Friday, 5 December 2014

Special: Beauty and Food Haul from my holiday in Bandung Indonesia 2014!

Indonesian Beauty and Food haul! For those who aren't aware I went on a really nice extended holiday with my boyfriend to his hometown city of Bandung Indonesia a few months ago! We stayed both in the city and in his grandparent's flower farm! To check out what we did during our holiday see here!

During my time in Bandung I couldn't help but to buy plenty of beauty/skincare/food goodies! For those who aren't aware, the price of things in general are not only so much cheaper in Indonesia compared to Singapore but there is soooo much more variety and they have lots of sizes of products!

Continue below for my huge holiday haul!
Special: Beauty and Food Haul from my holiday in Bandung Indonesia 2014!
Snacks in Bandung Indonesia: Here are photos of snacks/drinks that my boyfriend and I ate! Margarine and chocolate sprinkle buns (so yummy and great with hot drinks), mango and pineapple juice, Tango chocolate wafers, Delfi Twister black chocolate and vanilla sticks (fun and delicious)!
Snacks in Bandung Indonesia: Spongbob choco banana ice cream (delicious taste but it looks nothing like spongebob!), Super Burbur instant porridge with crackers, Futami 17 green tea and Creso coconut soda (taste really like fresh coconut juice), Oishi Kruik Kruik prawn crackers!
All the snacks/foods I bought from Bandung Indonesia! Fried snacks, instant coffees, sweet pastries and tea!
Snacks from Bandung Indonesia:Tempeh Pedas chips, this one is freaking amazing and I asked my boyfriend to buy me more when he came back to singapore (fried spicy tempeh chips), Nonie brand fried fermented marinated tempeh chips (I really had high hopes for this but this one is too fermented and hard for my taste)!
Snacks from Bandung Indonesia: Nonie brand beef floss, fried battered beef lung (tasty deep flavorful beef lung chips), fried chicken intestines!
Three boxes of delicious pastries! Amanda Steamed brownies,  Mayasari baked brownies, Mayasari banana and cheese stuffed pastries!
Mayasari baked brownies! Topped off with chocolate balls, mozzarella cheese and chocolate sprinkles! These are totally yummy but are like a solid dry chocolate cake, these are not soft and moist like western type of brownies. More like a compressed cake! Like Sara Lee!
Mayasari baked pastries stuffed with banana and cheese!
These are soooo delicious! They are soft buttery pastries filled with the local fragrant bananas and some cheese!
Amanda steamed original brownies! Recommended by my boyfriend, I ate this for the first time when he brought some back for me a few months back!
Amanda steamed original chocolate brownie! The opposite of the baked brownie, this is moist, fluffy and soft! Not too sweet and nothing like a gooey mess like western type brownies. This is perfect for those who love light chocolate cake without the fuss of frosting/cream or other additional toppings!
Coffees from Bandung: Excelso Luwak Toraja, Luwak White Koffie, ABC Mocca/ White Coffee/ Susu, Sariwangi SarMurni (Instant coffees from Indonesia don't always fully disolve but other than that they are so much more fragrant, tasty and delicious than coffee from malaysia/singapore/ big name brands like Nestle)
Picnic Dodol Rasa Buah, Ever Delicious Apple Jam Fillings Cookies, Super Bubur! (the cookies are chewy on the inside with a chewy apple candy filling and the instant bubur unlike the brand knorr is very thick and not fine, it also comes with a small pack of fried crackers which is perfect)
This pack of assorted flavored Dodol is sort of like a soft caramel textured candy, although this will not stick to your teeth and mouth like caramel! These are super yummy and very creative and new with flavors like Blueberry and strawberry as regular flavors are like durian, cocopandan and bananas.
Skincare from Bandung: Hair oil capsules, Biore pore pack strips in Batik print, Face Tonic water in Turnip and rose, Bodycology lotion in Pure White Gardenia (one of my favorite flowers ever), Bath & Body works hand sanitizers, Coffee body scrub, The Body Shop Spa wisdom polynesia (this smells so incredible of white gardenia and frangipani), Wardah passion fruit body scrub, Lemongrass and coconut oil body scrub. Lulur Bali Honey Coconut scrub, Petal Fresh Aloe  and citrus body wash, Jasmine body wash
Make up from Bandung: Mac Mineralize blushes (purchased in singapore duty free), Max Factor blush, Maybelline clear smooth bb silk powder (not sold in singapore yet), Pixy two way cake powder refill, Maybelline white superfresh powder and case (this is 50% cheaper in Indonesia!), Beauty Buffet The Bakery Lollipop blusher, ZA perfect fit two way powder refills (this is my holy grail powder and this is 50% cheaper there), Sarjayu blusher
Pond's age miracle BB+ in light (Soooo happy to get this mini size not sold in singapore), Wardah BB cream in light (the swatch in store was so pigmented), Garnier BB miracle skin perfector (a mini sized that is not sold in singapore)
Shiseido Shimmery cream eye color in shades VI 305 a violet, OR 313 a golden peach, BL 711 a navy blue!
YSl Rouge Volupte lipstick in shade 3 (from singapore duty free), Make Over Ultra Shine lipsticks (one shade for my grandma and one for me), Make Over lipgloss, Revlon lip butter in Pink Truffle (from singapore duty free)
The prize item I bought from a shopping mall in Bandung!! My first and super beautiful metallic and shimmery pink train case! This was on 50% off sale so I bought it for about $35 SGD instead of $70 SGD!
Armando Caruso Milan make up train case! Freaking love the fine shimmery pink finish when seen up close, it's super sturdy and I love how the bottom has pieces that makes the bottom raised off any surface it's placed on!
Armando Caruso Milan: Opening up the beauty! It's all black on the interior!
Armando Caruso Milan: Both sides of the train case opened up!
Armando Caruso Milan pink train case fully open and expanded! Love the double stack shelves and how this would bring sooo much for me! (I only ever do make up for myself and sometimes my mom and the rare friend so this is a great size!)
Additional goodies from Bandung! When my boyfriend got back from Bandung on another date than myself I asked him to buy me more mocha coffee, amazing pineapple jam and the best cheap ass chocolate rice sprinkles you'd ever eat! These just melt on your tongue like a tiny butter bullet, they aren't waxy at all like the cheap ones in Singapore!

