Tuesday, 19 March 2013

March Food Post: Three Japanese places (Rakuichi, Ichiban Sushi, Menya Musashi)!

I love Japanese foooood!! As someone who doesn't eat out on a regular basis in restuarants...when I do eat out with my boyfriend or mom I love to eat Japanese food! I don't know what it is about it, the simpleness of the flavors, the clean tastes, the colors and variety of ingredients, I love everything about Japanese food!

Here are three Japanese restaurants I ate at with my family, mother and then my boyfriend!

Continue below for lots of food photos!

We went to the outlet just outside our estate in the new Greenwich shopping center!
The sushi we picked, tamago (my favorite), octopus appetizer , salmon, fish roe
Extra piece of tamago with their name stamped onto it!
Japanese beef rice. Yakiniku don. Tasty but a bit messy in presentation with the meat very chopped up!
Egg and chicken rice. Oyakodon. The egg was a bit too cooked, overall good but the chicken could've been tastier and the egg more moist!

Tempura ramen! The tempura and ramen were good but the broth for the noodle soups that night were too bland!
My lovely grandmother always ready for photos!
Japanese pan fried Gyoza dumplings!
Mixed tempura! Lovely and crisp!
Grilled squid with teriyaki sauce!
Savory steamed egg. Chawanmushi!
Black sesame ice cream! Something my family loves!
Yuzu sorbet!
Overall the food was very fresh, came out quickly and overall was good. Besides the soup dishes being very bland, the only downside is that the items were a bit pricey for the amount you're getting. However I would go back there!

Ichiban Sushi
Tofu with a sweet sticky sauce! Well fried, crisp skin, soft hot inside very yummy with the sauce!
Mixed tempura, crisps, lots of nice big pieces, so yummy!
My set was tempura and green tea soba!
My mother had ordered a set with sashimi, chawanmushi (steamed egg), ebi tempura (prawn tempura), rice, pickles and a piece of grilled fish! I didn't take a photo of her set though but it was very good and all the food is very affordable and worth it!

Menya Musashi

Minced meat and rice bowl!
Pork miso ramen!
There were some nice sets in this place, my boyfriend and I went to the outlet in Raffles Shopping Centre which was near his work place as I went to see him when he got off. He wasn't really hungry so he just got the tiny bowl of rice. I found the food to be good but nothing amazing. Same price point as Rakuichi which I'd consider slightly pricey.

Overall I'm always looking forward to try out Japanese places and eating at my beloved Sushi Tei outlets and Ichiban Sushi!

Are you a fan of Japanese food? Let me know!


  1. I loooooove Japanese food! I adore all things Japan including their cuisine. ;) Everything looks delicious. I could go for some soba right now.~

  2. Truth be told, I'm not. I'm the pickiest eater in the world. I'm basically a McDonald's girl. It's so difficult for me when I go out for social functions, or when the Executives of my company take me to high class places with high brow food, and all I can think about is pizza LOL! But to be honest, from the pictures at least, this looks delicious, although I'm not sure about the green tea tempura, it looks like worms.

    Oh man, I need to step into the Asian culture more often :)


  3. your food post ALWAYS (even if I am full) makes me HUNGRY (AGAIN!) ^_~ yummy~~~~~~~~~~~~!!

  4. Droooools. I pretty much love all Asian cuisine. Being a non-picky eater, I'd eat almost anything.

  5. I really love sushi! That grilled squid looks awesome!




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