Monday, 18 July 2011

Crush! Better than Cherry Faster shipping to Asia-pacific!

While browsing for make up (as usual) I came across a fabulous site! It's a lot like Cherry, famous for lots of 'cheaper' and drugstore type make up brands found in the States...However I think Crush is better! (I haven't ordered anything yet but it's promising!)

It's an Aussie based site and sells lots more interesting and I believe quality make up brands such as
Lime Crime lipsticks are available on!

  • Ardell
  • Barry M
  • Lime Crime
  • China Glaze
  • NYX
  • Eyeko
  • Elf
  • Brush Gaurd
  • Wet n Wild
  • Z-palette

They don't carry as many brands as Cherry Culture but looking at those names...I'm far more interested than at the cheaper but wider range of things on

Crush Cosmetics: ( these charts were taken from their website here)

Asia-Pacific Region 3-5 Working days
All other Regions 3-7 Working days

Asia-Pacific Region 0-250 grams 250-500 grams 500gms-1 Kg 1Kg-1.2Kg
$9.50 USD $14.40 USD $18.50 USD $22.80 USD
America, Middle East, Madagascar and Mauritius 0-250 grams 250-500 grams 500gms-1 Kg 1Kg-1.2Kg
$10.65 USD $16.10 USD $21.80 USD $27.70 USD

 There is no mention of tracking on your orders on crushcosmetics (not that I read, could have missed it).

Cherry Culture: (taken from their site, here)

Delivery Option Delivery Cost Tracking Weight Total Delivery Time
USPS 1st Class Intl Mail starting at $8.95 No up to 4 lbs 8 - 17 days
USPS Intl Priority Mail starting at $28.95 Yes - 6 - 12 days
FedEx Intl Economy starting at $18.95 Yes - 4 - 8 days
FedEx Intl Priority starting at $24.95 Yes - 3 - 6 days

This is for international shipping outside the USA (not including Mexico and cananda, it's different)

Their delivery is far more expensive if you opt for tracking.

When they say 'starting', that means your delivery cost will depend on how heavy your order is...I've seen a person who ordered $60 SGD worth of products but they were all from 'cheaper' brands on Cherryculture and were a huge savings...unfortunately she paid the same amount again for shipping because it was heavy.

I don't mind if my products aren't tracked but I'm sure it's at least registered from Crush cosmetics...I'd rather spend my money on the brands featured on Crushcosmetics than on most of those on Cherryculture. 

Now I know where to try out some Barry M Instant nail effects or 'shatter' nail polish and Lime Crime Lipsticks!

Fans of bold and unusual colored lippies might want to try out Lime Crime! All photos are from the Lime Crime website, here!

Centrifuchsia...A color I'd wear! Sold out on crushcosmetics!
No She Didn't...pretty bold, what'd I wear that with?

In Countessa Flourescent! It's sold out on Lime crime!

Retrofuturist...brillant red...
Airborne Unicorn, looking very wearable on darker skin...
Coquette...wonderful nude...

My Beautiful Rocket...really true orange for those who dare!
Coquette...looking beautifully opaque on much darker skin!

Look at that packaging! I'm sure any girl can find a color to rock from their collection!

It's almost become a preview about Lime Crime Lipsticks! Pardon me! I got really excited...although I won't be buying much new things for a while!

Other things available at crush cosmetics: (Photos belong to Crushcosmetics!)

Wet n Wild Color Icon Shadow palettes!

Eyeko Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen!

Milani Mineral Blush!

Z palettes! Big and small sizes!

Barry M Lip Laquer Crayons! Lovin' the Party Pink shade!

Any thoughts? Tried ordering through Crushcosmetics? Cherryculture? Tried Lime Crime? Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments and questions!


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