In the near future I'd love to visit Thailand or Indonesia again for a relaxing short break! I really just enjoy walking around the city, eating, getting cheap massages and lots of shopping when in these countries! Indonesia is fabulous and huge so I would consider visiting another city!

Do you buy more beauty/food/souvenirs on holiday?
What are your favorite things in my haul?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Gosh, I miss Bandung! Used to visit Indonesia very often when I was young cause my parents lived in Jakarta for more than 20yrs those days. Did you shop at the factory outlet?

  2. Wow so much shopping, love it all. Also can you please do a review of the hair oil capsules.

  3. Wow fantastic haul, thanks for sharing! <3


  4. wow you did shop a lot!!
    those traditional snacks, OMG they are so yummy, aren't they?? I love tempeh chips, they are just the best!
    the cosmetics must be cheaper than Singapore, right? I remember the ZA concealer was only IDR 88000 or ca. SGD 8.. I don't know how much it is in Sing but I believe it must be cheaper in Indonesia. Glad you love it! have you ever been to Jakarta?

  5. How fun! I love the snack pr0n almost as much as the makeup! And Shiseido eye shadows - yes!

  6. Is it weird that besides the makeup, I got super excited about the beef floss? hahahahah I'm Vietnamese and my mom would always buy that, but I called it dried shredded beef? and it's one of my favorite things to eat with rice. I'm away for university so I don't get a lot of readily available Asian / Vietnamese food and so seeing it makes me happy.

  7. Wooow! so much goodies!! I love it when stuff are so much cheaper when I travel :)

  8. asian snacks are the best in the world!!! (by the way, the link to your travel post isn't connected :))
    i would eat my way through asia if i could and i always come back with an exploding suitcase since i haul all the beauty and clothes.

  9. Wow, now that's a huge haul and the beauty products look really interesting :)

  10. This has to be one of the most amazing hauls I have ever seen :D
    I love everything here... I think it is so interesting to see food related things from other countries. Finland has a lot of interesting things too but I feel that the Asian culture has a whole lot more interesting things cause everything feel so fresh
    Finland is, sadly, very influenced by the Western style of thinking when it comes to food.
    But we do have our gems here too when it comes to traditional food :)
    Really love the makeup products too... that train case is so wonderful :)

    When I travel I LOVE to buy souvenirs but also jewelry that is handmade in the country.
    I sometimes do buy makeup but Im all about the souvenirs and the jewelry :)

  11. That was a big haul!! Those snack look delicious! I would love to try them out! Especially those chips!!

  12. seeing how u said that it was cheaper in indonesia than in singapore amazed me! and as indonesian i thought many items from other countries would be cheaper! hahahahaha. i love all of ur food haul, i almost tasted them all and mayasari was the best. if u visit indonesia again, come to jogjkarta and have 'tela cake' urself. it taste really great!
    u should try ovale lulur bali in chocolate and milk. they smell super nice!

  13. OMGGG Sharlynn!!!! Total envy right now ♥ All the snacks looks yum as! and the makeup omggg so jelly heheh I have tried this vege snake from Indonesia when one of my colleagues came back to NZ from his overseas trip, it's like super yum, I don't know what it's called hahaha it's probably not helpful! Also tried these fried bananas hahah it was my first time trying and it's really nice ^^

  14. So many delicious local snacks ♥ Totally craving the Amanda brownies... Yum...




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