Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Special: Year End Collective Haul! (New Look, Charles & Keith, Laniege, Threadless, Addiction cosmetics)

My year end collective haul! Hey ladies! Hope December has been a fruitful month for everyone! So many people are busy traveling to be with their friends and family and some are only just done with celebrating Christmas! I know December is a big deal to many people but for most of us in South East Asia or at least in Singapore, Christmas isn't celebrated like in Europe with more religious/traditional meaning but more because it's something internationally recognized and an event everyone can make money from!

If you ask me what I like about December/Christmas, I'll honestly tell you I love this time of year because of the food and tons of sales! I've been purchasing and hauling lots of bits and bobs the last two months or so and here is my big fat collective haul to end the year with!

Continue below for the details of my haul!
Special: Year End Collective Haul! (New Look, Charles & Keith, Laniege,, Addiction cosmetics)
A lovely bunch of gifts to send to my best friend now residing in Japan! We both sent each other packages! I picked out all the make up she sent me but she picked out the hot pink wallet I got her! She was in need of brushes, a bronzer and lipglosses. Everything else I thought I'd get for her as she doesn't buy make up as often as I do! The pack of orange wrapped candy is a Filipino candy she loves as she's half Filipino!
Two simple but beautiful sequined tops from Forever 21! The one of the left has a gorgeous greenish-bluish grey duochrome color...these fit loosely and I had to get a larger size to fit my larger chest. I wish these had a large chest area and a deeper V as it's quite high up.
The sequins up close! They don't overlap so the layer doesn't make the top too heavy, the back of the tops are of an opaque without any sequins, I really like this, so your top doesn't get caught on anything!

From Cotton On, a super simple, super cute cropped navy striped top! This would be perfect for the beach or if you've got the slender tummy to show off this would be great with high waisted bottoms!
A stretchy pair of black jeans and a non-stretchy slightly distressed pair! Both from New Look!
See that gorgeous color, I love love the darkness around the top and the slight distressing...I don't have any pairs like this and actually rarely wear long pants/jeans in Singapore! Can't wait to wear these!
If you need a pair that stretches and fits very comfortably no matter your size or fat rolls, make sure your jeans have Polyester or Elasthane or both...otherwise anything with more than 95% cotton will pretty much be non-stretchy.
THIS DRESS. I saw it from meters away and knew right away I wanted it and had to have it! It has the most beautiful waterfall metallic look and is so super soft and feminine! I love the simple design too!
This is what you actually see in person! The finish of the exterior material is like a liquid metal! It's sooo stunning! Great for a night out for or for some special occasion! It's such a simple dress to wear and style!
I dropped by The Face Shop while their having their 15% off and bought my favorite nose strips from them! I'm not a fan of the new packaging...and sorta regret not buying more back ups! These are soooo good at getting out the black and white heads! (My review here!)
A gorgeous dramatic but natural looking pair of falsies I picked up at the accessories section at New Look! I'm actually super low on false lashes as I rarely stock up because of how rarely I wear them. Totally going to put in an order from a local site soon!
T-shirts from! I ordered this bunch when there was a big ass sale! It helps to cover for the shipping cost to Singapore! The first shirt is for me! It's a bunch of cute blobby animals sleeping on an ice cream cone! The beer bear shirt and the kitten launcher both are part of my boyfriend's Christmas gift!
Cat Internet shirt (because the bf is another cat lover), a Ramen on the run (because who doesn't love ramen?) and a special Adventure Time shirt in a beautiful cool blue color! (his favorite cartoon show)
The 6 shirts I ordered from! A great site for those looking for spunky lovely and cute shirts, there's something for everyone there!
Two years after buying a similar set to give to a blogger friend in our swap I had to get this starter trial set from Laneige! You get a good size of 6 of their best selling products from their moisture line! It was such at steal at only $39 SGD! Each product full size is at least $35-40 SGD.
At the same time I had to pick up a new tub of their water sleeping pack. It was a coincidence that I managed to get this in the limited edition Sparkling Party box! It's hot pink all over and on the inside which is lovely! I've used up two tubs of this in the past. This over night gel mask seriously plumps up the skin and makes your skin feel sooo soft and renewed in the morning. Works so much better than sleeping packs from other brands! (See my review of this here!)
Hot pink wallet from Charles & Kieth! For those who don't know (which is pretty much everyone) this is my first full sized wallet. On a day to day basis I use a coin pouch looking thing that's much smaller that came in a set of toiletry bags from Victoria's Secret. After picking out a wallet for my best friend, I just had to get one for myself! The color is sooo stunning and there was like 6 designs featuring this color in store at the time!
Chunky black strappy wedge heels from Charles & Keith!! I've been searching for a pair like this! Black, sleek, platform, a low degree of heel and exposed toes! These are sooo damn comfortable and would be awesome with dresses!
FINALLY...THE BEST FOR LAST! This is what I received from my best friend! Basically I got her to get me a bunch of make up from the very exclusive brand Addiction by Ayako, the creator of this brand used to work for NARS hence the similarity in packaging. I also told her to throw in some green tea goodies and she did! All the way from Japan! (My best friend purchased from this site!)
Addiction cosmetics by Ayako, Tinted Moisturizer, Glow Powder Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow and Cheek Stick! I'm soooo excited and can't wait to review these one by one! The blush and eyeshadow up close are sooo freaking stunning! (If you want to purchase and you're outside of Japan, check out, the prices are higher but shipping is included in the prices!)

To all my existing and new followers thank you so much for continuing to read my blog or for joining me this year! I plan to continue blogging regularly into 2015 and hope the content I bring you will always be helpful or just plain insightful/informative in some way.

I plan to do a beauty resolutions post soon! So look forward to that and much for in the next month! I hope you've all had a great year, Christmas, New Year's Eve and soon to be New Year!

What have been some of your stand out purchases this year?
Have you been shopping a lot this Decemeber?
Ready for a new year?

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. just want to let u know that i do love ur blog!
    but i just get a chance to comment
    im ur thai fans and i read almost all of ur review xxx

    1. Hey there! Thanks so much for reading my blog! Happy New Year to you! ^^

  2. What a haul! The sequined tops are gorgeous, they are so festive! I used Laneige's sleeping pack before and forgot how amazing it is. I must purchase another one! Happy New Year!

  3. Great haul, Sharlynn!!! I am so jealous over those Addiction beauties!! they are very exclusive and only available in Japan which makes me want to try them even more :O
    the pink wallet is gorgeous and the black wedges look comfy! I like wedges more as they are more walkable and are not a huge torture for my feet hehe..
    Happy New Year btw!!

  4. I love everything you got! Ugh. SO many beautiful things.

  5. Oh gosh! I love EVERYTHING HERE. From the D:
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  6. AAAAAH what an amazing haul!!!
    I basically love everything :D
    I would LOVE to try some green tea candy some time.... and those shoes are so adorable :)
    LOVE the t-shirts and that wallet is so darn pretty. I have a same sized one in white :)

  7. I LOVE the shoes. They look so comfortable but still really pretty. :)

    Melanie -

  8. Happy new year! Target sells those Laneige trial sets here. I've been wanting to pick one up but stopped myself...I think I will now, though!

  9. Happy New Year! I'm in love with the sequined tops. So pretty! I've never heard of this cosmetic company before too. I'm definitely checking it out. Thank-you for sharing!




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