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Rave Review: For Strange Women@ / Absinthe Lipbalm! (photos!)

Jill McKeever is the artiste and creator behind her products and brand name "For Strange Women". Her online shop is found on an amazing site called "". This site sells handmade/vintage/supplies and has a lot of people like her making home made make up, soaps, lip balms and beauty products. 

I bought her "absinthe lips" lipbalm in a tin for about $10 USD ($4 worth of shipping to S'pore)

NOTE: This product does not contain actual Absinthe, it is only flavored to be like Absinthe.

You can find her shop at "" on 'shop' and then check out her amazing products! She is located in Kansas city in the United States.

She sells home made, all natural bath salts, solid perfume, natural oil perfume, lip balms (she calls them 'lip embellishments') and beautiful gift sets.

I was very tempted to try out her natural perfume oils but decided not to splurge as they are $28 USD a bottle without shipping. She has more than 6000 buyers that have given positive feedback and I was not surprised.

This review is on..."Absinthe Lips- Lipbalm in a tin" 

She photographs and describes her products with great care, the photos look like they belong in an vogue editorial. Everything looks professional, beautiful, elegant and fit for 'strange' women.

On her shop on etsy, it reads...

" For Strange Women is a collection of 100% natural artisan perfume and other concoctions fragranced with pure botanical essences. Victorian styles combine with the serenity of the deep forest to create sensory connections to nature as well as the past. All of my creations are made from scratch using the finest quality natural materials sourced from around the world (organic and sustainably wild-crafted).

The strange concepts, original recipes, and eco-friendly packaging make For Strange Women a one of a kind experience. I hope you love these as much as I love making them for you."

 Note: I purchased this online through her shop on etsy and paid by credit card through pay pal. It came in a bubble wrap lined envelope through airmail and arrived in only one week!

The lip balm is accompanied with her business card...a lovely photograph of herself on the front.

The back of her card...

Size comparison in my hand...Lovely simple design with an absinthe sugar spoon...

Metal tin, the top slides off and on...


The lipbalm tin is very elegantly designed. I like the top as it's quite attention seeking but in a subtle way. The green absinthe sugar spoon is also a nice touch to the tin. I believe this container is very practical in order to hold 7 grams, this lip balm also comes in a normal twist-up tube but I knew I wanted more! The tin is conveniently small for bringing around and I don't need to worry about losing a cap because the top clicks close into place.

There were some dried crushed rose petals inside the envelope but it didn't really go with the bubble wrap lining (lol). I've seen how beautiful she packs her gift sets and after reading feedback I can say she puts in effort to packaging and design. I like how she included her card.

All natural ingredients used to make this lip balm as listed...

When in contact with the fingers, the lipbalm melts into a beautiful thin oil consistency perfect for dry lips or for lips craving this delicious lip balm!


Read below for info on Absinthe! I've never tried real absinthe and her description of the taste and smell if that it's almost exactly like a concoction of "Ouzo, Sambuca, Pastis, and black licorice"...for ya'll who don't know, I LOVE black me that's the smell of Aniseed...for us asians who know what Aniseed smells like in our cooking...that's the sweet/herbal smell that the lipbalm smells like but it's light smelling.

The color is slightly yellow/green but is colorless when applied. The texture of the lipbalm is perfect! It melts when in contact with fingers into a light oil-like texture that smooths and soothes onto chapped lips very well. Even onto regular lips, the balm makes them glisten.

The smell is stronger than the taste as there is a very light sweet taste, I am absolutely in love with this product as recently I have almost finished my "aniseed humbug" candies from australia... 
(so sad!!)

If you are some one who enjoys light herbally smells/taste and Aniseed or Licorice...this if for you!

At 7 grams, it's quite a lot of product, but at the rate of how yummy it might not last as long as intended!

 What is Absinthe?

Absinthe is distilled and highly alcoholic beverage. The flavor comes from anise (from aniseed), sweet fennel and other natural flowers/leaves. It originated in Switzerland and became popular in the  late 19th century and early 20th in France.

However it has been portrayed as a highly addicted Pyshcoactive drug (causing hallucinations) and was banned in the 1915 in europe and the US. However the ban was lifted in Europe in the 1990s when tests showed that it was as potent as other regular alcoholic drinks.

It was only in 2007 that a company in the US was given the green light to import, sell/serve Absinthe.

Absinthe sugar spoons for dripping sugar into the absinthe...
Absinthe without sugar...

Paid: about $10 USD (with shipping/ very worth it for the unique product!)

Repurchase: Yes! (and soon, because I really must stock up on this!)
Recommend: Yes!

Bottom Line: For anyone who LOVES aniseed flavour/smell or Black Licorice. If you are looking for a unique lip balm and don't mind paying for it online through her shop.

Overall I’ve give this product a 5/5! 

Feel free to leave me comments and questions! 


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