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Holiday Special: Day 1 in Patong, Phuket Thailand! (May 2016)

Awesome first day in Patong Phuket! No guys, I'm not on holiday right now, this gorgeous holiday to Phuket, Thailand was from back in May for my boyfriend's birthday and was an advanced treat ahead of our 4 year anniversary which is in June. So I basically have two types of holidays I love, visiting busy cities or beach side towns! The last time I was in Phuket was a few years before the tsunami in 2004 when I was a child. I decided on staying in the much popular Patong area which is about half way down the west coast of Phuket Island.

On our first evening we checked into our gorgeous resort hotel which was a short walking distance to the main street. We headed straight to have a local dinner, check out the area around and we finished the night with cocktails and some minimart shopping!

Continue below to see our first day!
Day 1 in Patong, Phuket Thailand! (May 2016)
Our gorgeous $100 SGD a night bedroom at the Burasari Resort in Patong! The room was gorgeous! Bright, modern, with great interior touches, the beg was great, the amenities were plenty and the air conditioning was strong!
The bathroom in the Burasari Resort! Lots of towels, drinking water, refillable toiletries that came in a cute baggie!
Our room in the Burasari Resort! Loved the patch work type message board we had with magnets and hotel information as well as the shelving just below the television! There was also a mini fridge with a freezer which is a huge plus!
In the first drawer all these items are replenished everyday is you use them! It's so nice to all cups, teaspoons and even a small glass teapot! The fridge had sodas, beers, and even other snacks all which were free and replenished daily!
Love the touches of bright color and modern interior design!
The closet had nice silky robes, solid rubber slippers and a safe!
The outside of the rooms at the Burasari. You have a cute hanger with a selection of captions like, "I'm on my dream holiday", "You really don't want to be in here right now"...etc!
On the way out of the Burasari Resort! The design of the entire place was gorgeous, the rooms are spread out, there are lots of walk ways and two pools and design for lots of natural light during the day everywhere!
The outdoors of the restaurant, there was also an indoor area. We didn't have breakfast included and we didn't have any meals at the restaurant as there was so much good cheap food around we didn't bother.
The bar! A completely open aired area with sofas, two mac desktops and lots of tall tables and chairs, just next to the outdoors of the restaurant.
The large square pool! There were two pools at the Burasari Resort which is great however there are NOT enough chairs for the amount of guests who want or need one!
The pool bar! Part of the second pool comes right up the bar so you can be in the pool ordering drinks. Behind are some seats and two pool tables as well!
The waiting lobby area when you first arrive, this is just behind the two opposite check in counters and right behind those large doors is the first pool! There are also bedrooms with direct pool access as well on the first floor around the pool.
The outside of the Burasari! The only thing that could have made it better was if there was an enclosed or cooler check in/out area which would have made it a lot more comfortable as guests and staff have to endure the humid hot weather!
Out on the streets in Patong Thailand! Lots of traffic and plenty of shop houses!
There's no lack of eateries, local food and souvenir types of shops. A bit repetitive but that's what a beach town is like!
Inside of one many beauty shops filled with skincare! mostly whitening and moisturizing products! There were so many shops selling pillows, skincare and dried fruits together...a bit strange but it made sense!
After a 10-12 minute walk we reached the big shopping mall complex in Patong! There were plenty of franchise eateries and boutiques but the exciting thing was the large supermarket on the first floor!
The basement of the mall had a food court but it was never busy with some stalls preparing food in advance just sitting on the counter. There were also lots of carts in an open market style fashion selling their wares outside the food court area.
The colorful spacious food court with lots of asian food options and thai favorites! The problem was that due to the slow flow of people, some of the stalls had prepared even fried items on plates waiting for orders to give out which I would not be happy to have.
Our first bite of local food! Thai iced coffee, iced milk tea and sticky rice and mango for our afternoon tea!
For dinner we headed to an open air restaurant that I read good reviews about! The cockles were so fresh they were squirting water everywhere!
Lots of giant prawns of different varieties!
Flower crabs and even conch shellfish!
Local thai lobster! That big blue head was the restaurant's prize lobster! It was a monster and was 4 times bigger than all the others!
A big basin with live flower crabs! These are so easy to eat and the meat tends to be super sweet!
Another basin with my favorite slipper prawns! There babies are sooo delicious. I haven't eaten them in years but would love to! The meat is so chewy and sweet and these are gorgeous just deep fried with garlic!
The front of the restaurant! It's called 99 Seafood Restaurant and the funny thing is that there were other places with similar name just different numbers around Patong!
The menu at 99 Seafood Restaurant! And there is my boyfriend always pulling faces in my backgrounds! I told him I was using the photo!
Pineapple fried rice! It was yummy but was a bit too wet!
Unfortunately the mango salad was way too salty! The chef forgot about the sugar in the dressing but luckily we fixed this with sugar and it was perfect!
Delicious springrolls! The dressing which usually is sweet and sticky was salty! The sugar and salt must have been mixed up in the kitchen! So we just didn't use the sauce.
The gorgeous grilled prawns to perfection! With a squeeze of lime and yum!
Our first dinner in Patong Phuket!
All along the main street in Patong there are sooo many places to eat at! Lots of restaurants, cafes and food courts like this one where you can get pretty much the same huge variety which is offered at restaurants!
There is a surprisingly large number of shops selling these plushies, pillows and skincare! They weren't cheap at about $30-$40 a piece!
A crepe truck! So many of these in phuket, all selling made to order pancakes! I got mine with chocolate and banana!
Chocolate banana pancake with a drizzle of chocolate and condensed milk! It's the soft western type of crepe and not the flaky crunchy indian prata type of pancake you can get in bangkok.
Getting cocktails at an Irish Pub just two doors down from our resort! My boyfriend had a White Russian and I went for a Pina Colada!
Need cotton pads in collaboration with Rilakkuma? 7-11 in Thailand has it!
The crazy awesome range of beauty and wellness products sold at even the smallest 7-11 shops!
Rilakkuma lemon biscuits? There were so many strange things like strawberry potato chips amongst other unconventional flavors of snacks.
All the glorious pre-made meals! From asian favorites to sandwhiches, burgers, pasta, dim sum, local delights like fishballs, curries, noodles and loads of desserts in cups!
See what I mean! This is the typical selection of premade foods at the 7-11 in thailand! Sausages, hams and lots of premade items like pizzas and more! You could easily have a feast from the items here!
So many sandwiches, cakes and delicious bakery items! I would be happy to have a quarter of these items in Singapore's 7-11!
Instant porridge and flavored ridged chips! Everything was so damn good. The instant porridge had such a rice meaty flavor and the taste of ginger was obvious and great!
That was our first day on holiday in Patong Phuket! It's always so fun to be in Thailand, it's the country I've visited the most and will continue visiting. Food is delicious and aplenty, lots of interesting things, friendly people and it's a breeze to get around without being part of a tour!

When was the last time you visited Thailand?
Have you been to Phuket before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Nice price for such a decent hotel! Gosh, you're making my knees weak with those prawns! Yummy! Enjoy your vacation, dear! xoxo

  2. That artwork in your resort room is very...scandalous LOL. The design of the restaurant and lobby area is really pretty, and stores that sold pillows, skincare and dried fruits??? WTFLOL. WHY PILLOWS?? HOW AM I GOING TO PACK A PILLOW HOME? Your boyfriend makes the best ugly faces, and I love it when they put pineapple fried rice in actual pineapples. (Not a fan of fried rice on the wetter side though)

    I *think* I've been to Phuket before, but like you, I was really young when I went (~10 years ago), but I REALLY NEED TO GO BACK TO THAILAND

  3. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!





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