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Review: Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day Cream and Night Cream!

Youthful Radiance! In a day and age when youthful and young skin usually equates to bouncy, plump, hydrated, glowing skin and from what I've seen from older ladies in the blogsphere it is very possible! Moisturizing as we all should know is essential and everyone no matter what age and skin type should own a moisturizer that suits them! I've didn't take moisturizing seriously until about 4 years ago and since then I've been trying out lots of different types!

In Singapore and south east asia, it's usually always hot, humid and sometimes rainy. We always have air-conditioning running inside and even a fan running too hence drier air inside. Plus most people suffer from oily skin hence slapping a cream doesn't usually sound appealing! I was lucky enough to have a local company send me these two face creams from Institut Arnaud Paris and after 3 months of use I'm ready to speak about them!

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 Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day Cream and Night Cream!
 Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day Cream (Creme de Jour) and Night Cream (Creme de Nuit)!
Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day Cream (Creme de Jour)
Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Night Cream (Creme de Jour)
 Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day Cream (Creme de Jour) and Night Cream (Creme de Nuit)!

From first impressions the exterior box packaging looks super sleek, clean and slightly like the packaging of a product from a skin clinic! I like the textured cardboard material, as if it's from recycled paper although I'm not sure of that. The description and labeling are very precise, there's four different languages on the packaging which include English, French, Spanish and one more! 

These creams come in frosted glass finish tubs that have quite a weight to them. These would not be good for traveling with as they're very heavy but they are also thick which ensures that these are not fragile glass tubs. I personally have no big issue with products in tubs as they are a common form of packaging although not as hygenic as a tube. However I always apply my face products with clean hands and I assume most if not everyone would do that too!

 Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day Cream and Night Cream! The tubs have a square base but are round on top!
The application directions are on the back of the tubs!
 Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day Cream and Night Cream!

The day and night creams both claim to 're-sculping facial contours with an immediate firming-lift effect", the active ingredients are grapeseed extracts (for loss of skin tone/ natural sun protestant), hyaluronic acid (for deep moisturizing) and toniskin yeast (stimulates collagen)!

First off, I am super impressed by the texture of both products. Despite being 'creams' both day and night creams  and lightweight, not heavy, non-greasy and blend into the skin so easily. They aren't creamy feeling but more of a thickened serum. Both products also smell really good! The day cream smells like a super light and sweet sunscreen, whereas the night cream is more floral like white gardenia a bit of jasmine and none of the sunscreen type scent.

I have quite normal skin that gets oily at times throughout the day and I don't suffer form blemishes. For years I had quite oily skin so I never used moisturizing thinking it would make my skin worse but I realize how wrong I've been once I started using them. This moisturizing is perfect for those who normal to slightly oily skin. It's not heavy on the skin, absorbs really well and overnight it helps to plump up fine lines and it seems to make the skin more supple and soft.

The cream doesn't claim miracles but I feel that it does really help my skin condition when used on a regular basis. I find that it provides enough moisture but for days when my lines around my mouth are deep and my pores seem larger this isn't rich enough to smooth them out. Otherwise this is a nice more pricey cream to use before make up or over night as a treatment.

Swatches of Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day Cream and Night Cream!
 Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day Cream and Night Cream!
Paid: Sent to me by a local company!   (Find them online in Singapore here)

Retails in store/ online in Singapore at $59/ $45 US (Day Cream) and $79/ $60 US (Night Cream)
Recommend: Yes! For those who have the budget and would like to have a lightweight and effective lovely scented moisturizer this fits the category!

Repurchase: No, simply because I have enough moisturizer/ face products for now! I would definitely consider buying products from their other lines for my mother!

Bottom line: These two moisturizers are absolutely lovely products. Great for the humid weather here in Singapore and for those with slightly oilier skin. If it's in your budget do consider trying these! Especially the night cream as it smells amazing too!

Have you tried anything from Institut Arnaud Paris?
Do you prefer light textured moisturizers?
Let me know?

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. The packaging is really cute :3 It's different from all other moisturizers I have seen on the market!

  2. Oo the asymmetrical packaging is very fancy looking! I never heard of this brand before, I think I'd like the cream as my skin is usually normal with an oilier T-zone. The moisturizer I am using now is origins ginzing moisturizer; very light and cooling yet packs a lot of hydration!

    Macarons and Mischief

  3. sounds you told that both are effective products..i would love to try them out if i find them here. Great review honey. Well written, kisses!!

  4. These sound like they would be great summer moisturizers for those of us in colder, drier climates!




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