Saturday, 2 March 2013

Feburary Food: Home made Thai food and Spinach tagliatelle!

Here's what's been cooking! Not much to be honest but I'm quite happy I did some new things! I get cravings for making certain things now and again and my next thing is going to be char siu wanton noodles for sunday!

I'm finally drained after the last two weeks! Had school last weekend and I was busy on my compensation days off for the weekend! Had my exams in school and now I'm ready to rest!

Continue below for more photos!
Fun food making with my boyfriend! Home made Thai pineapple fried rice, pork & basil/ shrimp springrolls, creamy spinach tagliatelle with duck breast and crispy bacon!

A GIANT CHICKEN BAO! My dad and I love love love chinese steamed meat buns and he came home with a few giant ones!
My own recipe for thai spring roll filling! Minced pork, shallots coriander, sweet basil and deseeded small red chillis!
Completed spring rolls! We did three types: pork & basil, pork liver and shrimp!
He looked like such a butler holding the platter of spring rolls!!
Thai pineapple fried rice with the finished springrolls! We didn't have long grain rice at home so I had to use japanese rice which is quite sticky!
A super quick top shell salad, with shallots and home made basic thai chilli dip!
Showcasing my a la minute creamy spinach tagliatelle with smoked duck breast topped with bacon! Don't you melt a bit seeing that smile? ^^
The finished creamy spinach tagliatelle! Made the sauce with cream and eggs and spinach!

Love cooking together or just cooking for him...!

 He's started his internship, which means long hours and I won't be seeing him except on weekends! Going to meet up after his half day of work today!


  1. visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. You two are such foodies :) And you have a wonderful skill set! Cooking is great! ^___^

  3. You two are such cuties! That duck breast looks amazing and the spring rolls look super tasty. And that chicken bun is ginormous - biggest one I've seen.

  4. You and your bf look so cute together! ;)
    That chicken bao looks giant!!! Though after seeing all the food porn I feel like I can devour the whole thing lol.

  5. wow, the steam bun is so huge!!! and you guys look so cute together! ^_~

  6. WOW you are an awesome cook! I have never tried pineapple fried rice before, it sounds delicious!!

  7. That's some chicken pao! Never seen one so big before

  8. That looks so delish! What a great way to spend time with the bf! :D

  9. you and the boy cooking a love meal! hahahaha it's so cute though and it looks healthy and delicious! I wish the guy i'm dating cooks things like that

  10. U cook too? Well, I'm impressed! What a great-looking couple chef! I'm following u now @ GFC & would love to have u follow me too! See u at Luxury Haven!

  11. man, it's early morning but give me some springrolls or Thai Pineapple fried rice...Gosh, missing Thai food after so many years and the fact Thai eat warm and rice-based breakfasts.
    Ps: you make a cute and beautiful couple with the boyfriend :D




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