman, game boy, play station, vinyl discs, cassette tapes! ahhh!)

Mens! Yes! The line at the ladies was at least 30 people long! I checked out the t-shirts and knew what I wanted!

At $33, it's almost double the price of $16.90 USD! It's worth it, since I love t-shirts!

A multi colored beaded necklace...$11 SGD, for mom

Lots of strands of grey beads with two bundles of chunkier pieces...$15 SGD
Pretty, pretty beads...goes well with a lot of things mom wears.

Just a pair of pink plastic sunglasses on a metal chain...$5 SGD

That's the price in USD and it's Made in China! Not surprising!
Tangs Bag...brown and orange...a combination that seems to work...

Lovely new comfy and 50% off! It was $99 before! Things in S'pore are not cheap!

New bag! Smells a bit funky but am looking forward to using it!

Handles for holding at the elbow, or they can be hidden nicely...

Many separate sections inside...

Swarovski crystal necklace, one of the bigger pendants and longer strings (which I prefer)...It's duo colored, more blue on one side and more yellow on the other.

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