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Review: Boots Lavender & Lilac Body Scrub!

Therapeutic scrub! For those who like relaxing aromatic soaps, perfumes, lotions, skincare and oils...lavender is one of the most popular ingredients. My first memories of lavender is of Pamolive's body wash which is a mix of lavender and ylang ylang which is so incredibly soothing and muscle relaxing. When in the shower and using it, I'd take in deep breaths and all my muscles would just relax and my body would just feel so comfortable. I don't use many aromatic products but Lavender ones definitely work for almost everyone I know!

Boots products as of last year this time can be found at selected Guardian pharmacies all over Singapore. Only a small selection of their products are being sold and I was quite happy when I saw that their tea tree witch hazel line was here! This scrub was so affordable that I had to pick it up!

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Boots Lavender & Lilac Body Scrub!

Boots Lavender & Lilac Body Scrub!

Packaging & Product!

Boots has many many lines of products featuring so many types of ingredients and extracts! I personally haven't tried too many things from them but I have loved some washes and lotions I've purchased over many years. This scrub is part of their 'ingredients' line and the packaging is simple and straightforward. I really like that the tube is clear and you can see all the scrubby textured bits and the lilac color! 

For whatever reason I'm a huge fan of simple designs such as this scrub with images of the ingredients on the tube! The plastic is really thick but soft and you get a good 150ml of product which isn't a lot but a great size for trying something new.

Through the tube, the product looks like it's a very natural smokey lilac color with variations of purples and different sizes of textured scrubby bits. However once you get the product out on your skin it's clear that the product actually is  a super pale purple color with scrubby bits of different purple colors. This scrub is of a gel texture and the scrubby bits range from fine to larger hard granules. In terms of scrubbing you get a very minimal to light scrubbing action as although you have hard bits this product is mainly more for therapeutic use.

If you are keen on trying out lavender scented products, just want an easy on the skin scrub or just enjoy lovely scented body wash products do check out Boots and this product for something super relaxing! Boots has so many types of scented products like melon, papaya, strawberry and so on!

Boots Lavender & Lilac Body Scrub!
Paid:$6.90 SGD or about $5.20 USD

Recommend: Yes! This scrub is really relaxing and I quite enjoy that this scrub is a light scrub that doesn't scratch or hurt the skin no matter how hard you rub this!

Repurchase: Yes! I totally will be going back to Boots to purchase more scrubs/washes from Boots!

Bottom line: Boots have a really huge range of products and for those who love yummy or relaxing products they are the place or company to check out! I totally can't wait to go back to Boots when I visit Thailand to pick up more things from them!

What scented products do you like from boots?
Do you like Lavender?
Let me know!

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  1. Oh wow looks like an excellent product and the price is so cheap!

  2. I love body scrub and I love lavender as well, this sounds like what I am going to looooove ^^
    Btw have you been keeping up with what is happening to the blogging scene in SG? OMG I spent like my Christmas reading all of that, so entertaining :D ( well maybe i shouldn't enjoy that fight, but I just can't help. lol )

  3. I like lavender but it's not my favorite scent :P
    Glad to read this body scrub worked well on
    you! Xx

  4. i always love lavender scent.. it calms me..
    this product looks interesting, i might want to try it out ^^

  5. I love lavender scent. It is so soothing and relaxing to start a day. :)

  6. Sounds like a promising product! Love lavender scent in scrub <3 Nice review honey! Kisses <3




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