Monday, 27 April 2015

Rave Review: Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara!

Super Waterproof! Today I bring everyone a holy grail of mine for now the 4th year in a row. My holy grail mascara in the past was Kiss Me Heroine's mascaras (both curl and volume versions) in waterproof (they only sold waterproof). However as of the last few years the original waterproof version has been discontinued in Singapore and now we only have this 'Super waterproof' version for both lengthening and volumizing versions of their mascara! Luckily they are just as amazing! 

I've already reviewed the Volume & Curl Super Waterproof version (see the review here) and it's holy grail alright. However the good news is that this one is just as fabulous so at the end of the day it's just up to the brush shape you prefer!

NOTICE: To all my dear followers and friends of my blog, I have been away on a holiday the last week and hence the lack of me visiting your blogs and replying to questions! All will resume when I am back in Singapore in the next few days! Thanks so much everyone!

Continue below for the review and before/after!

Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara!
Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara! You get a curved brush with short and dense bristles with this version!
Older versions of this mascara! Kiss me heroine mascaras have only been sold in waterproof black and in the 'long' and 'volume' versions. Packaging in 2011 (left) and in 2013 (right)
Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara! Now this is only available in 'super waterproof' which I find to be exactly as waterproof if not more than their original 'waterproof'!
Out of both version of their mascara, I have a preference for this one due to the curved brush shape. It's perfect for small asian lids and tiny lashes!
Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara!
Packaging & Product!

This is my 5th review of this mascara! The first one was for their original waterproof in the maroon and gold tube, the 2nd and 3rd were on their waterproof version in the newer pink tubes and the 4th and now the 5th are of this newest 'super waterproof' versions which are the only ones available now! Out of all the three designs of their tubes I really loved the pink version and this one comes in second. I wish they had kept the pink tube color but together with the new labeling. Overall the exterior packaging of this brand's mascara is quite excessive in terms of size and material however it really exudes the super girly french doll inspired look which I do really like.

There's nothing much for me to say about the design of the tube which I'm okay with, nothing amazing but really sleek and simple. On to the mascara....! This version the 'long' and curl is just as good if not better than the 'volume' and curl which is the other one sold with a conical brush. I honestly feel like both mascaras (and I have purchased both versions again and again) are the same, it's just down to which brush you prefer to use!

Expect a more wet formula when the mascara is brand new. I will always run my brush down the inside of the opening of the tube to remove excess product before application. After about 3 weeks of regular use the mascara will dry out enough that I won't need to remove excess. I find that the bristles and shape of this curved brush works perfectly with this formula. The product is Filled with bits of fiber which attaches to the lashes very naturally, almost not visible or ever obvious.

Before- My bare lashes! Naturally curled but very short!
After- Wearing Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara! Intense volume, length and great definition! For my lashes, this is the best it gets! Diorshow and MUFE smokey lash doesn't come close in results on my eyes!
I like applying this mascara in one coat or two thin ones to achieve the most length and volume at the base. I also love applying mascara in 'parts' of my lashes, such as just focusing on the tips or roots and not brushing against all of my lashes. This works best for me. Be warned that this formula is not just waterproof, it's so waterproof that I've gone swimming, under water in the sea and it will still be on. You definitely need an oil based remover to get this off easily. Although due to how waterproof it is, curled lashes will stay that way all day, you will experience no flaking or smudging. EVER.

Before- My bare lashes! Pretty much invisible!
After- Wearing Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara!
Paid: $21.90 SGD or about $17 USD  (purchased at Sasa, also found at John Little)

(This is only $2-3 SGD more than maybelline/l'oreal mascaras here so I much rather buy Japanese mascaras)

Recommend: YES. Given that you are okay with a super badass waterproof formula, if you have small asian lids and tiny lashes this could be life changing. Or it could make your already decent lashes looks false without actual fake lashes!

Repurchase: YES. I have repurchased this now for the 4th year, at least 2-3 tubes a year, all of which I completely use up. I can't live without having at least one tube of this in my collection.

Bottom line: Pretty much the best mascara I've tried for my type of lashes and eyelids. I've tried so many mascaras but ever since having this for the last years I don't want to ever buy any new mascaras as nothing ever is as good let alone better than this!

What's your holy grail mascara you can't live without?
Are you a fan of waterproof/fiber mascaras?
Let me know!

NOTICE: To all my dear followers and friends of my blog, I have been away on a holiday the last week and hence the lack of me visiting your blogs and replying to questions! All will resume when I am back in Singapore in the next few days! Thanks so much everyone!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Aah it looks so good! Definitely makes your lashes look thicker and curly! I've had this for so long but haven't opened it. I've been waiting till I finished some of my other mascaras - which I finally have! I'll be opening it soon and can't wait to finally be using it!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. This mascara looks really effective, it doesn't clump your lashes and gives a nice volume and length too. Would love to try it out if I get it in India. I need a mascara in my life that can give some length to my thin and flat lashes. Happy Monday dear <3

  3. oh i never knew that they have the super waterproof version!
    i just bought another long & curl mascara for stocking at home but the original version one :D

    where are you now? Hope you have a nice holiday ^^

  4. Your lashes look super defined! I miss Sasa! Love shopping there when I went back to Hong Kong

    Macarons and Mischief

  5. This looks amazing! I've always heard great things about the Long & Curl mascara but never bought it. It costs more than my HG mascaras at the drugstore and so I don't think I'll be buying this, but I will always wish for it hahahaha

  6. A friend of mine told me about these! Will for sure buy some in the future!

  7. Japanese waterproof mascaras do amazing things to my lashes :) These look awesome!

  8. I just repurchased this mascara from eBay few weeks ago! it is one of my fave mascara as well esp for the bottom lashes ^^
    the pen eye liner from the same brand is amazing too, it is so long lasting as well as smudge and water proof !
    I don't really have any HG Mascara as I am always wearing false eye lashes now, even on daily basis, so I don't really need mascara that lengthens or gives my lashes any volume, I just need one that is smudge and waterproof hehe.

  9. The before and after pictures look impressive! I have an KMH liquid eyeliner pen which I love a lot, too. I should start to try more products from this brand!

  10. I would love to try this ~ I have tried so many mascaras from highend to drugstore, non really seem to curl for a long time and the ones that do keep the curls, smudges after away. The name super waterproof sounds a bit too good to be true for my lashes hahah :x so jealous you have naturally curled lashes!

  11. I bought the pink version from Tokyo and my review is going up really soon! I have the exact same thought as you: amazing, but hard to remove. Amazing > hard to remove though haha!

  12. hey sweety! hope you had an amazing holiday:-)
    this product looks really good, the before and after pics are just amazing... you can clearly see a difference!

    lots of love xx

  13. I think I've used a different one from the same brand, but I was floored how long lasting and effective it was! Lucky that you have an easier access to them. I often just end up buying drugstore mascara rather than ordering from eBay. ;-/

  14. Hi Sharlynn,

    You are right! I can really see the difference!!!

    I hope that you have an amazing holiday :D


  15. Omgosh Sharlynn! This is the mascara that I'm currently using too, I picked it up in HK when I was there in Jan and i just opened it 2 weeks ago and I'm absolutely loving it. I haven't found a mascara I like for ages now. I find that this does a great job of lengthening but I've been pairing it with a Maxfactor mascara for volumnising and the results are awesome! I used to use mascaras from this brand when the packaging was pink too but strayed and now I'm glad to be using it again

    ChloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

  16. I love their mascaras!! I'm using the pink one right now and it can really stay on the whole day (and night). :D :D :D




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