Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Rave Review: Addiction Blush in Romantic 15!

Blush Mix on the cheeks! For many outside of Japan, the brand Addiction is not very accessible. It's avalible online only for those residing outside the country and I had the help of my best friend two year ago now to send me some goodies. I HAD to get a blush and I ended up choosing this iredescent mid-tone pink which I'm super glad I picked out.

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Addiction Blush in Romantic 15!
Addiction Blush in Romantic 15!
Addiction Blush in Romantic 15!
Addiction Blush in Romantic 15!
Addiction Blush in Romantic 15!

Addiction Blush in Romantic 15!
Packaging & Product!

The packaging of Addiction's products are sleek, black and simple. They very much have that air of premium make up like how NARS and MAC have with their all black packaging. I very much appreciate the shiney light plastic finish which doesn't retain any smudges or finger prints.

This blush is a gem for those who love their blushes shimmery and glowy. It has a mid-tone peony pink shade which would be flattering universally. This blush has a beautiful silvery undertone aside from the super fine shimmery/iridescent finish which I'm a sucker for. Wearing this, there is really no need to wear any kind of highlight due to the great sheen it already has.

The two downsides to this blush is that firstly it's not very pigmented. With one tap of a brush this blush doesn't deposit enough color for my liking onto one cheek so I tend to go back for more. Also the wear time for this blush isn't very long and it fades quite quickly worn on top of my regular powder foundation.

Addiction Blush in Romantic 15!
The full haul of Addiction products I have, check out my review of the eyeshadow here and the lip/cheek stick here!
My bare cheeks wearing tinted moisturizer and powder foundation!
Wearing Addiction Blush in Romantic 15, check out that glow!
My full face using all Addiction by Ayako products!
Paid: 3,024 Japanese Yen or $40SGD or $29 USD 

(This is gifted to me from my best friend, the price is from their website)

Recommend: Yes, for those who are able to get their hands on Addiction products, I totally recommend this blush especially if you have a soft spot for shimmery shades.

Repurchase: Yes, if I have the chance to get more from Addiction I would love to get their trio blush which my friend has and love!

Bottom line: For those who love a strong sheen and a flirty girly shade this blush is perfection! 

Do you have any products from Addiction by Ayako?
Are you a glowy blush fiend too?
Let me know!

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Thank you!


  1. It looks like a nice color. Too bad it doesn't have a long wear time.

  2. This blush makes your face glow. Looks totally amazing!

  3. What a pretty color! I love how it gives you face such an incredible glow!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  4. I love the shade! I'd like to try products from Addiction. :)

  5. Your cheeks looks so rosy with this blush, totally love it! and I really like the packaging ~

  6. The finish is so incredible! xx

    Coco | The Beauty Milk




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