Friday, 29 March 2013

Tag: How much is my face worth?

My face is worth how much?? One of the more interesting tags that I really liked seeing and got me thinking about my own spending and usage of make up is this tag about the products we'd use on a regular face of make up and the total cost!

Below I've done an overview of what i'd normally use together with alternatives of what else I'd typically reach for as well! Links to reviews and prices are all stated below!

Continue below for the tag and details!
Tag! All the products I'd normally use for my 'to go' look. I only get one or two days a week to do make up now!
($15 SGD) Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer. I've since switched to Simple oil-free moisturizer!
($18.90 SGD) ZA pressed powder foundation in shade 22. A powder I've repurchased for two years!
($36.90 SGD) Missha perfect cover bb cream shade 27 (my review here!), ($17.90 SGD) Peripera I love BB cream (my review here!), ($24 SGD) Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 53 (my review here!)
($21.90 SGD) Kiss me Heroine Make up (my review here!), ($18.90 SGD) Maybelline the Magnum volum' express (my review here!) , ($18.90 SGD) Peripera very nice eyeliner (my review here!)
($19.90 SGD) Kate gel eyeliner (my review here!), ($5 SGD) Prestige eyeliner, ($33 SGD) Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes
($14.90 SGD) Canmake Powder cheeks in PW22 & PW 18 (my review here!), ($20.90 SGD) Bourjois Blush pot in Rose Ambre (my review here!)
($36.90 SGD) theBalm Mary-lou Manizer highlighter (my review here!)
($11.90 SGD) Ecotools blush brush, ($11 SGD) Elianto kabuki brush

(part of kit) shu uemura mini blush brush, ($6 SGD) Essence powder brush, ($33 SGD) Sephora angled blush brush
(part of kit $29 USD/ $36 SGD online) Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush, ($7.90 SGD) Ecotools eyeshadow brush, ($33 SGD) MAC 217 blending brush

($24.90 SGD) Majolica Majorca Majolook eyeshadow (my review here!), ($24.90 SGD) theBalm Shady Lady shadow in misschevious marissa, ($10.90 SGD) Sheene choc duo shadow
($5.90 SGD) Maybelline Baby Lips clear balm, ($15.90 SGD) Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie, ($4.90 SGD) Lip Ice strawberry lip balm

My standard routine goes like this....applying a thin moisturizer with SPF, it used to be the Cetaphil moisturizer shown above! Now I use Simple Clear Skin oil balancing moisturizer all over my face!

The I'd continue by mixing Peripera BB cream with Missha Perfect Cover about a 3:1 ratio, the Missha being the tan mixer into the paler Peripera. Using a fluffy dense brush I'd set my foundation with a foundation powder.

Then I'd apply some primer or foundation on my eyelids and continue with my eyeshadows (theBalm highlighter is used as an underbrow highlight) and then eyeliner and lastly mascara! Lastly I'd apply blush and lipbalm of some sort!

Combining the products I'd most likely use for a face of casual make up!

Cost of my face (items above + moisturizer): Approximately $287 SGD! ($230 USD)

Keep in mind 4/5 of my products are from the drugstore in Singapore! Things aren't exactly too affordable here although I know ladies who have it harder in other countries!

I didn't realize that a typical day's make up look would cost so much in total! Sometimes I go without eyeshadow, sometimes without blush and many a times without any lip product. But all in all, my face with cost at least upwards of $100 SGD easily due to the cost of foundation and powder alone!

Do you know how much 'your face' cost? Any estimates? 
What do you think of this tag? 

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. i really enjoyed this post it makes me think about how much my face is worth o.o haha i usually use drugstore eyeliners and blushes but with foundations i use MAC.. however ive been lazy and i will just use a BB cream.
    I also use Cetaphil and find it solves my dry skin problems without making my face feel oily!

  2. I love this tag! I got now clue of what my face is worth, I´ll try do this tag too :D I love Asian cosmetics and skincare ^^

  3. I really like these tags and seeing how much other people spend on their everyday! Hehe. That is quuuiiite a price though!!!




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